Singing In the Rain

What posseses a person to sing in the rain? Commonly, a person uses an umbrella, or other rain gear, to shield themselves from the falling water. That’s because rain makes our clothing soggy, in the cold causes us to shiver, floods the rivers, and serves as a conduit for hazardous lightening. Even then, there are people who have a song within the soul and they sing in the rain. God’s divine presence that works within us is the source of our singing when the rains come. When the metaphysical rains of unfruitful, chaotic, deadening, dark, and low energy moments shower down upon us, God working within keeps us fruitful, tranquil, respectful of life, full of light, and positively energized. From within our inner being springs a song to keep us singing in the rain.

Our ability to sing in the “rain” comes from the desire for the rains of the spiritual fruit to flood our soul in what we think, feel, and do. The good fruit of our inner life are the notes that put the music into our energy. There is a melody of love in the spirit of goodwill and kindness, a ballad of peace in the attitude of gentleness and meekness, a cadence of perseverance by the fruit of patience and self-control, and a rhyme of faith by the blossoms of joy and goodness. The fruitfulness of our soul keeps us singing in the rain.

As the rains beat down upon the ground, they absorb into the earth to bring blossoms of new life of various forms. Likewise, when the metaphorical rains of life beat us down, they absorb into the softness of our soul to develop perseverance, patience, and self-control. By that spiritual fruit, we do not succumb to unhealthy eating or drinking habits. We do not resort to intoxicating smokes to “comfort” us, nor use unnecessary narcotics to put our emotional pain to sleep. We endure in keeping our body free of waste as a cadence of fruitfulness plays within our soul.

When the rains beat down upon the ice in the falling temperatures, there are no breaks because the rains become a part of the ice, reinforcing the structure. Similarly, when the metaphorical rains of life beat us down, there is a strengthening and reinforcement of our inner life through God’s fruit of peace, meekness, and gentleness. By that spiritual fruit, we do not resort to physical violence, nor jeopardize the solidarity in the home, nor create instability by chaotic behavior. A ballad of tranquility lives within our soul.

As the rains fall down upon the waters, they mold to and incrase the oceans and the rivers. Likewise, when the metaphorical rains of life beat down on us they become our experiences so that we are able to bring compassion to others through love, goodwill, and kindness. By that spiritual fruit, we do not become inhospitable with hate, intolerance, exclusion, and abuses. Instad, we welcome those in distress to comfort them, and bring them to the inner workings of God’s divinity within the soul. A harmonious melody of life lives within the soul.

As the rains beat down on the earth, we see the impact on the hard concrete, the resistance of the ice, the fusing of the waters, and the rebellion of the heat and fire. Likewise, by God’s divine light we are able to see how people respond to the metaphysical rains that come during the process of life. Some people’s soul are hard and calloused to healthy responses, others are resistant and physically hostile, some adjust well through tolerance, others resort to dark behaviors against themselves and others, and some rebel against the existing establishment. By the light of the supreme being, we realize we need mutual respect for one another from the softness of our soul. We should esteem inner fruitfulness, tranquility, life, light, and positive energy to be of great worth within everyone’s soul. There is homeostasis in the singing of the choir of the world when we esteem the worth of God’s inner workings.

When the rain falls into the hot and fiery places it quells the heat to restore a comfortable temperature. Likewise, when the metaphorical rains of difficult circumstances beat down our goals, goings, comings, and fruitful energy we learn to express ourselves by God’s fruit of faith, goodness, and joy. In that spiritual fruit, our words, actions, and attitudes are not fueled by heated, fiery, and aggressive responses, but an energizing rhyme flows through our soul with optimism.

Some people intend to deny you the fruitfulness that enables singing in the rain. Their anger intrudes on the music of the soul as they are uncooperative with arguments at the hearing of every positive note. In addition, their depression is obvious as they spew pessimism at you as they withdraw from the attitude of joyful song. The extent of their negotiation is to insert a sour note in exchnge for your hospitality of inclusion. Even so, acceptance of the music that plays through the God’s good fruit is the source of our singing in the rain.

There are reservoirs of people who are hostile to singing in the rain, growing and living among those instilling sour notes into the perspectives of others. The attitudes that exit the reservoirs are words and deeds that steal the inward music. They intend to cause fatal viewpoints, chaotic thoughts, disregard for life, spiritual darkness, and negative energy. Those attitudes transfer directly through people who plan to extinguish positive notes flowing through the spiritual fruit. Indirectly, those attitudes transfer through people who lost the music within themselves, and lost interest in positive notes.

People will oppose singing in the rain due to reasons relating to their self-worth and place of belonging. If they are not hearing love songs or ballads they develop negative feelings about their value to others. The result of low self-esteem is a fear of belonging where the music of the spiritual fruit is dead within. Therefore, to have friends who simulate positive notes, like a “pied piper”, they choose not to sing their own music that flows from the spiritual fruit. They follow the misdirection of devious users.

The people susceptible to the diminishing of the music that enables singing in the rain are not confident soloist and rely on a choir. They follow the notes of others but their own positive notes begin to harden and disappear. We can interrupt thecycle of sour notes by relying on the soft and moist tenderness within our soul. In softness, God’s divine presence is working to create music flowing through the spiritual fruit.

We can assess that the divinity working in us is the source of spiritual fruit that enables singing in the rain. The diagnosis is that hardening of the inner being diminishes fruitfulness and cause sour notes. We plan to allow the music of the God’s good fruit to flow through us. The implementation of that plan is to allow love songs, ballads of peace, cadences of perseverance, and rhymes of faith to live in what we think, feel, and do. We evaluate the implementation of that plan according to the music of the soul that flowers from our inner being.

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