Lecture: From the Voice Within

Via Daily Prompt: Lecture

The lecture begins from the podium that lives within us through thoughts and emotions that eventually becomes our behaviors. Lectures can come through the topics of fruitful motivation, or messages on the need to regulate the state of our inner life. Those lectures improve the quality of social intentions as we listen to the important message of the divine worth of every individual. Positive energy generates from putting into action the fruitful lecturers of our inner life.

Beware of the lectures that come from the darkness of the unenlightened soul. From their podium comes speeches of destructive suggestions that uproot a fruitful internal life. From those inward lectures flows no intentions to regulate the primal urges of an uncivilized beast. Motivation is sparked in thoughts, emotions, and behaviors to cause chaos in the surrounding community. Disparagement and destruction of one another is the small inner voice coming from the lectures of the dark internal podium. Speaking points outlined on the sermon notes bathe in the pessimism of negative energy.

May we hear the voice of love, peace, faith, and perseverance from the podium of our internal being.

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