D.N.A. and the Spiritual Fruit

D.N.A. is the blueprint that designs our biological structure such as eye, hair, and skin color, body shape, fingerprints, etc. D.N.A. carries genetic instructions for the biological development of all cellular forms of life. During reproduction, there is replication and transmission to offspring. D.N.A. is sometimes known as the molecule of heredity because of the perpetuaion of traits from one generation to the next. From here, let’s discuss the connection of the spiritual fruit to D.N.A.?

The first connection that D.N.A. has to the spiritual fruit is the reliance on the divinity that lives within the body. The living presence that dwells in our soul sets the mood which allows D.N.A. to function, and creates spiritual fruit to develop that mood. By the divine presence of our inner being we experience inward fruitfulness, tranquility, life, light, and positive energy. From that inward climate, D.N.A. is unencumbered to build us biologically according to genetic instructions. However, the same forces that desolate our soul, causes terror, commits murder, thrives in darkness, and drains energy, also disturbs the ability of D.N.A. to perpetuate genetic processes. That impedes creation from working within a person, and interrupts the chain from generation to generation.

The second connection D.N.A. has to the spiritual fruit is one must always be in the presence of the other. Where there is love, kindness, and goodwill there is vibrant life within the blueprint of our D.N.A., but hatred, cruelty, and ill-intentions to ourselves or others is destructive and murderous to creation. Likewise, through the spirit of peace, meekness, and gentleness there is a tranquil environment for the design working in one another, but violence, harshness, and forced dominance destroys the engineering feat within the body. Similarly, where there is faith, joy, and goodness there is positive energy for the working of our genetic code, but attitudes of despair, pessimism, and evilness is negative to creation’s design. Furthermore, as we experience patience, self-control, and endurance we allow fruitfulness to remain within the fabric of who we are, but impatience, being out of control, and twisting towards fatal endings terminates our vey existence.

The creation of our biological health through D.N.A. works harmoniously with the spiritual fruit. The medical profession is currently asserting that the cure to cancer is written within the information of our D.N.A. This implies that every person requires unique treatment for healing to occur in the body. That also implies the spiritual fruit is in the process because we are advised not to discard cancer victims as being without hope, but to relate to everyone as individuals, through faith and perseverance in discovering their unique healing. In addition, we know ingesting poison destroys the biological function of the body, but fruitful intent to eat nutritious foods give life.Therefore, we know healing comes as the blueprint of our D.N.A. is interwoven with the fruit of the spirit. We should be good to our body with self-control, patience, and perseverance in healthy practices. That includes healthy habits of eating nutritiously, drinking for the purpose of hydration, to sleep deeply, breathe fresh air, and have comfort during the process of elimination. (A good part of DNA is protein and carbohydrates).

The creation of our biological security through D.N.A. works harmoniously with the spiritual fruit. Biological security is to make people with blue eyes just as safe as people with brown eyes, and to establish tolerance for individual differences. A safe and secure environment through the fruit of the spirit enables a tranquil atmosphere for our biological functioning. Violence is destructive to the physical body which is built by the encoding of genetic instructions. Destructive behaviors tear apart all that we are within our family by various degrees of abuses, terror, and bodily harm. The stress of unstable and chaotic circumstances further unravels the fabric of our biological identity because of the inward “nerve wrecking.” Alternatively, the qualities of peace, meekness, and gentleness of the spiritual fruit enhances the working of the blueprint of our D.N.A.

The creation of our biological place of belonging through D.N.A. works harmoniously wit the spiritual fruit. The idea here is to be happy with who we are, and avoid trying to be someone else, and avoid being something we are not. A muscular person who attempts to lose body mass may become sickly and lose their socialization. Likewise, a slender person who tries to become astonishingly muscular may suffer severe stresses and not have constructive accepatnce. We need to love ourselves, accept who we are, welcome our belonging within the blueprint of our D.N.A., and be sensually intimate with our biological place of existence. In addition, we should love others as they are, to accept their differences, welcome them into a loving place of belonging, and extend sensual hugs, smiles, and touches. Through, inner fruitfulness we find love, goodwill, and kindness within the uniqueness of billoions of people.

The creation of our biological worth through D.N.A. works harmoniously with the spiritual fruit. We are all unique, evident by the design of each fingerprint, and we have something unique to offer one another. When we allow one another to share the light from their unique perspective, we esteem the value of their biological design. From that mutual respect comes equality flowing from spiritual fruitfulness. Conversely, if we disrespect, humiliate, ridicule, and debase others then we are retaliating against the design built by their D.N.A., and are in opposition to the divine fruit of the spirit. Therefore, by honoring a person’s inner fruitfulness, tranquility, life, light, and energy we are honoring the genetic instructions that are built into the soul.

Self Actualize
To self-actualize is to be all that we envision our life to be. To self-actualize according to our DNA works in harmony with the spiritual fruit. Because our DNA builds us up within life forces, then our self-expression in words and deeds need to be constructive to harmonize with the forces of life. If we envision being a suicide bomber, then our words and deeds are filled with evil, pessimism, and despair. Eventually, the identity we become is entangled in death, which is not in harmony with the work of DNA. In contrast, to be a person who communicates hope, optimism, faith, goodness, and joy is to self-actualize in harmony with the work of DNA. In that event, what we desire to be is in harmony with what God desires us to be because the fruit of the spirit are rewards for our reverence to the Deity.

Some people deny that there is a connection of the spiritual fruit with our D.N.A. Their anger attest to the opposition they feel for the design of our genetic design, being uncooperative to the inner peace we feel for who we are. They display negativism within tones of depression when we smile and feel joy from the fibre of our inner design. The extent of their negotiation is to pollute the blueprint of who we are in exchange for establishing their “superiority.” Even so, the attitude of peace, love, faith, and perseverance come as we accept the spiritual fruit in conjunction with the biological design of creation.

There are reservoirs of people who put their thoughts, emotions, and deeds into genetic engineering, but they neglect the divinity of the soul which creates the spiritual fruit. The attitudes that exit those reservoirs are words and behaviors that despise inner fruitfulness, and attack the fibre of who we are inwardly. Those attitudes transfer directly through people who feel “superior” to “infidels,” while neglecting the qualities of decency that builds upon who we are according to our D.N.A. blueprint.

The attitude of separating D.N.A. information from the divinity of the soul enter us through our sense of worth and desire for acceptance. To receive praise we accept genetic engineering as a fact of life, but dismiss the notion that spiritual fruit are rewards from the divine presence of our inner being. That spares us ridicule and humiliation, but places us among those who make war with divine qualities to promote their superiority. People susceptible to hosting genetic engineering while dismissing God’s presence in us are those that believe goodness is within genetic encoding, and unfruitful behaviors are D.N.A. deficiencies.

We can interrupt the cycle of separating our genetic blueprint from the divinity of the soul. That is done by realizing the soft, moist, tenderness of our soul provides a pliable environment for our D.N.A. to build, work, and improve who we are. When there is love for ourselves and others then there is acceptance of who we are within the core of our inner being.

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