“Red rover, red rover, we dare you over!” Recalling those words from that childhood game actually came from thinking of the word courage.  For some, to be dared over was like facing a formidable wall of growling and angry dogs waiting to snag you in their uninviting den. What great exaltation to break through the flesh of human arms after what seemed to be a mile long dash. Courage enables us to break through fearful boundaries to accomplish a feat which ultimately brings spiritual rewards.

Some people intend to build human chains to prohibit the crossing of a boundary that could bring us a great inner reward. With their angry negativity they scowl as they permeate with the unspoken words “Red rover, red rover, we dare you over!” Their intent looks ferocious and fearful with grit in their eyes and voice. Courage, only courage is needed at this time to cross over the spiritual line where joy, optimism, and happiness exists. Their repetitive pessimism tells you, “no, you can’t,” “off limits'” ‘do not enter,” but they dare you anyway to come on over. As we decide to cross the line, we will also discover spiritual peace and tranquility. Courageously, cross the line of human restraint and discover spiritual fruitfulness.

via Daily Prompt: Courage

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