Spiritual Fruit and Sensual Intimacy Are Partners

The definition of “sensual” and “intimacy” helps us to focus on how sensual intimacy and the spiritual fruit mingle to make our world a pleasant place. The word “sensual” means physically pleasing and is often used in a sexual context, but is not exclusively sexual in meaning. In conjunction with that, “intimacy” is a close or warm friendship or understanding, which relates to a personal relationship. In that light, sensual intimacy brings people together with wonderful feelings of peace and love. The divinity that lives within the soul creates feelings that enable or mirror the sensual intimacy that we share with one another. When we are open to the divine spiritual presence our emotions, thoughts, and behavior will fill with fruitfulness, a feeling of mysterious tranquility, a passion for the life in one another, a new and wondrous persepective for the worth of the human animal, and a positive energy of tenderness in our self-expression. Being a sexy, kind, and loving person within the spiritual fruit is a contribution to our society….regardless of physical appearances.

The spiritual fruit is fuel that compels sensual intimacy. When we truly feel the fruit of the spirit living in us we are swarming with feelings of love, goodwill, and kindness. This passion interweaves with self-control and patience as we persevere in intimacy to keep our sensuality civil and alive in all situations. Within that moisture of sensuality lives the fruit of meekness, gentleness, and peace to make our intimate relations an enjoyable experience. Probably most wondrous of all is the faith in love, joy in fellowship, and goodness in our sensual nature as we come together with hugs, smiles, and gentle touches. Sensual intimacy and the spiritual fruit are perfect partners.

Sensual intimacy through the spiritual fruit adds to our health because we focus less on physical food and more on the comforting feelings we have within. Our purpose for eating, drinking, and breathing falls into alignment of hydration, nutrition, and oxygen….even though some people want to replace our sensuality with unhealthy habits and feelings. In addition, our elimination will be easier because of a healthier lifestyle, along with more relaxing sleep….even though some people want to cause turmoil in your resting and bathroom uses. The sensual intimacy we feel through the spiritual fruit works positively within our physical being, although some people think that makes us a candidate for indulgence into various unhealthy habits. We open ourselves to patience when being “forced fed” abuses to our sensuality, have self-control when much “passion” food is before us, and persevere in the soft tenderness of our soul.

Sensual intimacy through the spiritual fruit adds to our desire for a safe environment as we turn away from hostilities. Through the moistness of our inner being we really feel the juices of love flowing to give us a meek and gentle spirit of peace towards the bodily welfare of one another. Our compulsion is for tranquility at home as we contribute to a stable environment from day to day. Fruitful sensual intimacy contributes lovingly to a safe and secure environment even though some people want to contaminate our soothing spirit with conflict, arrogance, and harshness.

Sensual intimacy through the spiritual fruit provides a loving place of belonging for one another. The moisture of our sensuality keeps us anchored in feelings of love, tolerance and acceptance to provide an intimate social atmosphere to belong in. The fruitfulness in our sensuality compels us to feel love for others, to desire goodwill to those around us, and to respond kindly to various approaches. Our sensual intimacy brings a comforting feel of belonging within society, even though some people want to dump hatred, exclusion, intolerance, and sexual abuses into that loving mix.

Sensual intimacy through the spiritual fruit adds value to our feelings of worth. From the moistness of our inner being we can feel only the attitude of love swarming within what we think, feel, and do….giving us positive regard for our own worth. The light begins to illuminate in the way we esteem the value of others as well, which is because we begin to see the condition of their intimacy with inner fruitfulness, tranquility, life, and positive energy. Sensual intimacy is a light within ourselves by which we see others more positively, even though some people want to degrade that sensuality with barreness, hostility, disregard fo rlife, darkness, and negative energy.

Sensual intimacy through the spiritual fruit adds positive energy to the expression of our identity. As we feel the soft tenderness of love we speak edifying words and feel motivation to do kind deeds. The sensual nature of the spiritual fruit fuels our bodily motion with faith in love, fills us with goodness in our intentions, and keeps a smile of optimism within us from the joy we feel. Fruitful sensuality comprises positive motivation for today and in our plans for tomorrow, even though some people want to fill our sensual moisture with despair, pessimism, and evilness.

We can assess that sensual intimacy and the spiritual fruit are perfect partners. The diagnosis is that some people want to pollute that sensual intimacy to leverage a sexual advantage. Even then, we plan to encourage the wonderful feelings of our sensuality that comes by the blossoms of the spiritual fruit. We implement that plan by allowing the soft moist tenderness of our inner being to flow freely in our social exchanges. We know we are successful because we will feel the love, peace, joy, self-control, and goodness swarming like a flood within our persona.

Some people want to deny you the pleasures of sensual intimacy by their opposition to the soft moisture of the spiritual fruit. With the appearing of fruitful intimacy they express themselves with anger, arguments, and are uncooperative to incite conflict within your sensuality, they are hostile to the fruit of peace. Similarly, as we smile, share hugs, and are joyful in our intimate relations, they insert attitudes of pessimism, sadness, and despair to pollute the joy of our sensual responses. The extent of their negotiations is to dry up and harden the spiritual fruit within your sensual intimacy to declare “love” as being a physical response from the instincts of the human animal. From their inflexible right and wrong mentality they cannot accept sensuality as a community asset as they attack the spiritual fruit within emotions, behaviors, and thoughts.

There are reservoirs of people who live and grow among those that consider sensuality and intimacy through the spiritual fruit to be destructive to their plan for society. The attitudes that exit those reservoirs are words and behaviors that attempt to sever the soft moisture of inner fruitfulness from our interactions with one another. Those attitudes transfer directly through people who are against people coming together in an intimate way through the spirit of love and peace. Indirectly, those attitudes transfer through people who have become dry and hardened with doctrines that are hostile to sensual behavior.

The attitude of opposing the spiritual fruit within sensual intimacy enter us because we want to feel esteem in our worth, and to belong among those who make us feel a sense of righteousness. Because of ridicule and humiliation we abandon our fruitful sensuality to invite praise from those who are spiteful to intimacy that comes through the spiritual fruit. In that vein, we associate ourselves with those who claim their self-righteousness by doing a “service” to the community by attacking the “evil” of intimacy. People susceptible to doctrines opposing the softness of our sensual behaviors are diverted from the blossoms of the spiritual fruit within their thoughts, behaviors, and emotions. They believe they are fighting an inward battle when they think about loving intimacy, or feel joy sensually, or behave in ways that reveal their passion for others.

We can interrupt the cycle of severing our sensual intimacy from the spiritual fruit by realizing love, joy, gentleness, and goodness are of the deity that permeates the universe. It is O.K. to be physically pleasing while having warm and intimate relations with one another because those smiles, hugs, gentleness, brings social cohesion to benefit our community. The qualities that flow through the spiritual fruit energizes sensuality in various sizes and shapes of living cretures.

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