The Titanic: A Water Tight Society?

Excerpts From Wikipedia; “Titanic was a British passenger liner that sank in the North Atlantic Ocean after colliding with an iceberg during a maiden voyage carrying 2,224 passengers and crew. The sinking of Titanic caused the deaths of more than 1,500 people in one of the deadliest peacetime maritime disasters in modern history. The ship’s passengers included some of the wealthiest people in the world, as well as hundreds of emigrants. A wireless telegraph was provided for the convenience of passengers as well as for operational use.

Although Titanic had advanced safety features such as watertight compartments and remotely activated watertight doors, there were not enough lifeboats to accommodate all of those aboard due to outdated maritime safety regulations. Titanic only carried enough lifeboats for 1,178 people—slightly more than half of the number on board, and one-third of total capacity.

The collision caused the ship’s hull plates to buckle inwards along the starboard side and opened five of her sixteen watertight compartments to the sea; the ship gradually filled with water. Meanwhile, passengers and some crew members were evacuated in lifeboats, many of which were launched only partly loaded. A disproportionate number of men were left aboard because of a “women and children first” protocol. Titanic broke apart and foundered, with well over one thousand people still aboard.

Just under two hours after Titanic foundered, the Cunard liner RMS Carpathia arrived on the scene of the sinking, and brought aboard an estimated 705 survivors. The disaster was greeted with worldwide shock and outrage at the huge loss of life and the regulatory and operational failures that had led to it. Public inquiries led to major improvements in maritime safety. One of their most important legacies was the establishment of the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS), which still governs maritime safety today.”

I’m writing this article about the Titanic due to the very valuable insights that enhances our comprehension of spiritual qualities relating to a healthy social structure. Although the Titanic was “watertight” the collision into a glazier caused the ship to buckle and take on water. The water sank the ship along with causing the deaths of over 1500 people of the 2,224 passengers and crew. From a spiritual perspective, the tragedy of the Titanic teaches us that attempting to keep inner life “watertight” from the moisture of spiritual fruitfulness will result in tragic consequences. Those consequences involve the buckling of society to the point of being forced to take on the water of divine social qualities. That divine moisture will sink any “ship” that is made so watertight that it collapses when colliding into cold and hard situations.

The divinity of the soul is the inward structure to stabilize our inner life. We can also refer to that divine presence as an ocean of spiritual resources that unites humanity in a common union. For those desiring to create a water tight culture they are simultaneously causing formations of ice over the divine presence, which causes hardness to social qualities. In that water tight environment the soul becomes desolate of the waters of spiritual fruitfulness. That desolation results in various safety infractions which ultimately manifests in tragic loss of life. A water tight society experiences scarcity in respect for the value of life. The only method by which our inner life could become frozen is through blindness to the divine worth of humanity. Our metabolism would be comparable to the motion of a glazier, showing no positive energy of hope, but only negativism which eventually sinks the ship. In that light, we can comprehend why taking on spiritual waters will sink a culture built on the principle of being water tight. Taking on spiritual water fills our inner life with moist fruitfulness that flows with social qualities to enhance societal structure. Within those fruitful waters is the ability to sink unsafe attitudes with tranquility, to sink disregard for life with sanctity for life, to sink degrading blindness with the light of each individuals divine worth, and to sink negativism with optimism for the future of humanity.

The waters of the spiritual fruit sinks a water tight social structure. An inner life that is water tight prohibits the softness of divine qualities from entering. That causes us to be cold, icy, and hard within our attitudes. When that happens, and we run up against a mountainous glazier, we begin to buckle with the hardship of trying to endure the insurmountable odds. We become wreckage within our soul. In essence, our social structure, relationships, or other interactions begin to split apart into chaotic fragmentation. Even so, when we begin to take in the waters of spiritual fruitfulness then the water tight condition of our inner life begins to open to the oceans of social cohesion. For example, love sinks hate, kindness sinks cruelty, goodwill sinks ill-intentions. From here you begin to see how the spiritual fruit sinks a society that is built on exclusion of fruitful qualities. Continuing on, peace sinks violence, meekness sinks hostile aggression, and gentleness sinks harshness. Therefore, when we take on the waters of tranquility we open ourselves to the character of a peacemaker. Additionally, joy sinks pessimism, faith sinks despair, and goodness sinks evilness. With those warm qualities cold attitudes are sunk. Furthermore, perseverance sinks fatal endings, patience sinks detrimental impulses, and self-control sinks chaotically out of control behaviors. The waters of endurance helps us to fruitfully sail through water tight social surroundings.
A water tight society relates to the structure of our health. To even write this part of the article makes me cringe to think of the reality of having the welfare of our physical existence kept bottled up. Even so, it’s important for us to be conscious of having a healthy regard for our own well-being. In a water tight society, the waters necessary to bring compassionate health care to one another would be scarce. Imagine having the beginning of unhealthy thoughts that you feel fruitful counseling would assist you in improving your perspective on life. But, for some reason that help never comes. As your thoughts begin to worsen from that neglect you begin to develop some unhealthy emotions towards those around you and authority. But still there is no one willing to provide a healing word or touch. Eventually, those thoughts and emotions begin to worsen until behaviors begin to become unacceptable to a civil society. In that event, when you run up against those cold glaziers that prohibit your moving on into better waters you act out in impulsive, uncontrollable, and out of control behaviors. From there, you might be given prescribed drugs instead of compassionate help to neutralize your “rebellion.” Or, a person might decide to handle the pain themselves by indulging in illegal or legal drinks, foods, and smokes that alter their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. They are seeking comfort that a water tight society does not allow to flow. The water tight society begins to buckle from the unhealthy condition of the population. But seepage of healing qualities are necessary to allow compassion from one person to the next. When we take on spiritual waters we feel goodwill for the welfare of the health of one another. We desire that people feel soothing comfort in their emotions, experience serenity of mind, and demonstrate civil behaviors. In that event, there is the realization that by taking on fruitful waters we are able to sink unhealthy and destructive habits. In essence, by taking on the water of patience we sink unhealthy impulses, by saturating ourselves with self-control we sink out of control behaviors into the sea, and by filling with the waters of perseverance we sink the unhealthy tendencies of fatal reactions. Endurance through compassion for one another sinks the atrocities within the health care of a water tight society.

A water tight society relates to the structure of our safety. Try to envision the surrounding environment when the inner qualities that make you feel safe and secure are sealed up tightly to prohibit any leakage of those traits. We would look around and see conflict between people, hear noises suggesting some form of violence, taste horrible foods that make us fear eating, smell odors that rings our inner safety alarms, and overall have feelings of insecurities from a potentially unsafe environment. When our need for a safe and secure environment is made water tight then what happens when we run against a cold glazier that seems to tower over us? We might react with violence against those we feel are perpetrating ill-will within our desire for a comfortable and safe environment. In addition, as little perterbing things begin to build into uncontrollable anger within domestic relations then violence is sure to follow in the home. In essence, in a water tight society it’s as if every little deed is a hammer against an anvil upon our nerves to create a chaotic and unstable environment from day to day. From here, it’s easily comprehensible how a society buckles from keeping serene and tranquil qualities water tight to prohibit leakage. That buckling is the start of the destruction of a society that impedes the waters of fruitfulness from seeping into community interactions. Taking on the waters of spiritual fruitfulness contributes to a safe and secure environment. We would experience a comforting peace from seeing the calm interactions from person to person. That calmness would seep into the home to create cozy, loving, and supportive relations in our abode. From there, taking on those tranquil waters would spill into everyday interactions to cause a safe, secure, and stable community. In essence, the oceans of peace will sink conflict, the sea of meekness will put aggressive tumult in a sunken state, and gentleness will sink harshness. The safe and secure environment flowing from fruitful waters sinks the harsh conflict of a water tight society.

A water tight society relates to our place of belonging. Water tight in a spiritually social sense translates into having no wholesome social life. That is easy enough to comprehend when envisioning every pleasant and friendly attribute being tightly sealed to prohibit the intake of spiritual waters. For example, with fruitful community attitudes being water tight then the consequences of hatred, intolerance, avoidance, and sensual abuses would manifest. The tragic consequences of a watertight society would be anti-social behaviors when running upon a cold and hard glazier. That would result in the buckling of the social structure because people would be suffering exclusion from humanity as the coldness of the “pirates” would stand out in stark contrast to the social deterioration. In that event, we could say it’s the beginning of the sinking of that “ship.” The taking on of the flow of spiritual waters into a social network sinks the structure of a water tight society that prohibits fruitful places of belonging. The intake of those divine waters infills inner life with tolerance, inclusion, love, and sensual intimacy. In this light, we very easily comprehend that love sinks hate, tolerance sinks intolerance, inclusion sinks exclusion, and sensual intimacy sinks various sexual abuses. In essence, a fragmented and undesirable social environment is sunk by the fruitful pleasantries of a friendly and desirable place of belonging. The spiritual fruit of love sinks hate, and the divine water of kindness sinks cruelty, and the fruitful moisture of goodwill sinks ill-will. Moreover, compassion within the spirit of humanity sinks the atrocities of tyrannical inhumanities.

A water tight society relates to the light of our divine worth. Who would want to imagine life with all awareness of their worth to humanity sealed in a water tight capsule. Sealed so tight tight that you feel no sense of anything praiseworthy from your inner life. That suggests being in an environment of cold, freezing, and hard attitudes which prohibits fruitful feelings within self-esteem. As a consequence, from the degradation of the divine worth of the soul the individual sinks own life with further self-destructive behaviors and relates to others with little value for their existence. The water tight culture induces blindness to the divine worth within humanity which causes us to buckle when confronting the coldness of mountainous glaziers. That contributes to the degradation or sinking of a water tight social structure. Alternatively, taking on the waters of the spiritual fruit may sink a disrespectful society, but those spiritual waters adds monumental esteem to the soul of individuals and society. The fruitful spiritual waters adds blossoms to the divinity within the soul while sinking unfruitful barrenness regarding how we evaluate ourselves. In addition, taking on more and more waters of tranquility in our sense of worth and respect for life will sink the turmoil within our ego. In turn, that brings about the sinking of murderous intent towards those who are aggravatingly disrespectful. In that event, we begin to become aware of how seeing the light of the divine worth of humanity puts inhumanities in a sunken state. We begin to express our sense of worth with positive energy which simultaneously causes negative and degrading attitudes about self to sink deeply into the waters of the spiritual fruit.

A water tight society relates to the expression of our identity. The self-expression of our identity includes beliefs, attitudes, words, behaviors, fashion, etc. to convey an image. Expressing who we are can be welded shut into a water tight compartment or we can openly express our identity with positive energy. Welding the fruitful expression of a person’s identity into a water tight area intends to shut out words and behaviors that convey optimism, joyfulness, or goodness. The consequences of that involves the manifestation of negative energy from the inner being of those “sailing” on the “ship.” Similarly, utilizing outer images in an attempt to convey a socially acceptable persona results in keeping the inner evilness and sadistic intent concealed within a watertight vessel. In that event, when questions about a person’s inner or true identity arise it’s like running upon an enormous glazier which causes the social interactions to buckle and fail. The ominous identities begin to clash with the oppressed goodness of people harboring fruitful but silent waters within their soul. The “ship” begins to sink, which is to say the water tight social structure begins to break apart. The waters of spiritual fruitfulness within the expression of who we are sinks a society built on outer images and which neglects positive attributes of inner life. Taking on the fruitful waters fills our words and behaviors with positive energy flowing from joy, goodness, and faith. That fruitful expression of our identity sinks the sadistic evilness lurking in the souls of those seeking to misrepresent themselves to a civil society. The expression of joyfulness sinks the sadistic intent within a water tight society. Likewise, the positive expression of faith for who we are sinks the despairing purpose of those cloaked in misleading images. Moreover, the goodness flooding our identity sinks the evil intentions of those misrepresenting themselves.

There are causative proponents that attempt to build a “water” tight society but it results in the buckling of community cohesion. They deny that the moisture of spiritual fruitfulness is necessary for social interaction even as they persistently ram against the divine goodness of inner life. Their anger is cold and massive like a glazier against those conveying the waters of peace, serenity, and calm. The use of conflict, arguments, and debate is an attempt to prevent their “ship” from taking on the spiritual waters that will cause their sinking. They utilize conversation in an attempt to draw spiritual waters from your inner life for the purpose of pulling you into their “water tight” culture. That suctioning of fruitful moisture would pull you into the freezing temperatures of pessimism and sadness which locks you into water tight despair. They realize that joy, happiness, and optimism causes their “ship” to take on water which leads to their sunken state. Even so, we realize that acceptance of the divine structure of the soul, which enables us to take in the waters of the spiritual fruit, is necessary to produce social qualities that contributes to a stable community structure.

There are reservoirs of people who want to prohibit the taking in of the spiritual waters for the purpose of creating a water tight society. The attitudes identifying their intent to waterproof a person from taking on the moisture of divine qualities is evident through their words and behaviors. Their words act to counter the waters flowing through love, peace, faith, and perseverance, even as their behaviors intend to incite responses to further close the inner life to the spiritual ocean. Those attitudes transfer directly through people who desire to make the inward being of the population water tight for the purpose of setting themselves up as the sole “navigator” through social waters. Indirectly, those attitudes transfer through people who desire some trickling in or seepage of those divine waters which they look to the “pirate” of the “ship” for that ration.

The attitude of keeping our inner life water tight from taking on fruitful waters enter us for the purpose of receiving a sense of self-worth while simultaneously feeling acceptance with other passengers on the “ship.” For example, we will depend on the “pirates” to “navigate” us through the community waters which is accompanied by praise and various “water tight” rewards to keep us aboard ship. With the seepage of esteem from “water tight” rewards there will come trickles of social waters to condone various degrees of interpersonal relations. In that event, we remain on board with other passengers for the purpose of feeling the trickling in of the fruitful oceans of esteem, cohesion, and acceptance.

A susceptible host relating to adopting the attitudes of a water tight society is like a person aboard a ship. They realize that as a passenger on the ship they must socialize respectfully with others and are given a certain degree of praise or recognition accordingly. Even though they feel awkward at the scarce or strict guidelines for social interactions they are not about to jump overboard into the deep spiritual oceans. As a result, they adhere to the guidelines prohibiting the taking on of spiritual waters but inwardly are buckling due to the lack of comfort, intimacy, and warmth within the fellowship.

We can interrupt the cycle of an unfruitful water tight society. We do that by realizing the “ship” will sink along with the passengers unless we take in the fruitful oceans of divine qualities. Taking in that ocean of water fills us with kindness, goodwill, meekness, gentleness, joy, goodness, patience, self-control, love, peace, faith, and perseverance. In a watertight society those qualities are scarce and will cause the ship of passengers to buckle when coming upon the coldness of insurmountable glaziers. The destruction of the ship results from hatred, conflict, despair, and fatalities. Even so, upon the sinking of that water tight ship comes the inflow of spiritual waters.

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