Wee Willie Winkie

Wee Willie Winkie runs through the town
Upstairs and downstairs in his nightgown
Tapping at the windows and crying through the locks
Are all the children in their beds, it’s past eight o’clock

Imagine reading headlines in today’s newspaper that reads, “Man In Pajamas Knocks On Windows Seeking Information On Children!” Schools would be on lockdown even as parents would be advised to keep their children inside until the perpetrator was apprehended. This testifies to the importance of children in shaping our communities for the present while focusing on the future. Guarding the welfare of children includes every area of living. Those areas exist of their health, their safety, their social interactions, their relationship to God, and their ways of self-expression. Spiritual enlightenment comes to us when we consider children to be instrumental in shaping the attitude within ourselves as well as shaping the character of tomorrow’s society. We desire to guard the welfare of our inner life to guide us in guarding the welfare of children.

Childlike qualities of our inner life enable us to relate to children in an appropriate way. Peeping through the window of our soul is what some people do to determine if those childlike qualities are in bed. Perpetrators who do harm to children have intentions of doing harm to you inwardly as well as doing harm to society. Here is an analogy; handling eggs require that we have a gentle approach to avoid fracturing the egg, but handling a steel shot-put with physical strength enable us to throw it far without damage. The quality of our inner life needs to exhibit gentleness when handling an egg, but our inner life can exhibit physical strength when throwing a shot-put. Likewise, when handling children our soul needs to be full with a gentle spirit, but aggressive physical strength towards children is abusive. In this light, we see perpetrators as being hostile to parents, hostile to childlike qualities, abusive to children, and hostile to the future of society. Abusers of children run through the same town they intend to destroy. They go upstairs and downstairs of homes as well as tapping on windows as they cry through the locks wanting to know if the children are in bed. When childlike qualities are in bed, that is to suggest the spirit of joy, gentleness, kindness, and self control are thin within thoughts, emotions, and physical reactions. Society becomes destitute with sadness, harshness, cruelty, and out of control behavior because a perpetrator not only terrorize the children but also steals childlike qualities. Children thrive by the nurturing coming from the spirit of goodness, meekness, kindness, and patience. Perpetrators who terrorize children and childlike qualities intend to fill the inner life of citizens with evilness, aggression, cruelty, and impatience. Child abusers spread conflict from house to house to defeat the blossoms of the spiritual fruit. They steal away the playfulness of being neighborly that is usually found in childlike qualities. Raising children always begin within the womb through love, peace, faith, and perseverance to carry a child successfully for 9 months. Who would ever envision a pregnant mother full of hatred, despair, violence, and with fatal intent towards the sanctity of life? Even so, those who intend to put childlike qualities to bed will terrorize children directly to incite behaviors that are horrifying to the general population. Their abusers represent tyranny at its worst as they attempt to abort the future of the communities in which they they operate.

How would it make you feel to know that a person was running through town, entering homes and going upstairs and downstairs, tapping on windows, and crying through the locks with the single purpose of determining if your children are in bed. Experiences like that are unsettling which leads to locking doors while keeping the children out of sight. Childlike qualities diminish very quickly in circumstances like that. We begin to consider options to keep children safe as well as preserving the fruitful structure of society. Preserving children, childlike qualities, and the future of neighborhoods depend on the survival of spiritual fruit of our inner life. Childlike qualities exist in the spirit to grant mental comfort, emotional peace, and reasonable physical responses. Desolation of the childlike spirit results in anguish of thought processes, feeling turmoil, and reacting with physical aggression. Possessing or lacking a childlike spirit determine how we relate to children which determines the character of future generations. Without a childlike spirit we become impatient with children which leads to out of control physical aggression which in turn has fatal consequences. We become firm with the children for their protection but to be too extreme defeats the purpose. Those who terrorize children and childlike qualities want to see that type of unfruitful attitude in society. To preserve the spirit of the child within ourselves, to preserve the playful spirit of the children, and to preserve the future of our community depends on retaining inner fruitfulness. In that fruitfulness, we discover patience, self control, and perseverance to keep the childlike qualities alive within us and to appropriately communicate to children during troubling times. Patience with the free spirit playfulness of children enable us to maintain comfort in the relationship when predators abound. Basically, that is what nursery rhymes do— they provide comfort that mixes with playfulness when all around is tyranny. Self-control keeps us from losing that pleasant comfort of childlike qualities within the relationship with the child. Something as simple as singing a nursery rhyme to children keeps the seriousness of troubling situations in mind with a sense of peace. The spirit of perseverance enable us to continue in childlike qualities to keep a wholesome relationship alive with children. Nursery rhymes have been written, sung, and played as games for a very, very, long time even though the lyrics themselves speak of the deeds of tyrants. In this light, we comprehend how we are able to keep childlike qualities alive within us for the benefit of children and fo

Predators abusing childlike qualities want you to believe that aggressive violence is how to protect your children. Before that happens they devise a way to disturb the peace you might be feeling inwardly. The target is your children simultaneously with targeting the childlike spirit of your inner life. They want to change a meek attitude into aggression as gentleness transforms into a harsh demeanor. As they run all through town with their devious plan they incite mistrust along with betrayal to cause conflict from neighbor to neighbor. Violence occurs central to children about who is best suited to care for the child as parents, school officials, acquaintances, etc., loose the spirit of the child within them. Homes are full of domestic disturbances because of the loss of a meek and gentle spirit of peace where the children lose the ability to feel safe within their playful spirit. As insecurities manifest amidst the chaotic environment there are those looking through the window of the soul wanting to know if the children are in bed. Those who cry through the locked doors intend to intimidate childlike qualities. The predators prey on your fear to makeyou feel it’s necessary to use physical aggression to protect what you have. Those who violate childlike qualities have no regard for the spirit of children even as they have no regard for future generations. God’s reward of peace, meekness, and gentleness are rejected by the predators in favor of force through violence, harsh ways, and aggression. Even so, we know that a safe and secure environment develops because we value tranquility from house to house and through the town. Tranquility develops through childlike qualities that are gentle, meek, and peaceable.

Predators harden the softness of childlike qualities to fragment social interaction. Immediate signs of the fragmentation includes community-wide lockdowns as well as alerts to keep us on guard. Perpetrators run through town preying on children as well as childlike qualities to keep you from the community activity you would have engaged in. Manipulating citizens to withdraw from social activities is not enough for them. They run upstairs and downstairs within homes to further eliminate the social qualities found in a childlike spirit. Home life becomes dysfunctional because a loving kind spirit of goodwill diminishes as children and childlike qualities come under attack. Adding to the assault on a sociable attitude, the predators will tap and peer through the windows crying through the locked doors, wanting to know if the children are in bed. The perpetrators are like powder in water as they turn soft moist tenderness into heartless callousness. Putting childlike qualities to bed delivers intolerance, social exclusion, hatred , cruelty, ill intentions, sexual abuse, and various other antisocial attitudes. However, childlike qualities possess the spirit of love, kindness, and goodwill, which are only found in the presence of God. Spiritual fruit lovingly embrace children, even enables the ability to rediscover childlike qualities, to enhance social fellowship fostering community welfare. A new breath of life come within the playful spirit of children, manifesting through childlike qualities, plus fosters a constructive community for generations to come. Tolerance of differences through a childlike spirit enable us to experience intimacy with one another through well meaning wholesome qualities. Inclusion of others into a joyful, playful, loving place of belonging is what is given to us when we are reverent to the soft tenderness of the soul. When we love children we also are kind to childlike qualities which enable the manifestation of goodwill for the future.

Predators want you to think that trusting in God is not a solution. Abusers of childlike qualities seek to focus attention on their authority while simultaneously causing the rejection of the power of God. Predators run through communities, putting themselves in the spotlight, to show how destructive they can be to children, childlike qualities, and to the future of society. They delight in desolating the fruitful spirit of joy, gentleness, and love that are the essence of playfulness that are found in constructive adults and children. God’s children are their enemies as they purpose to make themselves supreme rulers through intimidation and fear. They have no sense of worth for the values of others except for their own desire to be masters of the human animal. Homes are plagued with people running upstairs and downstairs creating conflict with childlike qualities while putting children at risk due to their “we don’t play attitude.” God’s peaceful tranquility is opposed siimultaneously with hostility to the spirit of the child.. Predators harden the soft tenderness of inner life, relating to what we refer to as innocence, to incite a contempt of life today towards future generations. They tap on the hard glass windows, while crying through the hard locked doors, having the gall to ask if the children are in bed. Predators who abuse child like qualities need to know that God is not being honored above their predatory authority. All through town and all through the house there are elements peering in the window of the soul with intent to spread negativity towards the childlike spirit. Even so, god gives us the spirit of joy, meekness, perseverance, and love to give life to the spirit of the child. The spirit of the child lives in us through the blossoms of the spiritual fruit. Childlike qualities enable us to come together at county fairs, sports arenas, firework celebrations, concerts, theater productions, and every other community event. We value the worth of others, rooted in God, to enable appreciation of one another during times of gatherings. In those civil gatherings exist God’s peace. By the spirit of the child, there is a tenderness for the sanctity of life as we gather together to enjoy playtime at “recess.” God is the source of life. Reverence for God in us will bring about reverence for childlike qualities, children, and the welfare of future generations. God is eternal even as the eternal spirit lives within us. To speak of the faith, dependence, joy, goodness, and optimism of children would require another two or three essays. Positive energy is rooted in God, which in turn creates a childlike spirit within those who know the value of a playful spirit.

Stalkers of childlike qualities want you to believe that optimistic self-expression is not the solution to protecting your children. They want you to identify with what they say plus what they do. Self-expression of the predators include behavior that runs through town disturbing the spirit of the child. The action of their behavior goes upstairs and downstairs in the home to put to bed the child within. Plus they tap on windows of inner life to discourage you from entering into tender qualities. The expression of their words is as one hollering or crying through locked doors inquisitive as to whether the children are in bed. Predators abusing childlike qualities intend to incite despair, evil feelings, and pessimism about the playful spirit that come through optimism, hope, joy, goodness, or faith. They want you to develop behaviors and words that identifes with their unfruitful purpose. Perpetrators harming the spirit of the child envision a future that is ruled by physical force, diminishing childlike qualities, and robbing children of a playful experience. Gloom plus despair with physical agony are hurled at those who refuse to identify with their purpose by refusing to say and do according to predatory beliefs. God frowns upon those who abuse the fruit of the spirit as the eternal spirit is withdrawn within the negativity of predatory practices. God is within the spirit of joy, goodness, and faith because God’s eternal spirit propels us positively into the future to enhance the children and ourslves through a childlike spirit. Identifying with the goodness that lives within our soul enables our words and actions to be beneficial to the future community plus edifying to those in the home.

We assess that retention of childlike qualities within the spirit enables the preservation of children as well as preserves the future of communities. Childlike qualities come from being a child of God because God rewards us with the spiritual fruit. Spiritual fruit consist of such qualities as joy, gentleness, peace, and love which produces a spirit of playfulness. The diagnosis is that the loss of a childlike spirit results in a character that is abusive to children, as well as destructive to future generations. If we are not children of the spirit of God then we are left with sadness, harsh attitudes, violence, and hatred. Unfruitful attitudes are the purpose of those who perpetrate harm to childlike qualities. Even so, we plan to continue in the spirit of childlike qualities for the purpose of relating fruitfully to children to inspire a constructive future. We implement that plan from living from the soft and moist tenderness of the soul that gives life to the spirit of nursery rhymes to see us through turbulent days. Nursery rhymes are just one example of creative ways to communicate to children when times are horrific. We know we are successful implementing the plan when God’s reward of the fruit of the spirit lives through us by peace, faith, perseverance , and love. We know we are children of God when we value the supreme worth of a childlike spirit.

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