In this present day of giving and receiving it would be the greatest experience ever to have our choice of gifts. Choices and gifts kind of go hand in hand, like on a game show that so many people watch each day. Do you want to choose curtain #1, curtain #2, or curtain #3? Behind one curtain is the grandest prize of all, but behind the other curtain is the ZONK! Your present choice decides the gift you will receive. This sounds a lot like shopping for a gift that hopefully will be happily received and not be a ZONK to someone!

Decisions, decisions, decisions! Within ourselves there is something present that propels us to choose the curtain with the best gift and to avoid choices that produces a ZONK. Maybe that is the best gift of all, to have the ability within ourselves to search for the good in life while weeding out the sour experiences. Presently, there are many references to that internal gift; some call it spiritual awakening, some refer to it as the divine goodness of inner life, and some will call it the living Deity guiding us.

Unfortunately, some people absolutely oppose any form of the internal gift that leads us to avoid the ZONK and to choose the best. They absolutely deny any goodness inside the human animal that is worth listening to. Their hostility is presently directed towards any gift of spirituality and any notion of a “soul.” Let us continue on in this present day endeavoring to choose the curtain with the good gift and to avoid the ZONKS.

via Daily Prompt: Present

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