Blaspheming Jesus Name is Forgivable

From the words of Jesus he tells us that blaspheming him will be forgiven, but the utmost importance in our experience is reverence for the Holy Spirit which generates the rewards of the spiritual fruit. You can read this in the book of Matthew Chapter 12 and verse 32. which says, “Anyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man will be forgiven, but anyone who speaks against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven.” I appreciate the humbleness from a fruitful spirit of meekness, gentleness, and peace for him to exalt the Divinity of the soul above his own person.

With that information, we know the importance of reverence to the Holy Spirit, and the fruit of that spirit, over a preoccupation with the name of Jesus Christ. Even with that said, only by the spiritual fruit can we acknowledge the goodness of Jesus’ accomplishments. Jesus Christ brought openness to the nature of the Deity that lives within our soul and did deeds to foster the development of divine fruitfulness of our inner being. That open door policy was meant for every living creature of the universe with no exceptions. Additionally, his encouragement was for peace with praise for peacemakers. That tranquility would mix with a love for social integration of all those who would welcome harmonious living. Jesus made everyone feel worthy of respect by shining a light on their divine worth. Joy and optimism would flow like a river of positive energy bringing hope to the downtrodden. Even so, blaspheme of the name of Jesus Christ is forgivable, but blaspheme of the Holy Spirit that enables fruitful accomplishments is not forgiven. The divinity of the soul is the enabler of every good deed, enabling us to share the spiritual fruit through the soul of the human animal.

The Holy Spirit is the divine presence of the soul, so blaspheme of that divinity is destructive to our inner life. In that light, an obsession with the name of Jesus creates barriers to the intelligent spiritual presence that lives within. We know the inward deity wants our inward being to be spiritually fruitful. With that fruitfulness we are given tranquility and a passion for the sacredness of life. That includes conveying a love for all of humanity by reminding us of our divine worth. The divine presence stimulates positive energy in the motivation of what we do and say. In contrast, blaspheme of the Holy Spirit will desolate our inner fruitfulness, incite turmoil of the soul, induce murderous intent, desecrate our divine worth, and instill negative energy within the spirit.

The Holy Spirit generates the rewards of the spiritual fruit. From that, we know blaspheme, or hostility, to that divine presence prohibits the blossoms of the spirit’s fruit. Therefore, we know an obsession with the name of Jesus Christ is a blockade to the divinity of our soul. For Bible readers, you will recall the story of the person accused of having a demon for persistent and insincere “worship” of God. Hostility to the divinity of the soul becomes blaspheme when there is a cautious intent to belittle or aggravate the goodness of our inner life. Here are some signs that blaspheme of the Holy Spirit is happening, 1) When what is said or done fosters hatred, unkindness, and bad intentions which prevails over the fruit of love, kindness, and goodwill. 2) When actions incite conflict,, harshness, and a need to be dominant which overrides the spirit of peace, meekness, and gentleness. 3) When interactions creates despair, evil urges, and pessimism which replaces the divine qualities of goodness, joy, and faith. 4) When self-expression causes fatal attitudes, impulsive negativism, and out of control responses which prevails over the fruit of patience, self-control, and perseverance.

The Holy Spirit is what fuels our inner being with healthy intentions. Opening ourselves to the divinity of the soul fills us with inspirational blossoms. Inspiration comes in our emotions by what we feel through the fruit of the spirit. With that comes inspiring thoughts of creative ideas. We become inspirational in our desire for positive functioning of our health. For example, just knowing our body survives on water, food, adequate rest, clean air, and sanitary conditions is commendable for the primitive nature of the human animal. Beyond that, the divine presence teaches us that vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates, liquids, and good fats keep the body functioning. How amazing the brain of the human animal, consisting of 75% cholesterol, can process information on that level of detail, except for divine intervention working through spiritually fruitful inspiration. In contrast, blaspheme of the divinity of the soul puts an end to that fruitful knowledge and we become lower than the animals we call our pets. Furthermore, an obsession with the name of Jesus Christ closes the doors to divine creativity.

The Holy Spirit fuels us with a regard for a safe and secure environment. That inward divinity quells primitive behavior to stabilize our situation through fruitful knowledge. But what will happen when someone blasphemes that divinity? The result would be desolation of peace, meekness, and gentleness. Those qualities are necessity to enable tranquility to develop during community gatherings. From there, we can reason that blaspheme of the divine inner presence results in violence with intent to harm others, incites domestic conflict, and creates volatile situations. Likewise, implying that a safe and secure environment cannot exist without saying the name of Jesus Christ is counter productive, or blasphme, to the work of the Holy Spirit which produces the spiritual fruit.

The Holy Spirit fuels us with a desire for a wholesome place of belonging. From within us is a craving for good friends, fun in social gatherings, and freedom to fulfill one another’s needs. But, blaspheme of the divine presence destroys the fruit of love and kindness necessary to create fruitful relationships. In that light, hostility to the divinity of the soul results in exclusion of others, prejudices, sexual abuses, and hate to those who are “different.” Therefore, barring people from society, or to imply we need to say the name of Jesus before we can be accepting of others is contrary, or blaspheme, to what the Holy Spirit is doing within the human animal.

The Holy Spirit fuels us with the light of our divine worth. There is more to the human animal than primal instincts. That something more is the intelligent spiritual presence living in our soul. Our life is more than eating, sleeping, drinking, breathing, and going to the bathroom. A process is alive within our soul making us spiritually fruitful, or desolate. In that process, we discover peace or turmoil, sanctity for life or murderous intent. Either we discover the divinity of the soul or decide human life has no worth. The Holy Spirit makes the difference between positive or negative energy. From that, it’s obvious blaspheme of the goodness of our inner being causes unfruitfulness, violence, murder, irreverence for all that is good, and pessimistic attitudes. People who bolster the worth of the name of Jesus Christ above the inner workings of the Holy Spirit are blasphemous and destructive to the human soul.

The Holy Spirit fuels us with positive energy for the expression of our identity. The best feeling in the world is being able to speak positively, and behave joyfully according to who we are inwardly. The stimulation of that optimism mobilizes us through the spirit of joy, faith, and goodness which the Deity of our soul creates. As you can imagine, blaspheme of that intelligent spiritual presence would devastate the expression of who we are. We would feel despair, sadness, and evilness for the person we become, unable to express ourselves openly. Also, to imply that our identities are ultimately worthless in the final say because we don’t worship the name of Jesus Christ is to imply that we have no right to joy, goodness, or faith. An obsession with icons, names, and doctrines are blasphemous to the Holy Spirit resulting in the destruction of the identity we have through the spiritual fruit.

Some people deny allegiance to the divinity of the soul as they insist on allegiance to the name of Jesus Christ instead. They are full of arguments and debates in the name of Christ as they prohibit the blossoms of the fruit of peace. Simultaneously, they predict doom, sadness, and pessimistic results for Jesus sake as they block the spirit of joy. Their idea of negotiating, or communicating, is to solicit an obsession with proper words, people, and beliefs in exchange for opposition to the Holy Spirit, and especially the fruit of that divine presence. Even so, acceptance of the divinity that lives in us, in combination with spiritual fruitfulness, brings love, peace, joy to one another.

There are reservoirs of people who use the name of Jesus Christ to blaspheme the Holy Spirit. With obsession for the use of a name, they also use the image of the cross to symbolize the crucifixion of the spiritual fruit and the divinity of the soul, but rarely will they use pictures of a peaceful dove or a halo of radiant light to symbolize civil humanity. The attitudes that exit those reservoirs are words and behaviors that are hostile to the divine goodness of the soul as they uphold the name of Jesus Christ above the fruit of the spirit. Those attitudes transfer directly through people who make war with the goodness of the spirit of the human animal, which is blaspheme of the Holy Spirit by the use of religious dogma. Indirectly, those attitudes transfer through people who are indoctrinated by teachings that overlook spiritual fruitfulness with an obsessive focus on religious icons.

The attitude of placing more worth on the person of Jesus Christ and less value on the Holy Spirit that produces the spiritual fruit enter us for several reasons. First, the people we trust for guiding us into spiritual fruitfulness make us feel like worthless failures in the religious arena if we choose a loving smile over proper religious guidelines. Second, to find a place of belonging among the church family it is necessary to accept their indoctrination over the divinity of the soul which delivers love, peace, faith, and perseverance to humanity. The people likely to host the attitude that the name of Jesus Christ is more important than the Holy Spirit are those who believe finances, money, and material possessions are blessings of living a blessed life. They are willing to neglect the divinity of their soul as they exchange the spiritual fruit for earthly rewards. We can interrupt the cycle of worshiping icons above our reverence for the divine presence of the soul. We do that by realizing the Holy Spirit comes to us softly by the moist tenderness that exist within our soul. Within that softness flows goodwill, gentleness, joy, and perseverance in goodness.

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