Daily Prompt: Rube

Rube: An unsophisticated or uneducated country person! I didn’t know what Rube actually meant so I did a research to determine that definition. As I also live in a small city I now wonder if I might be a Rube!? Was that word hidden from me to protect my ego? So, I begin to think of why I might be a Rube; it is all comparative about who is smarter and more sophisticated than who. All of a sudden, a paragraph came to mind about assessing a problem and diagnosing the issue. Here it follows:

We can assess that being a Rube or not being a Rube depends on the standards by which we judge one another. The diagnosis is that living in a technological age, it is very easy for people with money to be far more technologically sophisticated than the poor. Is it possible that the only difference between a Rube and a sophisticated city person is money? Even if that is the case, my plan is to live by the great equalizer which lives within our soul. That equalizer consists of compassion for all people regardless of the degree of comparative sophistication, neighborhood in which they live, or the size of their bank account. I know I am successful when I judge other people kindly in the spirit of goodwill and peace to impart positive energy to all people equally.

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5 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Rube

  1. You are correct. For me as someone bullied through school, rube is just another put-down. If we all would do as you do and see people’s humanity rather than their wallets or brain power, what peace would exist in the world.


    1. I live in a small Ohio city that has a drug epidemic, as well as being poverty stricken. A huge, huge, self-automated factory will open soon. They will employ 300 people which are computer engineers. Getting along with people in this town leaves no room for even a hint of ridicule


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