Seat of Power: Eat Drink and Be Merry?

The seat of power is a place for overseers, such as management and government personnel, as they establish direction for those in their jurisdiction. The policies and procedures coming from the seat of power determines the mood within the environment. The mood from governing regulations can improve all of society, or serve only the interest of a few.

Jesus gave a story revealing the qualities that should exist in those occupying the seat of power, and what we can expect from others. Jesus gave an offer to wash his disciples feet, a deed of goodwill towards those calling him master. One disciples’ response was to refuse this offer of kindness, but Jesus taught him that compassion is necessary from those sitting in places of authority. The other disciples’ response was to solicit more from the master than was necessary, and Jesus said that by allowing the master to wash the feet then the disciple is clean from head to toe. When sitting in the seat of power, there will be some who try to prohibit your compassion, and others will attempt to manipulate your kindness to benefit their own directives.

The seat of power is a place within the soul of those following the directives of God. They feel God’s divine presence working through their inner being. From within them is the light of supernatural knowledge, with directives towards inner fruitfulness, tranquility, life, and positive energy. However, opposition to God’s presence in the seat of power causes desolation, conflict, disregard for life, shunning of light, and negative energy. God places us in the seat power through compassion, humbleness, optimism, and perseverance for every living soul.

The divinity of the soul works in us to place us in the seat of power by the soft, moist, and tender qualities of the spiritual fruit. Through love, goodwill, and kindness we regulate with compassion, but hatred and exclusion of the children of light diminishes authority. Likewise, peace, meekness, and gentleness puts humbleness in our direction of others, but arrogance and dominance over divine knowledge wekens power. Similarly, faith, joy, and goodness conveys optimism from the seat of power, but pessimism and despair regarding supernatural knowledge tumbles managers. Furthermore, patience, perseverance, and self-control gives us an attitude of longevity for others, but dark responses of abrupt and termainal endings are the undoings of power mongers.

Sitting in the seat of power corresponds to our physiological needs. If you are a person who is open to the soft moistness of inner fruitfulness, then you know the experience of countless offers of food and drink while sitting. Some people intend to redirect your focus from God’s divine light, and spiritual fruit, by turning your affection on eating and drinking. In addition, they will encourage you to lie down, rest, or sleep, and even question your appearance as being unhealthy. This is akin to the “joke” about police officers sitting in bakeries eating donuts and drinking coffee instead of performing their duties as peacekeepers. In this situation, we need to respond with self-control, patience, and perseverance to retain inner fruitfulness.

Sitting in the seat of power corresponds to safety issues. You might be a person who is serene, tranquil, and comfortable while sitting in the presence of others, but experience chaotic responses from those around you while sitting. Some people attempt to rattle you when sitting in the seat of divine light by talking in tones that are violent to inner tranquility, displaying an attitude of dysfunction, and are inconsistent from one sentence to the next. In this situation, we respond in ways to retain the calming affects of peace, meekness, and gentleness within ourselves.

Sitting in the seat of power corresponds to social issues. You might be a person who communicates love, tolerance, inclusion, and sensual qualities while sitting, but experience tones from others that are contrary to compassion. Some people intend to remove you from sitting in divine light by utilizing attitudes that are hateful, exclusionary, intolerant, and abusive about others. In that situation, we respond in ways to retain the softness of love, goodwill, and kindness within ourselves.

Sitting in the seat power corresponds to the supreme worth of God’s divine light. You may be a person who esteems God’s inner workings, and sit in the knowledge of that enlightenment, but experience opposition to what you know. Some people want to keep you in the dark by humiliating the truth of what you say from supernatural knowledge. They desolate information coming from spiritual fruit, cause interference to issues of peaceful equality, attempt to “murder” those verifying that light, withhold mutual exchanges to keep you in the dark, and desire to fill you with negative energy. There is no mutual respect in them for the children of light. In that situation, we respond in ways to retain our reverance for God’s inner workings, the source of divine knowledge, and spiritual fruitfulness.

Sitting in the seat of power corresponds to our self-expression. You may be a person full of positive energy in what you believe, say, and do while sitting with others, but experience negative feedback. Some people want you to feel despair while sitting in the seat of divine light by expressing pessimism and evilness towards you. In that case, we want to respond in ways to keep the energy of goodness, joy, and faith within our soul.

Some people intend to deny you the opportumity of sitting in the seat of power by desecrating God’s inner presence, and shunning the light of divine knowledge. They are angry at those who sit within the divinity of the soul, being argumentative and uncooperative towards noble directives for living. The depression they display by sadness and pessimism is intentional to withdraw cohesion from decisions made by God’s inner workings. For them, negotiations are efforts to put themselves in the seat of authority in exchange for your obedience to directives that are barren of fruitfulness, chaotic, disrespectful of life, and dark. However, acceptance of God’s working presence within the soul is essential to sitting in the seat of power.

There are reservoirs of people who covet the seat of power without God’s inner light, and grow and live among those who seek to pollute the divinity of the soul to remove the children of light from sitting in authority. The attitudes that exit from them are behaviors and words that intend to desolate inner fruitfulness and divine knowledge. Those attitudes transfer directly through people who want to dominate the human animal by occupying the seat of power. Indirectly, those attitudes transfer through people who earn creature comforts, or worldly rewards, to exist from day to day.

The attitude of relinguishing God’s inner presence and divine light enter us through our sense of self-worth, and our desire for acceptance. If we feel that the light we share from inner fruitfulness is worthless to others, then we will change our responses to find belonging among those usurping the seat of authority. Wordly gain is given to us in exchange for our motivation to extinguish the light which lives in those welcoming God’s inner workings.

Those susceptible to hosting worldly authority rely on natural procedures, policies, and what’s written on paper while they neglect the spiritual fruit and divine light that exists within the soul. They are led astray by losing touch of God’s inner workings and become absorbed into an environment hostile to the children of light. We interrupt the cycle of darkness in the seat of power by sitting in the soft, moist, and tender qualities of the soul. God is the shining light that establishes compassion, humbleness, optimism, and endurance in the seat of power.

We can assess that God’s presence working in us is the shining light of divine knowledge, and is necessary to occupy the seat of power. The diagnosis is some people want to pollute the divinity of the soul, to eject the children of light from places of authority. Even so, we plan to welcome the presence of God in us, and to shine the light of supernatural knowledge. We implement that plan by being receptive to directives of equality, fruitfulness, tranquiltiy, life, light, and positive energy. We know we are successful because there is love, peace, faith, and perseverence for the children of light, and from the seat of power flows kindness, goodwill, meekness, gentleness, joy, goodness, patience, and self-control.

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