Migration of the Monarch Butterfly

The Monarch Butterfly migrates from various areas across the country to warmer parts in the south, away from the colder northern weather. The Monarch begins fluttering their wings as early as September or October, as many as 1500 miles to specific places in Mexico and southern California. In those areas, they find refuge in trees, decorating the branches like cherries on a cherry tree. In the next year, new Monarchs will float through the same route to the very same trees. The miracle of this delicate creature is in the ability to accomplish the journey, and is a spiritual inspiration.

Jesus once said that God cares for the smallest sparrow, and knows every hair that exists on the human body. Likewise, only by God’s presence within the numbers of the Monarch Butterfly can such delicate and soft creatures accomplish that cross-country migration. They are consistent in the chosen destination year after year and from genration to generation, undaunted by external influences. God the creator is able to guide and keep the gentlest of creation to do the impossible. God achieves this for the Monarch and ourselves with tender and bountiful fruitfulness, a feeling of serenity during the journey, a childlike assurance of life, a divine light to guide us to the destination, and positive energy shining mosaic beauty along the way.

The Monarch Butterfly inspires us to consider the accomplishments we can make by the spiritual fruit. The Monarch are vulnerable and defenseless to every breeze that blows and every hungry or mischievous creature, but by a soft and gentle spirit they make the journey year after year, and from generation to generation. They persevere with patience and self-control through extreme circumstances, holding themselves together, which is an inspiration of endurance. During the months of migration, they carry the spirit of meekness, gentleness, and peace on their wings, an inspiration of what humble cretures can achieve. The colorful swarm of the Monarch Butterfly can be seen in the skies as their soft and gentle beauty inspires love, goodwill, and kindness. Their migratory occurrence spreads goodness across the country, inspiring faith to overcome insurmountable odds, and igniting joy as we muse the gigantic accomplishment of the delicate creature.

The migration of the Monarch Butetrfly is an inspiration of health. They teach us that doing a little at a time is a healthy way to accomplish huge tasks. The Monarch begins migrating in September or October, well before the cold arrives, to reach their warm destination. Likewise, we should float like a butterfly to avoid the sting of unhealthy habits. We accomplish the mountain of daily tasks, eating, and excercising one wheelbarrel at a time, with patience, perseverance, and self-control. Who has ever heard of trying to move a mountain all at once in one wheelbarrel? The inspiration is to enjoy each moment of life through a pace that is healthy and fruitful.

The migration of the Monarch Butterfly is an inspiration of safety. They teach us that we can carry on with an inner sense of serenity and security when the world around us is turbulent. The Monarch flutters 1500 miles with threats of being eaten, having their place of rest, or shelter, shattered by various forces, making their journey chaotic. Even so, they continue their migration with peace, meekness, and gentleness on their wings. We should float like a butterfly to avoid the sting of unsafe circumstances. When the world around us is threatening, home life is shattered, and instability tosses us about, we can still carry on through soft and tender qualities of the spiritual fruit.

The migration of the Monarch Butterfly is an inspiration of social cohesion. They teach us that journeying through life as a harmonious community is a beautiful and inspiriring sight to behold, we would want that to be our place of belonging. The Monarch gathers from all areas across the country, coming together to meet at their destination in Mexico and southern California. The soft beauty within their massive congregation testifies to what the tender qualities of goodwill, kindness, and love can accomplish. We should float like a butterfly to avoid the sting of hatefulness, exclusion, intolerance, and social abuses. We can be an inspiration of hospitable compassion so others can know the experience of belonging, acceptance, and sensual intimacy through the spiritual fruit.

The migration of the Monarch Butterfly is an inspiration of supreme worth for God’s guiding light. They teach us that by following the soft, moist, and tender qualities of the soul we discover a divine guide to steer us through life. The Monarch has their inner guidance system set to Mexico and southern California, which exists from generation to generation and year after year. They revere that divine guidance in one another as sacred, and with mutual respect from one butterfly to the next they accomplish the great feat of their migration. We should float like a butterfly to avoid the sting of darkness and misdirection. We can do that by esteeming God’s presence in each other, and mutually respecting the divine light that guides us to our proper destination.

The migration of the Monarch Butterfly is an inspiration of edifying self-expression through their identity as butterflies. They teach us that we can spread our wings with soft and delicate tones of optimism within the energy of future hopes from our own identities. The cross country flight of the Monarch should inspire countless stories of what faith, goodness, and joy can accomplish, even through the most delicate and gentle od living creatures. We should float like a butterfly to avoid the sting of despair, sadness, and evil intentions. Let us be the source of someone’s joy, inspiring their faith in goodness by speaking words and doing deeds that help to overcome what seems to be impossible odds.

Some pople will deny that God’s presence is with the Monarch Butterfly during their migration. They become angry, argumentative, and uncooperative at the notion that these peaceful, soft, and delicate creatures can accomplish a 1500 mile journey. Their depression is obvious as they express their pessimism towards your joyful praise of this gentle Monarch, and they withdraw any mention of the butterfly in that light. The extent of their bargaining is to acknowledge the instincual drive to migrate, in exchange for dismissing discussion about the fruitful qualities of the butterfly. Acceptance of God’s presence within the journey of the Monarch Butterfly, made visible by the spiritual fruit, is the only way to openly discuss the butterfly.

People who deny the divine presence within the migration of the Monarch Butterfly grow and live among those who hide the beauty of spiritual fruit under their inner hardness. The attitude that exits those reservoirs are words and behaviors that discourage discussion about the soft, delicate, and tender creature. Those attitudes transfer directly through people who oppose God’s presence and fruitfulness of the soul within creation. Indirectly, those attitudes transfer through people who do not acknowledge the spiritual fruit within themselves. People will refuse to talk about the migration of the Monarch Butterfly to escape the humiliation from peers who oppose the softness of the divine fruit that appear in thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. They want to feel positive esteem from acceptance by their “friends” so they mute discussion about the miracle of the butterfly’s journey.

People susceptible to hosting opposition to the spiritual beauty of the Monarch’s migration are those who want the comfort found within intellectual capacity, therefore they dismiss the idea of faith, peace, love, and perseverance within creation. We can interrupt the cycle of the denying the miracle and beauty of the butterfly’s migration by accepting God’s inner workings within us, and allowing the spiritual fruit to blossom in our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

We can assess that the soft, delicate, and tender Monarch Butterfly is able to migrate 1500 miles year after year and from generation to generation. The diagnosis is that some people want to mute publicity of that feat to impede faith in God’s presence in creation, and to stifle fruitful inspiration within the soul. Even so, we plan to admire the beauty and miracle of creation. We implement that plan by appreciating the beauty of God’s presence within ourselves, and allowing the spiritual fruit of our inner being to connect us to living creatures. We are successful in our implementation of that plan when 1) we follow God’s inner workings within one another 2) we relate to one another in a way that honors the spirtual fruitfulness of one another’s soul.

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