Seems very rare to me that some people are willing to meet others “half-way.” Compromise is something that they nor I are willing to do. What I have is very valuable to me and what they have is 180 degrees opposite but very valuable to them. It’s like trading a smile that I cherish for a frown that they insist that I adopt in my daily life. Another example is that compromise can be like each team of a football team attempting to compromise to reach an agreement to share in the other’s huddle. Compromise is like making an effort of bringing peace to our community and world.

Compromise is a bargaining process. In that bargaining process, it seems that spiritual values are something that are supposed to be compromised to the point of corruption. I think it is very sad that some people use words and actions to inflict interpersonal conflict and negativity as bargaining tools to solicit a compromise of spiritual values. Where would this world be…where would our life be…if we bargained away our spiritual peace, joy, optimism, tranquility, and love for humanity? Compromise to some people is not a mutual half-way point at all! They want to scam you of all your best qualities to leave this world in a worsening state of being. Acceptance of one another is part of the compromise we make for the purpose of living peacefully with one another. Let’s compromise in a way that improves humanity and ourselves.

via Daily Prompt: Compromise

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