Costumes Covering Emotional and Society Ills

via Daily Prompt: Costume

Costumes are pretty awesome for just about everybody and include everything from Halloween attire to sports uniforms to runway pageantry and to just about every event we can imagine. Dressing up, role playing, and representing an image makes us unique for a while. People everywhere look at us in those costumes and have a new and refreshing opinion of who we might be. Sometimes, costumes cause one another to miss who we are inwardly.

Can costumes hide the status of our mental, emotional, or physical state? Can those costumes hide the insecure panic that we feel from living in a tumultuous world? How much of our social inflictions can a costume hide? Maybe for as long as we wear a costume we feel esteemed and a sense of worth, but who can see the disparagement and ridicule we feel every other time? Of course, costumes can generate positive energy for a while, but they can never hide the negativity that lurks within.

Let’s look past the external appearances of one another to see who they really are inwardly. Let’s seek inner fruitfulness, a tranquil spirit, to make someone feel loved and accepted, to bathe them with esteem for just being the person who they are, and let us be the source of generating the joy of positive energy that seeps beyond the costume and into the soul. via Daily Prompt: Costume

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