Abortion and Rosemary’s Baby

“An estimated 44 million abortions are performed globally each year, with slightly under half of those performed unsafely. The number of abortion has stabilized in recent years. Forty percent of the world’s women have access to legal induced abortions (within gestational limits).” Well, abortions of fetus in the womb of women have definitely become a part of family planning to make decisions whether to allow the birth of a child, or not. I write this article on abortions from a spiritual perspective relating to the inner processes of our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. I felt the title “Abortion and Rosemary’s Baby” would be fitting to what I want to say in he following paragraphs. “Rosemary’s Baby” is a reference to a horror movie about a woman who gives birth to an evil that is growing within her womb. I’m referring to Rosemary’s baby as a metaphor for the evil that surfaces within the soul when we abort the decency that lives in the womb of our inner life. In this light, let’s continue with this talk on “Abortion and Rosemary’s Baby.”

Whatever we decide about abortion, the most important issue relates to the Deity that lives in the soul. When abortion mutilates the divinity that is in us, then the growth of something very evil will surface in what we feel, how we think, and what we do. We should be careful about aborting the meek, gentle, and soft life that exists within the human spirit. Aborting the babe of decency that exist in our soul will also abort the growth of civil fruit, causes conflict to occur emotionally and mentally, initiates disrespect for the sanctity of life, darkens the view of human worth, and creates negative energy in our self-expression. In contrast, aborting “Rosemary’s Baby” to remove terror on earth is necessary to blossom with inner fruitfulness, to maintain emotional and mental tranquility, to respect the meek and gentle of life, to increase awareness of our divine worth, and perpetuate positive energy in what we say and do. When thinking about aborting a fetus be mindful to salvage the divine presence living in the soul.

In any decision we make, the blossom of the spiritual fruit should be the result within our soul. When 40% of the world’s population of women utilize abortion as a method of family planning, we should ask ourselves what is happening to the fruit of the spirit around the world. Are we methodically aborting the soft, moist, tenderness of the human spirit from our thought processes, feelings, and deeds? If so, the birth of Rosemary’s baby is growing in the womb of every continent on the globe. As we coddle and seduce young women to want to abort “unacceptable” life, her thought processes are bypassing the spirit of life, which instills the attitude to abort into her emotions, and her perspective on daily life changes in general. There is the likelyhood that the fruit of love, kindness, and goodwill is aborted along with the fetus. Also, the spirit of meekness, gentleness, and peace will disappear as the reluctance to talk about the procedure will be masked with harsh and aggressive tones as conflict results towards those who impose on such a “personal” matter. In that same vein, the spirit of joy, goodness, and faith in future growth of life is lacking from those who feel they have something to hide, and convey an attitude that pro-lifers are hopelessly dogmatic, deserve to be spoke at pessimistically, and anti-abortionist feel the evilness of Rosemary’s baby. While self-control, patience, and perseverance is necessary to have a family plan, too often there is impulsive and out of control behaviors within the pro-life/abortion issue. At any rate, the issue of abortion and Rosemary’s baby are two peas in the same pod.

Abortion and Rosemary’s baby relates to our health. Our health depends on keeping ourselves open to the fruitfulness that lives within the womb of our soul. That inward fruit blossoms as the essence of Rosemary’s baby diminishes. Our mental, emotional, and physical helath is a result of our self-control with “undesirable” people, our patience to tolerate the pain others cause, and perseverance to endure, with grace, the “kick’em when they’re down” attitude. When we close ourselves to the good fruit of our inner being, hardness sets in towards one another. Shutting out the fruit of self-control, endurance, and patience that is given birth by the divinity in us has the consequences of unhealthy attitudes towards those who value renewal of life. In that case, we begin to think, feel, and behave as if abortion of unacceptable life is the norm, while spiritual fruitfulness is thrown out with tthe babe. Rosemary’s baby begins to grow. That growth involves additional unhealthy habits relating to the abortion process itself, or the remorse and shame that might follow, and the effort to keep hidden a deed that is not socially acceptable. Those unhealthy habits include the use of pharmaceuticals, other drugs, alcoholism, or even eating excessively to soothe emotional discomfort. A closed soul whose door is shut to fruitful births conveys a hard attitude towards those who disagree with the universal acceptance of abortions.

Abortion and Rosemary’s baby relates to our security. The premise is made that abortions are for the convenience of family or community purposes. That suggests young girls are taught to think of conception of life to be “substance,” her emotions tuned to not feel the affects of aborting a fetus, and behaviors that are able to ignore “undesirable” people. In essence, the evil within the birth of Rosemary’s baby causes a huge percentage of people worldwide to feel nothing about possible harm done to people who are thought of as being an inconvenience. Adding to that, within your own home will be brothers, sisters, parents, and children who are abusive to the ones that are not part of the family plan. Furthermore, life becomes unstable in the face of continual forces of life that will not conform to aborting the soft, moist, and tender blossoms of life. Whatever decisions we make, we should never abort the spiritual fruit of meekness, gentleness, and peace. Only by the spirit of tranquility will a safe and secure world transpire. And that tranquility comes as we protect the spirit of life within us to abort the evil of Rosemary’s baby.

Abortion and Rosemary’s baby corresponds to our place of belonging. Realizing that 40% of the world’s population of women abort fetuses as a convenient method of family planning should make us wonder where we belong in the scheme of things. The 40% of all women implies a massive social network including the men in their lives, and the children in that environment who are taught that abortion is a method to “correct” accidents happening at the school prom etc. From that, we would certainly wonder where is our place of belonging? Continuing on, it’s not fitting to suggest that abortionist are hateful, intolerant, exclusionary, or are sexual offenders. BUT, talk to their children about pro life options, or have a discussion with the mother or men about alternative options, and you will see how quickly they show you Rosemary’s baby. They will come across as intolerant of your “inappropriate” interference, exclude you from family contact, display their hatred of dissenting beliefs on abortion as a method of family planning, and may accuse you of trying to molest or sexually abuse their children. You will feel the evil of the birth of Rosemary’s baby. A desirable place of belonging comes when we want others to experience the fullness of life within themselves and with one another. And that requires tolerance, love, acceptance, and fruitful intimacy with the soft, tender, and moist qualities of our soul. Unless the spirit of love, goodwill, and kindness survives within the decisions we make, we will feel the birth of hate, cruelty, and ill-intentions of Rosemary’s baby.

Abortion and Rosemary’s baby relates to the light of our divine worth as human beings. The question here is, what is a fetus worth? If we just focus on the biology of flesh and blood, without considering the divine presence within the soul, a scientist said the flesh and blood of the human body is worth about two cents. From a perspective like that comes the birth of the evil of Rosemary’s baby. That evil permeates the world when the light revealing the supreme worth of the divinity of the soul is darkened, and methodical abortions of the two cent fetus becomes a method of family planning. When we are blind to the divine presence living in the human creature, we become willing to abort the tiniest hint of decency or goodness that surfaces from our inner being. The birth of Rosemary’s baby leaves us desolate on the inside, causes inner conflict when confronting a meek and gentle spirit of peace, views death as a tool for social engineering, desecrates the divinity of the soul, and mobilizes behavior with negative energy. However, when we view the human body as the home of an intelligent spiritual presence, then we esteem the spirit of life that surfaces from the soul. There is esteem for one another’s inner fruitfulness, a regard for the meek spirit, a respect for the softness of life, a reverence for the decency of the human spirit, and positive energy in what we endeavor to do. We should always cherish the sanctity of our soul and cherish the unborn as a divine gift, and ask, are we discarding God’s presence within the human body simultaneously with the discarding of an embryo?

Abortion and Rosemary’s baby relates to the self-expression of our identity. The identity issue would center around the 40% of the world’s population of women, and the self-expression that flows from that large network of people. The belief of that culture is to use abortion as a method to manipulate family structure, and that “family” spans worldwide. From that culture, we begin to experience, or feel, the evil coming from the birth given to Rosemary’s baby. They use despairing tones, pessimism, and emphasize bad intentions when talking to pro-lifers, and to their daughters who “need” to decide to abort a fetus. To their young daughters they despair over the father of her embryo, who they say will “never amount to anything.” They tell her how sad life would be with a baby at her young age, and expound on the “evilness” that awaits her if she goes through life with a baby she’s not prepared for. Her baby is not part of the family plan of that culture, and neither is the father. For pro-lifers, the hard-core abortionists use despairing tones towards those who respect the sanctity of life, they are pessimistic about the intent of pro-lifers, and the evilness of Rosemary’s baby is felt by those who oppose abortion as a way to manipulate family identity and self-expression. The evil coming from the birth of Rosemary’s baby flows through the words and behaviors of those who identify with the culture who abort embryos ritualistically. In every decision we make, we want to salvage our optimism that surfaces from the spirit of joy, goodness, and faith, which in turn aborts the ominous presence of Rosemary’s baby.

Some people deny that abortions have anything to do with the conception of Rosemary’s baby. In that same breath exist anger and arguments where peace, meekness, and gentleness should live. Likewise, when joy softness, and tenderness should be alive within, there is sadness, depression, and pessimism. The extent of their social exchanges does nothing more than to abort fruitful qualities, which gives birth to the evil of Rosemary’s baby. Even so, acceptance of the divinity of the soul, which gives birth to the spiritual fruit, is the real source for family planning.

There are reservoirs of people who live and grow as a culture that utilizes abortion to plan their family structure. The attitudes exiting that culture are words and behaviors revealing a lack of empathy for the soft, tender, meek, and gentle qualities of life. Those attitudes transfer directly through people who reason that a strong culture is built by aborting “undesirables,” while opposing the fruitful qualities that assimilate one another. Indirectly, those attitudes transfer through people who dread being tossed aside, ignored, and “aborted” for pro-life views. The attitudes that give birth to the evil of Rosemary’s baby enter us because of our yearning to have worth, and to feel acceptance. We would feel worthless to be socially “aborted.” For that reason, we oppose a soft, tender, and meek spirit and affiliate ourselves with the abortionist culture.

The people susceptible to conveying the evils of Rosemary’s baby come about from their sincere concern about over population, a desire for an orderly society, and to rally the world into a single purpose. BUT, they attack the qualities of the spiritual fruit that enable their ideal society to exist. This may explain what people are referring to when they talk about the “disorder in the new world order.” We can interrupt the cycle of abortion that gives birth to the evils of Rosemary’s baby by allowing the soft, moist, tender, and meek qualities to live within our soul.

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