Little Bridges Build Big Harmony

I believe we all know at least one wee little bridge that connects people in a big way. I can think of more than one in the country area I live in, but for this example I’m thinking of a specific one. There’s a bridge that spans maybe ten feet across a gorge of muddy terrain, and is fortunately wide enough for two lanes. That bridge leads to an outdoor theatre where thousands of people gather every night, through the summers, to enjoy a peaceful time watching real-to-life theatre reenactments. That one wee little bridge builds big harmony. In a similar way, there are wee little spiritual bridges within our soul that connects people together in a big way.

The divine presence of our soul is the source of those wee little bridges that build big harmony. The reason I use the term “wee little” is because it’s not neccessary to be “giants” in the field of spiritual knowledge, just simply honor the decency and goodness that lives in us to connect with others. Within all of us is a bit of fruitfulness that desires to relate to people in a reasonable and beneficial way. Connect with people from that wee little fruitfulness and avoid detouring into barren ground of tumultuous encounters. Likewise, within us there is a tiny amount of tranquility, tenderness for life, light of our divine worth, and something positive to say or do. Therefore, if we contribute just one penny from the divinity of our soul that is a huge contribution to social harmony.

Wee little bridges are built through the spiritual fruit, which comes through in a big way to connect people socially. When we think of living a life of love, goodwill, and kindness let’s focus more on the little deeds, such as sending someone a gift certificate, or just saying a compassionate word…focus less on the gigantic deeds of world renown “saints”. Those wee little deeds of compassion builds big harmony. In the same way, when we think of the spirit of peace, meekness, and gentleness in the world let’s focus on mild responses to others as we refrain from hostile retaliation….focus less on pursuing a Nobel Peace Prize. Similarly, as we ponder the faith. joy, and goodness that might exist in us let’s focus on being optimistic about someone’s cooking ability or accomplishments in other endeavors….focus less on attempting to do great feats of miracles by the goodness of your faith. Furthermore, when we consider there is a wee amount of patience, self-control, and perseverance in our soul let’s focus on refraining from actions that hurt the fruitfulness that lives in ourselves and others….focus less on your ability to run a marathon or survive great lengths of torture by your persecutors. Through the wee little bit of spiritual fruit of love, peace, faith, and perseverance that exist in our soul comes the construction of big harmony.

Wee little bridges build big harmony in the attitudes of our health. Simply handing somebody a cool drink of water, and some shade, in the blaring heat of the sun does much to bring people together in a healthy way. A gesture like that has huge results by preventing serious problems with dehydration and deadly heat stroke. Likewise, a kind deed for the elderly or handicap does wonders to bring joy and communion in social fellowship. All that we need is a wee bit of patience, perseverance in doing good, and self-control with difficult behaviors. There is no need to be a great health guru when the simple things we do can enhance a person’s physical, emotional, and mental welfare.

Wee little bridges build big harmony relating to our safety. Just a tiny deed of cleansing spilt oil from the front door steps does much to reinforce a person’s sense of security. When we can do something to make our environment a bit more gentle, meeker, and peaceful for the human body we do big things to contribute to our safety. Thre is no need to be on a terror task task force when the smallest deeds from a tranquil spirit builds bridges to our safety.

Wee little bridges build big harmony relating to our place of belonging. While we might envision the world living in perfect harmony, let’s relate to one another from the tiny bit of love, goodwill, and kindness that is in us to avoid the deterrent of hatred, cruelty, and bad intentions. We can do this by a simple smile or hug to convey our tolerance, acceptance, and intimacy to those who feel rejected and downtrodden. There is no need to reconnect all the continents together when we can focus on reconnecting the relationships we have with one another from day to day.

Wee little bridges build big harmony when it comes to our worth. Doing a simple deed of cradling an infant in an hour of the babe’s distress does much to enhance the worth the baby feels from you. That same deed also enhances the wee little bit of joy that blossoms within your own esteem for doing that act of mutual benefit. In a similar way, just recognizing the smallest amount of fruitfulness, tranquility, softness, light, and positive energy in others does wonders to build big harmony in a social way. There is no need to be recognized in a grand way, in the light of multitudes of people. when a simple deed of mutual respect with those we meet day to day improves our sense of worth to one another.

Wee little bridges build big harmony relating to the expression of our identity. Just a smidgen of a positive attitude in what we say and do about ourselves, and others, builds big harmony in our social fellowship. There is no need to use our words and behaviors to promote ourselves on a grand scale to produce an image of who we want people to believe we are. Very simply, just a wee bit of faith, joy, and goodness in what we say and do within our everyday interactions is all we need to build constructive social harmony. Our identity becomes established with one another as we fellowship in the spirit of fruitful optimism.

We can assess that wee little bridges of spiritual fruit builds big social harmony. The diagnosis is that some people want to remove those fruitful bridges to send us on a detour that is bumpy, agonizing, and difficult within relationships. Even then, we plan to maintain those wee little bridges to contribute in a constructive way to the community around us. We implement that plan by connecting to others by the wee bit of softness, moisture, and tenderness that lives within our emotions, behaviors, and thoughts. Our implementation is successful when we are able to maintain the bridge of spiritual fruit within our inner being, and fruitfulness blossoms when we connect with others.

Some people want to deny us passage across the bridge that brings us to social harmony, they are terminally ill with conflict towards others. When they see someone crossing those fruitful bridges of peace they utilize anger, arguments, and become uncooperative to that bridge of harmony. Likewise, rather than allowing passage across that joyful bridge they use pessimism and depression to withdraw themselves from making that connection with those they are around. Their idea of bargaining is to allow you to do “mud running” under the bridge as they sit upon the bridge to prohibit passage into social harmony. However, acceptance of the wee little bridges of the spiritual fruit comes by acknowledgment of the divinity of the soul that lives in the soul of everyone.

There are reservoirs of people who grow and live together who attempt to disrupt the wee little spiritual bridges that build big harmony. The attitudes that exit those reservoirs are words that express hostility to fruitful social bridges, and behaviors that are disruptive to harmonic social gatherings. Those attitudes transfer directly through people who intend to “own” those bridges by charging a spiritual “toll” on anyone who desires social integration. They discourage the spiritual fruit within relationships, but require strict adherence to their beliefs or doctrines. Indirectly, those attitudes transfer through people who feel they must keep their “social standing” by eliminating constructive attitudes within their relationships. They prefer to indulge in unhealthy, unsafe, and dogmatic lifestyles then to allow the spirit of love, peace, faith, and perseverance to seep in.

The attitude of hostility to the wee little bridges enter us because we are looking for the “big” social integration, a place where we can belong without suffering humiliation, rididule, and rejection. Some people prefer to belong to a destructive lifestyle if it means less ridicule and having like-minded friends. These people are willing to be hostile to the fruitful wee little bridges for the purpose of protecting themselves from the light that concern, compassion, kindness, and openness brings. The people who are susceptible to becoming a “mud-runner” by rejecting the wee little bridges of the spiritual fruit are those who delight in worldly rewards such as money, possesions, carnal sex, etc.

We can interrupt the cycle of disrupting the wee little bridges that build big harmony by realizing those bridges are within us through the soft, moist, tenderness of our persona. When we make an effort to connect to the wee bit of inner fruitfulness, serenity, passion for life, divine worth, and positive energy that is in others we are contributing to social harmony in a big way. From the divinity of the soul flows the spiritual fruit making possible our ability to connect with one another by a positive and constructive intent.

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