Jack Be Nimble

Jack be nimble,
Jack be quick,
Jack jump over the candle stick.

There are various aspects of a candlestick and during the time of “Jack’s” jumping it was a major source of light and long lasting flame. The candlestick is a light in the darkness, it produces warmth, the wax can be hard or softened, the fire causes melting, it’s a source of heat that can burn or ignite other larger fires, it represents longevity, and ironically the flame usurps the life of the candle while simultaneously allowing light and warmth to persist. In the 1800’s, jumping candlesticks was a form of fortune telling and a sport. Good luck was said to be signaled by clearing a lit candle without extinguishing the flame. That seems reasonable because what luck is there by extinguishing the source of light and warmth? And how difficult could it be to tell fortune according to how we correspond to the various aspects of the candlestick? It’s horrid to make sport of the candle stick. Imagine the consequences if Jack extinguished the light of the flame leaving us with no understanding, no burning love, and just hardness towards humanity.

Our inner life is similar to a candlestick. Let’s say the wick represents our core values, those values determine our relationship to the flame/light, the wax represents the strength of our resistance or tolerance to basic human desires, and the flame represents primal urges that are constrained by the light shining on behaviors that could be constructive or destructive. From our inner life we have core values, specific attitudes towards human carnality, and a flame of light to temper primal urges in favor of more enduring civil behaviors. The core values are the spiritual fruit to allow the slow burning of basic human desires within our tolerance of fleshly comforts. We can say the wax represents patience, self-control, and perseverance in our tolerance of human indulgences. The wick represents love, goodwill, and kindness which are the core of all civil relationships. The flame represents understanding of partaking in the desires of human nature through the light of peace, meekness, and gentleness. The candlestick brings optimism, faith, joy, and goodness as we comfort humanity through the civility of spiritual fruitfulness. To play sport with that flame would be to mock our understanding of civil and primal indulgences of human nature to incite harsh and aggressive conflict. That “sport” would attempt to eliminate the wick of our core values that keeps us soft and tolerant towards human frailties inciting us with hatred, cruelty, and ill intentions towards “sinners.” And making sport of the candlestick would attempt to eliminate the ability to soften the wax to incite out of control indulgences, impatience with being deprived of fleshly gratification. In essence, being a “Jack” that plays “games” with the light of the candlestick is to leave humanity in despair, sadness, and urges of evilness.

When it comes to the openness of our inner life, the wick of core values enable us to experience life in a way that allows spiritual fruitfulness in what we feel, think, and do. The flame is a light that shows us how to remain open and fruitful as we indulge in fleshy comforts and pleasures; constructive indulgence keeps us open but destructive indulgence closes and hardens us. The wax represents our ability to remain soft in our openness while enjoying life, or represents a dark, hardened, and corrupt inner life. In all this, the key to remaining open to pleasurable comforts is to persevere with self-control and patience within the desires of fleshy fulfillment. We maintain a spiritually fruitful life because the candlestick of our inward being is lit. The “Jack’s” of the world come along to play sport with the candlestick to jeopardize the light which affects our core values and turns us into a hardened person towards the human condition. In the hard, dark, and unfruitful soul exist out of control indulgences, impatient urges to gratify the flesh, and fatal consequences. In that event, the candlestick has been nullified.

Our core values, symbolized by the wick, enable us to regulate the activity of our inner life to keep us on a safe and secure course. The light of the flame enable us to understand how to enjoy human desires free of conflict with others and free of conflict with our inner self. The wax represents our ability to remain soft towards human short comings to maintain the spirit of tranquility from person to person. In this light, the candlestick represents the character of a meek and gentle spirit of peace to enable us to overcome impulses of violence, domestic disturbances, and chaotic instability. The “Jack’s” of the world tempt the light of our core values to incite aggression, harshness, and conflict to cause an insecure and unsafe environment.

The wick of our core values enable the creation of soft and moist melt to maintain our tolerance, acceptance, intimacy, and belonging with one another. The light of the flame enable our understanding of human nature to enhance our melt with a soft and tender attitude towards social differences. The nature of the wax enables a compassionate restraint against intolerance, exclusion, sensual abuses, and superior attitudes by melting by the light of the flame. The candlestick of our soul is the essence the attitude of love, goodwill, and kindness by the light of understanding to make us flexible and compassionate as a member of humanity. The “Jack’s” of the world will harass the light that causes melt to shut down the core values that espouse social justice.

There is a living deity of our soul that is the source of the light of our understanding, the one with the power to melt the hardness of primal ways, and establishes an all-encompassing presence of core values for humanity. To give reverence to the infinite divinity of our inner life is to respect each person as a member of humanity. In the presence of the universal deity, our core values are compatible with global humanity. The melting of our hardness is to bring humanity together through spiritual fruitfulness, peace, cohesion, and positive energy. The light of our understanding is to recognize humanity’s existence relies on the divine presence that permeates human nature. The “Jack’s” of this world want to extinguish the light that reveals the infinite deity to quell universal core values. They cause people to experience hardness and conflict in the world. In that event, there would be spiritual desolation, terror, intolerance, irreverence to the divine, and torrents of negative energy.

The wick of our core values gives life to the flame of our understanding. In that light, our understanding establishes our identity according to how we express the awareness of our beliefs, words, and behaviors. Will the light of our self-realization be enough to melt the hardness relating to fellow human beings? Will the flame of our understanding be enough to form a bond with universal core values? What we say and do should form an identity that is able to ignite a spark to light a fire as bright as the sun to form opinions, insight, and conversation relating to who we are within the scope of humanity. The “Jack’s” of the world have an identity formed by their beliefs that aggressively oppose the light of the flame, while using influential power to strike against the lit candlestick, and rage like a fire to devour light, spiritual values, and tolerance for human nature. The “Jack’s” detest identities rooted in the self-expression of light, compassion, and humanitarian cohesion.

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