There Was A Crooked Man

There was a crooked man
He walked a crooked mile
He found a crooked sixpence
Upon a crooked stile
He bought a crooked cat
Which caught a crooked mouse
And they all lived together in a little crooked house

There is a saying that when the inner life is full of darkness then everything else that is done is also full of darkness. This nursery rhyme, “There was a Crooked Man,” reinforces that concept. Everywhere the wicked man went was crooked, the money he took was crooked from a crooked fence, he bought a crooked pet that caught a crooked mouse, and they all lived in a crooked house. This all makes perfect sense when you think of the motivation behind the behaviors of those with a dark inner life. A crooked person will not be walking in the direction of a law enforcement complex because they intend to walk in areas where their wickedness will be concealed. Crooked people usually discover their money on a crooked wall that separates law abiding citizens from those of lawless activity. Subsequently, the money they gain from the crooked wall is also from crooked activity. Even owning a crooked pet is common because we see this basically every day. This is the idea that some dogs bark only at people in uniforms which represent a civil community. If loving and kind people of the straight side of life attempt to pet the dog then it results in being bitten.. Furthermore, a crooked mouse represents those people who steal from those who are crooked but suffer the consequences of being bitten by crooked pets. Moreover, people who live in darkness are not looking to live in a neighborhood that is full of light, goodness, and law-abiding behavior. In essence, the crooked person and all their crooked associates live together in a crooked house within a dark environment. Having an inner life that is full of darkness with crooked activity adversely impacts health, safety, social belonging, a relationship with the universal deity, and the expression of identity. An inner life full of fruitfulness and Light changes the direction of everything we do from day to day.

The decisions we make always originate within ourselves before becoming something tangible in our day-to-day life. For example, before we buy a gift for somebody we have various thought processes, we have various emotional feelings about the person, and then that gift becomes a reality in someone’s life. In other words, the places we go of our inner life determines the character we become beyond everyday situations. If our inner life is totally corrupt or crooked then the thoughts and feelings we have will lead us to walk in places that identify and associate with those unfruitful desires. By walking in those unfruitful paths, we build walls that keep fruitful individuals from entering our life and have crooked money by defrauding those we build walls against. In association with those walls, crooked individuals have it within themselves to guard their wicked activities with vicious animals. If anyone attempts to cross them they are prepared to use violent force. The house they share together is full of hatred, faithlessness, violence, and fatal consequences. The thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that flow from their decisions are covered with cruelty, ill intent, harshness, aggression, pessimism, evilness, impatience, and overall out of control reactions. With that being said, we can comprehend how essential it is to have an inner life that is open to love, peace, faith, and perseverance. When those qualities possess us our thoughts and emotions will manifest in a way that benefit ourselves and our fellow human beings. Whatever miles we decide to walk, we will bring the spirit of goodwill, kindness, gentleness, meekness, self control, patience, joy, and goodness. The money we have is not from building walls against a civil people, and the pets we have are accustomed to cuddling and affection. The responses towards people who steal from us is not met with violence but through a civil process. We share our house with people whose inner life are full of fruitful, faithful, and civil intentions towards one another. When our inward life is full of light then our spirit permeates with constructive intentions.

What we are open to inwardly or what we are closed to inwardly determines whether we have a healthy or unhealthy life. When we close ourselves to spiritual fruitfulness then we are among those of an unfruitful rhythm and purpose. When we are intent on closing out the pleasantness of an honest Spirit than everywhere we walk we are in the process of closing out that comforting demeanor. In the process of closing out fruitful attitudes we build walls against people of fruitful purpose as we garnish money from them by dishonest means. The mind, emotions, and behaviors of a spiritually crooked person is very unhealthy for their own welfare and the welfare of others. In fact, even in the owning of a pet they do not allow the comfort of petting, cuddling, and overall affection with their animals. The only sentiments allowed from their pets are raw animal instincts for the purpose of keeping the spiritually fruitful world shut out. In essence, they and their pets and those who live in the house with them are crooked in their efforts to deny the comfort, pleasure, and overall enjoyment of a fruitful rhythm and purpose. In contrast, as we open ourselves to spiritually fruitful intentions then our mind, emotions, and behaviors are focused on bringing comfort and pleasure to one another. Everywhere we go and the money we have is within the context of tearing down walls and opening one another to fruitful interactions. We desire all the pleasure and comfort that comes with showing affection to our pets and to respond in a spiritually fruitful way towards those who have intentions of defrauding the goodness in this world. We desire a house that is full with the blossoms of the spirits fruit. As we encounter those whose motivation is to close the inner being to fruitful attitudes then we have it with us to live by the spirit of self-control, patience, and to persevere. We have self control to counter the ugly responses that might come by having our pleasant feelings slammed in a door. With self-control, we have patience with those whose only purpose is to make the comfort in life difficult. In addition, we persevere in the openness within the spiritual fruit when some want to make the closing of your inner life terminal.

The functions by which we regulate our inner attitude determines whether we have a safe and secure life or a chaotic one. If we refuse to let fruitful qualities regulate our inner life then we align ourselves with those who create turmoil for others. What would our life be like if there were no functions to regulate the crooked ways that lives within us? This nursery rhyme summarizes the answer to that very well. The places we go would be filled with crooked intent to incite chaotic circumstances in the lives of others as well as causing self to live in turmoil on the inside. Because of the upheaval a crooked person intends to cause, the money they have is taken from the walls they build with the purpose of causing more friction. People who do not have a fruitful way to regulate their inner life are set on social anarchy. Even as they relate to animals they intend to disturb the ability for animals to show a serene or tranquil Spirit towards other life around them. Because they cannot regulate peace within themselves they want to create a vicious jungle in the environment they dwell. The only response they know towards people who attempt to defraud them is harsh and aggressive violence. The rules of the house they dwell in center around physical violence, no shelter from threats of force, and instability in relations from day to day. Even so, as we allow the fruit of peace, meekness, and gentleness to be the functions that regulate our inner life, we have the stuff to build a safe and secure environment. That’s because everywhere we go it is within us to sustain a peaceful and tranquil environment. That also suggests that it is not in us to accept money from anarchy because we regulate that out of our life through a desire for stability. We do not build walls to initiate friction but we use a meek and gentle Spirit to dissolve walls to bring cohesion. In the spirit of a safe and secure environment, we delight in the demeanor of animals that sing a song, love to be playful, and show signs of serenity. When other people aggress on us the initial response is not to meet violence with violence but to call nine-one-one and to secure a place of safety where ever we can. The house we build is to occupy the residents of peace not violence, to invite the residents of gentleness not harhnesness, and to welcome the residents of meekness not aggression. The environment we live in is a safe and secure environment because the substance of inner life is regulated with a meek and gentle spirit of peace.

Our relationship to the tender softness of the soul, which is found in the moisture of our inner life, determines whether we are a calloused individual or a compassionate one. If we reject the qualities that enhances our social graces then we align ourselves with associates that have antisocial intent. We build our social network according to the thoughts we have towards various people, what we feel about others, and the way we behave in specific group settings. A crooked person is not looking to establish affectionate relationships with others, rather they are seeking ways to manipulate your softness to their advantage. Wherever this person goes within a social network they are seeking to team up with people who benefit their usury. They build walls to keep people out of their crooked life who do not benefit them. The walls built are made by being hateful, cruel, and conveying ill intentions towards those who repel crookedness through a sense of social responsibility. They show no loving attention to their pets and reject the affectionate loyalty of those animals. If anyone attempts to deny their crooked solicitation then they stir up intolerance, exclusion of those people, hatred, and become abusive to fruitful intimacy. The house of the crooked person is full of social corruption because the rooms are filled with hatred and there is no room forlove. From head to toe there is cruelty with not enough room for kindness. In every room of the house exist ill intent with very little space for goodwill towards social graces. In contrast, an individual whose inner life is full of civil desires for soft and tender attitudes will be full of the spirit of love, kindness, and goodwill. Wherever they go their intent is to develop a loving place of belonging for those they interact with. The money they make is from tearing down walls by opening doors to tolerance, acceptance, civil belonging, and sensual intimacy. Those civil people would refuse to accept money that violated a constructive social atmosphere. There is mutual affection with animals as they evenly receive and distribute tenderness. Every room of these socially minded people are full of charity, kindness, goodwill, compassion, and love. In this light, it’s very easy to comprehend how the substance of our inner life results in the social network that we find ourselves in.

The attitude we have about the living deity occupying the human body determines whether we walk in the path of humanitarian focus or become inhumane towards others.The crooked person lives by the intent to put a kink in the relationship we have with the universal goodness of the soul. They recognize the signs of that divine presence by the spiritual qualities of tranquility, tenderness, respect for the supernatural realm, and positive energy. When a crooked person recognizes those signs, they have a purpose to put a kink in those fruitful manifestations. Within their crooked purpose it’s obvious that they feel no sense of worth for the lives of others because they attempt to deny others of a divine experience. Everywhere they go they impede or put a kink into the ability of others to be motivated by the living Divinity of life. Those kinks build walls that prohibit the ability to generate money through the goodness our inner life. In other words, they build walls to goodness and then defraud their victims as a means of obtaining their crooked financial gain. Even if their pets show signs of the Divine Spirit then they will make a crooked effort to put a kink into those sentiments. Even the same breed of animal can have an affectionate Spirit or be a vicious animal, depending upon their access to fruitful manifestations. Even for those who show a lack of a relationship with the Universal Deity, the crooked person responds with unfruitful intentions towards those who defraud them. Because a crooked person attempts to put a kink in Divine qualities, their whole house is filled with sentiments that oppose anything that hints at something Divine that transcends nature. They are desolate of spiritual fruit, full of friction, their inner life is dry and calloused, they have no respect for belief in a power that transcends the ordinary, and they embrace negative energy. In contrast, a person who welcomes the goodness of inner life is full of spiritual fruit, a serene spirit, a soft tenderness, a respect for belief in an infinite being, and they embrace the optimism of positive energy. Everywhere they go they bring with them a spirit that permeates with praise and thanksgiving for the Divine realm of their inner life. The money they have funnels into the openness of a relationship with the divinity of the soul as they espouse tearing down walls that leads into the presence of that Divine goodness. Even though they might own the same breed of pet as a crooked person, their pet is full of a spirit that desires affection, love, and compassion. In a sense, because they welcome the universal deity their whole house is filled with spiritual fruit, tranquility, tenderness, a belief in a presence beyond nature, and flows with positive energy.

How we choose to self actualize and identify ourselves depends on the substance that fills our soul. I’m sure most of us know the familiar saying that from the storehouse of our inner life flows the sentiments that determines the image of who we are by what we say and do. In this light, we know a crooked person according to their self-expression and also according to how they relate to the optimistic self expression of others. Everywhere the crooked person walks they express a despairing an evil attitude that spreads negativity from place to place. They build walls to the faith, joy, and goodness of those who identify their financial resources with the positive energy of society. Their purpose is to make you feel hopeless and sad about financial opportunities other than your identifying with their financial schemes. In other words, the crooked person will fill you with much pessimism until you give them what they are looking for. The crooked person does not associate with those who attempt to self actualized through optimism that comes through spiritual fruit, instead, they demean that fruitful self expression. For example, you might identify with cuddly and affectionate animals but the crooked person will respond with pessimism to make you despair over your desire to self actualized with the ownership of that pet. Even then, those same crooked people will transfer a very hostile persona if you express any type of negativity or hopelessness towards them. The reputation by which their house becomes known by is a single entity filled with negativity and despair over future occurrences. In contrast, a person who desires to identify with fruitful qualities will express themselves with optimism in what they say and do. Whereever this wholesome identity goes they share the spirit of hope, optimism, faith, joy, and goodness. They want people to expect a better future for them selves through fruitful self actualization. The money that they have comes from identifying with openness, while rejecting walls, which enabels people to experience happiness when engaging in financial transactions. The fruitful identity does not make money by making other people feel doom and agony if they refuse to contribute to their financial purpose. Likewise, the self expression of an optimistic person will use pets for healing, companions, and other charitable causes to benefit others. When others attempt to disparage the identity of optimistic people they respond, not with predictions of doom and calamity, but with hope that goodness prevails through time. They self actualized with a house full of faith with little room for despair, their house is full of joy with a minimal amount of sadness, and the rooms in their home is filled with goodness with very tiny amount of evil inclination.

We can assess that through the spiritual fruit living in us the manifestation in what we do will have a positive rhythm and purpose. The diagnosis is that if we close out the goodness from living in us then everything else we do will be full of malicious behavior. In this light, we plan to allow our thoughts and emotions to be filled with substance that propels positive behavior. We implement this plan by interrupting negative sentiments with soft, tender, and moist attitudes from which pleasant social sentiments manifest. We know we are successful implementing the plan when our inner life is full of the spiritual fruit of love, peace, faith, and perseverance.

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