Rape and Human Trafficking

The people who are contrary to the beauty of women’s wholesome sexuality also oppose the blossoms of the spiritual fruit in men. Men who are desolate of the fruit of the spirit are prone to viewing sexually appealing women with contempt, leading to rape and human trafficking. When love, goodwill, and kindness exist within our spirit then sensual intimacy flowers from that. But hatred of appealing sensuality leads to every sort of cruelty and ill intentions to physically appealing people. We should feel the fruit of peace for our sensual side, and be comfortable with meek and gentle affection. In contrast, when people are conflicted with sexual feelings they become harsh, aggressive, and try to dominate, punish, or discipline the beauty of sensuality that glows in the spirit. The truth is, people conveying the spirit of goodness with joy and faith in a divine inner presence can be very sexually appealing while being wholesome. The sad part is that some people despair with extreme pessimism over the “evils” of the “temptations” of the flesh. Even then, within the soul flowers the fruit of self-control to buffer out of control sexual behaviors. In addition, patience blossoms to buffer impulsive and offensive behaviors towards fruitfully appealing sensuality. Furthermore, perseverance lives within us to enable our continuance in the goodness of our sensual intimacy with one another. As we nourish the spiritual fruit in men and women alike there is goodwill, joy, love, and self-control in our interactions with sensually appealing people.

Rape and human trafficking comes about by the manipulation of daily physical needs. The oppression of a woman’s sensual beauty happens by creating a love for food, narcotics, alcohol, and unhealthy attitudes in general. She begins to lose a desire for the fruitfulness within her sexuality, and her mental attitude, emotional state, and behaviors will be dominated for unfruitful purposes. We are all too familiar with drugs used for date rape and the encouragement of excessive alcohol use to take advantage of sensually appealing women, or maybe she is “shoved” aside to the food table as everyone else “parties”. Even so, our aim should be to persevere in the goodness of healthy habits, be patient when others persist in offering you something you do not want, and utilize self-control when in potentially unhealthy situations.

Rape and human trafficking happens by the manipulation of safety concerns. The oppression of the beauty within a woman’s sexuality happens by domineering her through intimidation of bodily harm, mental fear, and irratic hostility towards her physically appealing qualities. She feels unsafe and insecure until she succumbs to the “comfort” of sexual usage. They want to make her feel insecure about her sexuality, and to make her feel unsafe being a sensually appealing person. Tranquility within sensual beauty comes by the fruit of peace, meekness, and gentleness.

Rape and human trafficking comes about by the manipulation of social networking. The oppression of a woman’s feminity begins by domineering her in a process of sensual intolerance that makes her feel hated and excluded until she succumbs to being dominated for illicit purposes. She feels unwanted until she begins to accept her place among those who tell her who to see, talk to, and interact with. They do not want her to feel comfortable belonging with the loving sensuality of her inner being. Compassion for the beauty of a woman’s sexuality comes by the fruit of love, goodwill, and kindness.

Rape and human trafficking occurs by manipulating the light of divine worth within the beauty of a woman’s sexuality. The oppression of females sensual appeal is for the purpose of domination by keeping her blind to the divinity of her soul, which flowers through her emotions, behavior, and thought processes. In that darkness, where she is not aware of her divine worth, she can be led into less than honorable relationships which belittles women as sexual rewards for guys they find disgusting, may suffer rape through subtle venues, or be acclimated in the network of subtle and abrupt human trafficking. The appealing nature of a woman’s physical sensuality comes through the divinity that exist in the soul. Within that divine presence is a beautiful presence of inner fruitfulness, a serene spirit, a joy for life, an illumination of light that shines through her, and positive energy in her verbal and bodily expression.

Rape and human trafficking comes about by manipulating what a woman says or does for the purpose of changing how she views or identifies herself. By manipulating female self-expression, the oppression of the beauty of her sexuality is the result which is designed to conquer her sensually appealing persona. Women should be able to express their wholesome sexuality with optimism in her words and happiness within the spirit of her behavior, without fearing sexual abuses. If women are not expressing the fruitfulness of their sensuality in a joyful spirit of goodness then where is the placement of their faith relating to the perception of their identity in that arena? If negative energy manifest in their view of themselves relating to sexual issues it’s probable they are in an undesirable relationship, but by whose decision? There is also a possibility that she fears rape or other consequences for being sexually appealing in a wholesome way. Furthermore, there is the possibility that she is reluctantly going from one partner to the next, which is a subtle form of human trafficking.

Some people want to deny women the ability to be comfortable with the beauty of their sexuality and sensual intimacy, either by the ugliness of rape or the horror of human trafficking. They want to steal away the fruit of peace that women feel with their sensual beauty and will use anger and be argumentative to cause conflict with the wholesome qualities of sexuality. Likewise, the joyful spirit that glows through attractiveness of women’s sensually appealing smile is something they hurl pessimism and sadness towards. The extent of their bargaining is to reap the wholesome inner qualities that makes females attractive and appealing, in exchange for usurping attractiveness for sexual gratification, or rape, or human trafficking. Even so, acceptance of the sensual beauty of women that flowers by the spiritual fruit is the only way to relate constructively to one another, which comes through the divinity of the soul.

There are populations of people who refuse to be hospitable to the joyful, sensual, and beautiful spirit of women, and have the same attitude towards the blossoms of the spiritual fruit. The attitudes that exit those reservoirs are words and behaviors that demean the wholesome beauty of women’s sensuality to view them as sex objects, resulting in rape, and human trafficking. Those attitudes transfer into society directly by the same people who are hostile to spiritual fruitfulness and corrupt those wholesome qualites wherever they exist. Indirectly, those attitudes transfer through people who are willing to accept sexual favors, “dates,” etc. from those who use women as sexual bargaining pieces as rewards for behaviors that conflict with the spiritual fruit and wholesome love.

How do hostile attitudes enter us towards a woman’s appealing sensuality that makes us see females as sexual rewards, leading to rape, and manipulating into human trafficking? First, we lose value for the soft qualities of the spiritual fruit in one another, then we devalue the worth of wholesome sexuality within the beauty of a woman’s spirit. From there, we try to force women into accepting their place as sexual rewards for “deserving” men. That oppression of women’s sexuality results in viewing beautiful females as sexual candy, taking that candy by rape, and marketing that candy through human trafficking.

Those susceptible to viewing sensually appealing women as chattel for sexual gratification are those who do not associate sensual intimacy with the spiritual fruit. There is a primal urge for the confort of sex, which accompanies other vices of the flesh that carries negative consequences. Sometimes those negative consequences leads to rape, sometimes it leads to contributing what we have to benefit sexually from human trafficking. Even so, we can interrupt the cycle of rape, human trafficking, and the war against women by realizing the wholesome beauty of a woman’s sensuality comes from a divine place of the soul. When we revere the soft, moist qualities within our soul, then we will revere the spiritual fruit within the beauty of a woman’s sexual attractiveness.

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