There Was An Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe

There was an old woman

Who lived in a shoe

She had so many children

She didn’t know what to do

She gave them some broth

Without any bread

She whipped them all soundly

And sent them to bed

On the surface the nursery rhyme talks about having so many children within an inadequate living space. Within that crowded space there was also inadequate food supplies to feed the children properly. Within the mix of tight living quarters and the hunger of the children, there were discipline problems. Those disciplinary problems were responded to with a physical whipping followed by putting the children to bed. Besides what we see on the surface of this nursery rhyme there is also a wealth of symbolism to give us spiritual enrichment. The shoe represents the preparation for going places as the children represent a tender and meek spirit. The plan of what she would do with the children is to give them some broth followed by a whipping and then to put them to bed. The broth represents the moisture of the spiritual fruit. However, there was no bread and that bread represents the ability to absorb the divine fruit into us. In other words, the result here is to haze the fruitful spirit for the purpose of diminishing peaceful attitudes to carry through with an unfruitful purpose. This can happen to us in today’s world where some people might cause friction with God’s goodness of our sul to try to motivate our behavior in unfruitful deeds towards a civil community. In this spiritual essay, the focus will be on preparing our motivation to carry through with God’s fruitful purpose by feeding on the nutrition of peace, joy, faith, and perseverance.

Imagine your inner life being a shoe and everything that goes in there are ingredients that motivates your behavior. Now, within that shoe are many qualities that represent a meek and gentle spirit of peace with all the innocence and dependence of a child. However suppose there’s something about your beliefs that make you feel crowded with no elbow room with the qualities that bring serenity. At this point you would be thinking and feeling concerning what to do about the spiritual fruit of God in your life that you feel shouldn’t be. Then you come up with an idea that you could respond to it like opening a gallon of milk to pour it out, then filling the jug up with some type of substance that hardens. In other words, you open the areas of your inner life that are fruitful and then respond in such a way as to eliminate those qualities from your soul. In effect, you are putting those fruitful qualities to bed as you make preparations to mobilize in such a way as to oppose spiritual qualities wherever you find them. Then you become the person that attempts to put the spiritual fruit to bed in others. A person like that sees the love, kindness, and goodwill within the spirit of others and takes action to whip them and send them to bed. People like that will approach you with some type of charitable or compassionate appearance but as soon as you open yourself to them they commit acts of hatred, ill intentions, and cruelty. Likewise, when they see a meek and gentle spirit of peace they will approach you with the image of tranquility for the purpose of opening you to those possibilities. However, when that tranquil door is open they do something harsh, aggressive, and violent to God’s rewards of the spiritual fruit. In addition , when they see the spirit of optimism through faith, joy, and goodness they will approach you like a happy person looking gleefully to the future. When you open yourself to their superficial smile then they will say or do something to cause you to feel despair, sad, and to develop hints of evilness. When they see that you are a person who endures through many various situations they perceive the spirit of patience, self control, and perseverance in your spirit. They approach you as somebody who has endured for years and years but when you receive them they make you feel impatient towards them, at the edge of being out of control, and with temptations to quit the spiritual road. In other words, they want to prepare you to be oppositional to the fruitful qualities that are around you by hardening the soft qualities of the spiritual fruit, which in essence is tomput God’s spirit to bed. Even so, the shoe of our inner life is filled with joy, goodness, kindness, goodwill, self control, patience, meekness, and gentleness as we welcome the work of God in us. We have the broth of the spiritual fruit in us, along with the bread, to hold the fruitful substance together. Our feet are prepared to go with the motivation of channeling God’s nature in us through the spirit of love, peace, faith, and endurance.

Living successfully together requires that we have resources to care for the welfare of the occupants health, this is the nature of God’s will. Having so many people together without knowing how to meet their daily nutrition requirements would cause a lot of mental anguish, emotional frustration, and discipline problems. A population of people in that situation would not have a fruitful destiny to look forward too. In a spiritual sense, we have to realize that some people want to put us in that shoe to close us to the spiritual fruit to mobilize us for a malicious purpose. They intend to set us up for failure in group settings through mental anguish, emotional turmoil, and deviant behaviors. When that happens we are ready to go forward with a destructive purpose living within us towards the welfare of others spiritual health. They open the door with the broth of patience but their intent is to make you feel impatient towards the conditions that seem to disregard the welfare of the healthy desires that God instills in you. Likewise, they open your interest with their presentation of a self control attitude but by the time they’re done talking you feel the stirring of out of control emotions because of the disregard for your fruitfull feelings. Furthermore, they open your thoughts and emotions to their offering of perseverance but when all is said and done they fill your inner life with concepts of fatal and catastrophic solutions. The shoe that they prepare your feet with is to propel you to go places with a hostile attitude towards being open to God’s rewards of spiritual fruit within others. When we find ourselves in a group situation where spiritual nutrition is scarce, and there seems to be harsh responses to a fruitful purpose, then we need to prepare our feet with patience, self control, and perseverance. The spirit of patience enable us to go anywhere with strength to withstand pessimism to prevent lashing out towards good people. When our feet are prepared with self control then we can go places and respond positively towards harassment while communicating fruitfully with spiritually constructive people. Furthermore, when perseverance is in the shoes around our feet we are able to endure much backslash as we continue our fruitful efforts to bring comfort and pleasure to the inner life of one another.

Regulating many people requires the resources of tranquility to foster positive motivation towards community safety. The elderly woman in this nursery rhyme had so many children and too few resources that the only regulatory behavior she knew was to whip them and to put them to bed. The austerity and physical harshness towards the young would be enough to cause the youth to be motivated with hostile attitudes towards those they felt defrauded by. Fostering a positive community attitude requires that we have the resources of God’s spiritual fruit. Those resources prepare our feet to go places with a meek and gentle spirit of peace to convey motivation for a safe and secure community environment. However, there are some people who will prepare your feet with the broth, or talk, of a safe and secure environment but the bread, or reality, of that tranquility never manifests. Instead, the preparation around our feet is by the physical violence that surrounds us, the domestic abuse that is prevalent n the home, and the chaotic occurrences everywhere. As they attack the peace, meekness, and gentleness that covers our feet they oppose the nature of God’s purpose to motivate people to go forward with a serene and harmonic spirit. They stir up a militant attitude against God and against God’s reward of the spiritual fruit. However, as we prepare our feet with the rewards of the spiritual fruit, our motivation is to bring a safe and secure atmosphere by being peaceable, meek, and full of gentleness. By having the resources of God’s spiritual fruit to regulate the function of our inner life our shoes will be filled with the resources that motivates us to bring tranquility to the community we are in.

Compassion is necessary when we have a lot of people we are responsible for. The elderly woman had so many children she didn’t know what to do and compassion was not abundant within her consideration. The provisions available was enough to feed the children broth but not deep enough to be able to provide the children with bread to sustain their nutritional need. The tenderness of the elderly woman was also shallow as she whipped the hungry children and sent them to bed. Having hungry children to suffer harsh discipline would eventually carry over into callused community interaction. In essence, the feet of the children were covered with the preparations of an antisocial type. However, God’s rewards of the spiritual fruit brings the resources of a soft and moist tenderness to prepare our feet with mercy and compassion for our social surroundings. When the spiritual provisions of God are attacked we become hardened and callused to social intentions. Some people may talk about serving the broth of love, kindness, and goodwill but the bread to absorb that compassion is not available. Instead, they stir up hatred, cruelty, and ill intentions as preparation for your motivation in social interactions. The shoes put on your feet are made of intolerance, exclusion of others, sensual abuses, and hatred. They attack God’s provision of the spiritual fruit that gives us a social place of belonging that is full of loving-kindness. By the rewards of the spiritual fruit, God prepares our feet to go into a loving place of belonging with one another, sends us into a place of mercy and warmth, and greets us with sensual intimacy. Having our feet prepared in this way provides the motivation to circulate socially with the intent to bring tolerance, love, kindness, and goodwill to one another.

God is that presence in us that transcends all natural provisions. Our bond to the goodness of our inner life can be so strong that water, food, and even sleep is far less important because our commitment to God is so much greater. What good is food and water if we reject the provisions of the soul? Water and food sustains life and also the spiritual fruit sustains life. The greater issue comes by asking, which of those provisions sustains a healthy social attitude and fellowship? People will fight and go to war over natural resources but through God’s spiritual fruit the motivation is for cooperation and communion with one another. Suppose we prepare our feet with the shoes of natural resources so that everywhere we go our destination is always in the direction of accumulating those earthly provisions. Eventually, we will desolate the provision of the spiritual fruit in that conquest, and consequently puts us at conflict and violence towards other members of humanity. Because natural provisions are more important than God we become calloused and hardened towards the soft and tender attitude of compassion for the welfare of others. The sanctity of life becomes less important as basic primal needs become of far greater importantance. Opposition to God’s rewards of the spiritual fruit brings calamity to humanity over resources. Negativity in the population prevails because of who has and who has not. In contrast, by preparing our feet with the coverings of God’s rewards of the spiritual fruit we have an abundance of motivation for the welfare of humanity. We go in the spirit of peace to bring equality relating to providing for basic human needs. In the spirit of love, we have compassion for the sanctity of all life and that provides the motivation to be charitable to those who need provisions. As we are reverent to God we also are reverent to the divine worth of fellow members of life. Positive energy permeates humanity because there is a balance of the worth of natural resources with the will of God through the spiritual fruit.

The way in which we choose to identify ourselves has a lot to do with the preparations that cover our feet and the destination that we choose. The elderly woman found her destiny in a shoe with so many children she didn’t know what to do. The destination continued to become more negative as she had no adequate resources to provide for her children. She apparently was not identifying with a large family unit, nor was she identifying with a bountiful supply of resources. She was not able to self-actualize as a mother who could successfully provide for her many children. The elderly woman’s self-expression became harsh as she whipped the hungry children and sent them to bed. I’m sure on the inside the woman must of had those times of inner despair, feelings like she was evil, an overall sadness and pessimism because of what her life had become. Unfortunately, there are some people who want to oppose God’s rewards of joy, faith, and goodness to cripple our ability to self-actualize as an optimistic person full of positive energy. They want to prepare our feet with evil, despair, and negative energy to motivate our words and behaviors. In other words, they want us to bring to others everything that is wrong with the world. Even so, God lives within us to give us a purpose through the spiritual fruit by which we identify our motivation. That motivation is expressed in what we say and in what we do as our feet are prepared with hope, optimism, joy, faith and goodness.

We can assess that preparing our feet with God’s resources of the spiritual fruit enable us to go places with a constructive purpose towards community warmth. The diagnosis is that some people oppose the resources of the spiritual fruit to guide our feet against the fruitful ways in community fellowship. Even so, we plan to prepare our feet with God’s spiritual resources to motivate us to include others into a loving family atmosphere. We implement that plan by being receptive to the soft, moist, and tender qualities of our inner life which is the broth and the bread of our soul. We know the implementation of the plan is successful when we desire the broth and the bread within the lives of others as well as within our own life. The broth is the moisture of the spiritual fruit as the bread is the ability to absorb God’s rewards of the fruit into our inner being. In this event, fellowship with other people is motivated by the resources within the spirit of love, peace, faith, and perseverance.

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