The Sponge of Inner Life

Sponges are animals, more specifically are multicellular organisms that have bodies full of pores and channels allowing water to circulate through them, consisting of jelly-like substance sandwiched between two thin layers. Sponges can transform into other types and often migrate between various forms. Sponges do not have nervous, digestive, or circulatory systems. Instead, most rely on maintaining a constant water flow through their bodies to obtain food and oxygen and to remove wastes. In the home, a sponge is known most notably for being able to absorb water in an area around itself, turning into a wet sponge in the process. In a spiritual sense, our inner life behaves much like the description of the sponge we read above. We will always be able to absorb the jelly-like substance of spiritual fruitfulness which enables us to adapt various forms to tolerate the impact of our environment. Likewise, our whole biological functions such as eating, mobilizing, and how we respond to external influences will change according to the mix of absorbing tender qualities to mingle civilly with our environment. Let’s read more about “The Sponge Of Our Inner Life.”

The sponge of our inner life has the ability to absorb through reverence to the living divinity. When we are open to the divinity of our inner life then the signs of softness, moistness, and tenderness are evident. The sponge of our inner life is full with wetness from our reverence to the inward deity. Contrary to that, our inner life becomes closed to the deity in us when we become dry and course. The dryness of the sponge of our inner life is evident because there is barrenness of fruitfulness, regularity of conflict with others, a disregard or indifference to the sanctity of life, closed minded to the divine presence of our inner being, and tend to be negatively charged in what they say and do. In contrast, a wet sponge of our inner life absorbs spiritual fruitfulness, conveys a spirit of tranquility, respects the sanctity of life, feels reverence for the light of creations’ divine worth, and is positively charged with optimism.

The sponge of our inner life is made to absorb the moisture of spiritual fruit. Our inner life functions smoothly when there is absorption of soft inner qualities to respond fruitfully to various experiences. When we are confronted with hateful and cruel attitudes of ill-intentions we can only rely on a moist sponge of our inner life to return a response of love, kindness, and goodwill. A dry sponge is coarse and responds to antisocial behaviors harshly, which inflames social chaos. In that light, it’s apparent that an inner life dried up is prone to conflict, aggression, and rough attitudes to difficult experiences they face from day to day. But, a moist soft inner life full like a wet sponge with spiritual fruitfulness can buffer externalities with responses of peace, meekness, and gentleness. In essence, our joy, faith, and goodness is found within the soaking inner sponge to absorb and fruitfully dissipate the negativism that we might encounter. Conversely, the dryness of our inner life does not feel the optimism to carry a person through life, but from inward coarseness responds with pessimism, evilness, and despair. Within that dry negative energy are fatalities, out of control behaviors, and detrimental impulsiveness. Only through the wetness of our inner sponge full of the fruit of the spirit can we know the comfort of patience, self-control, and perseverance.

The sponge of our inner life enables us to absorb healthy responses to our surroundings. As we all know, dehydration has adverse consequences on our mental functioning, physical health, and even our ability to respond appropriately in our behaviors. In fact, various input into our body by what we drink, eat, breathe, etc. will also dehydrate us and have negative impact on our attempts to sleep, in our ability to eliminate, and in our overall functioning. In a similar way, the input into the sponge of our inner life will also make a difference between absorbing spiritual fruitfulness or being dry and hardened within ourselves. For example, what if all our input closed our inner life to emotions and thoughts that bring comforting feelings, pleasantness in our mind, and caused us to behave in sour ways? Often we sacrifice what we really desire for our body by indulging in habits that dries our inward being and hardens us to pleasant comforts. That involves eating and drinking in ways that does not inspire fruitful feelings, breathing in substances that we know are detrimental to our health, working ourselves to exhaustion, and even ignoring the need for sanitary behaviors. In essence, we should desire input into the body that makes us comfortable, feel pleasant, and contributes to our health. In that light, eat, drink, breathe, sleep, and practice sanitary habits that enables you to absorb the comforts of the spiritual fruit into your life. Let’s open ourselves to self-control against input that continually contributes to sour faces and eventually our hardness. In addition, let’s remain open to the fruit of patience when distasteful or unwanted input is pressed upon us. Furthermore, let’s persevere in habits that contributes to the moisture of the sponge of our inner life.

The sponge of our inner life enables us to absorb safe responses to our extrernal environment. We all know a moist area is much safer for objects to fall onto because of the cushion the softness provides. Especially when jumping into a pool of water at a swimming pool we are comfortable with knowing the water will keep us safe from the concrete below. Painful consequences exist when a person jumps into a concrete swimming area when there is no water. Likewise, when the sponge of our inner life is moist with the fruit of peace, meekness, and gentleness then our responses to hardened hostility is a splash of tranquility. That softness provides serenity of our inner life to enable physical responses to be mild, humble, and civil towards others. There is also comfort in the home when we are wet with fruitfulness to allow gentle interactions with other family members. In that way, the soft tenderness within us provides a peaceful stability from day to day in the most chaotic circumstances. In contrast, we know those times when someone will hurl rocks into a puddle of water as they actually intend to splash the water from the puddle. Similarly, some people want to dry the sponge of our inner life by hurling hostilities at the moistness that absorbs our serenity. If they are successful, we become dry like a brittle sponge which results in consequences of hostile confrontations, domestic abuses, and instability in social interactions. For this reason, let’s allow the sponge of our inner life to absorb the moisture that makes us peacemakers, meek and humble, and gentle as a dove.

The sponge of our inner life enables us to absorb civil responses within our place of belonging. A moist inner sponge full of love, goodwill, and kindness enables us to be hospitable to people who appreciate the flow of compassionate deeds through a community. Those people are grateful for the softness of good deeds that flow from the sponge full of fruitfulness. Even then, we know some people are very ungrateful to the loving kindness that seeps from the softness of our soul. In fact, they make an effort to dry up our those charitable deeds we convey to those who could use a smile and a touch of love. They hurl hatred, intolerance, exclusion, and abuses in the sponge soaking with hospitality for the less fortunate. Their intent is to squeeze the moistness from our inner being to cause hardness to set in while inciting ill-intentions to those who are destitute. Let us always remember that every person is a member of humanity therefore giving us a place of belonging within civilization. In that light, we want to welcome one another with a loving attitude, to bring deeds of goodwill to make existence a bit more pleasant, and to convey kindness to bring a little cheer. Those responses to others are possible when the sponge of our inner life absorbs the moisture of spiritual fruit.

The sponge of our inner life enables us to absorb the light of our divine worth during degrading circumstances. If someone dared you to wear a blindfold and then directed you to jump from a plank, unaware what lies below or how far down you would fall, most people would refuse the dare. That refusal comes because we actually feel a sense of worth for ourselves and prefer to see where our direction in life might lead. If we knew there was a huge soft cushion to land safely on we might do the jump for the joy of the experience. We have a sense of our divine worth by an inner light that speaks to us about how important is our life and it’s not to be thrown over the edge in reckless abandon. The light of our divine worth nestles within the moistness of the sponge of our inner life. Within that wet sponge we feel spiritually fruitful about ourselves while craving a tranquil and secure life which stems from an inner respect for the sanctity of life. There is positive energy in that moist inward sponge which keeps the expression of our identity within optimistic terms. In contrast, a dry inner sponge makes us calloused to our own worth causing us to jeopardize our own life by performing acts that would be destructive and make us crumble. That happens because when the sponge of our inner life is dry there is no spiritual fruitfulness, we feel harshness and conflict inwardly, have no sense for the value of life, have lost sight of the divinity of the soul, and negative energy fills us with pessimism towards behaviors that are conducive to living.

The sponge of our inner life enables us to absorb positive energy in the expression of our identity. Generating positive energy in our self-expression works a lot like the momentum of water running through a massive dam, which creates electricity for many, many, many homes. In a similar way, when our inner life absorbs the constant flow of moisture from the spiritual fruit then there is the generation of optimistic energy to flood our words and deeds. That inner sponge also enables us to absorb negative circumstances and negative people in a manner that changes the form of that negativism into something positive. That inner wetness enables us to speak words and do deeds of goodness, joy, and faith even when despair, pessimism, and evilness keeps coming. In contrast, just like sponge, a dry inner life is hardened and easily cracked when unbearable circumstances are thrust into it’s body. Because of a lack of softness coming from the moisture of the spiritual fruit our self-expression becomes calloused, course, or hardened. Therefore, we know the wetness of the sponge of our inner life enables us to absorb negativism and to return something positive.

Some people want to deny us the absorbing sponge of our inner life. They argue, debate, and use hostile tones in attempts to dry the softness of the spiritual fruit from our inner being. That dryness closes us through hardness to alienate divine goodness from our souls. In addition, they utilize pessimism, sadness, and depressing attitudes to siphon joy and peace from the sponge of our inner life. In the process of their interactions with others the exchanges serve to dry up your inner reserves as they attempt to monopolize the divine moisture that provides fruitful qualities. Even so, acceptance of the soft moistness deriving from the divinity of every soul, like an untapped oil field on desert terrain, is the only way to absorb spiritual fruitfulness in our emotions, thinking, and deeds.

There are populations, cultures, or reservoirs of people who live their life in a way that dries the sponge of inner life. The attitudes exiting those reservoirs are intentional words to dry, harden and make individuals callous, as well as behaviors that contribute to the drainage of spiritual moisture from the inner being. Those attitudes transfer directly through people who intend to dry up fruitful qualities in others for the purpose of inciting conflict deriving from hardened inner life. Indirectly, those attitudes transfer through people who have become parched of soft tenderness and begin to alienate the inflow of spiritual fruitfulness by isolating people who intend goodwill.

The attitude of rejecting the absorption of spiritual fruit through the sponge of our inner life enter us through a desire for social esteem. If we are ridiculed, debased, and humiliated by malicious means then we might attempt to change behaviors to solicit attitudes from others that increase our sense of worth. In this case, we reject the soft moistness of inner goodness and receive praise for calloused attitudes. In that event, we begin to receive acceptance by those who go about the process of opposing soft and tender attitudes for one another, which results in conflict throughout society. Those susceptible to attacking the sponge of our inner life believe that using hostility to drive away spiritually fruitful people is neccesary to instill stability into their life. However, they do alienate the qualities of goodwill, love, joy, and gentleness from their inner being which makes them inhospitable to community cohesion.

We can interrupt the cycle of drying up the sponge of our inner life by being aware of how to keep ourselves moist, wet, soft, and tender. The soft qualities of our inner being come about as we respond to daily situations with kindness, goodwill, meekness, gentleness, joy, goodness, patience, self-control, love, peace, faith, and perseverance. Those qualities develop as we revere the divinity of the soul which permeates our inner life in ways we can feel and interact with as we follow that inward goodness.

We can assess that the sponge of our inner life is made to absorb the moisture of the spiritual fruit, which oozes forth from our reverence to the divinity of the soul. The diagnosis is that some people want to siphon all the moisture from us to close out the divinity that lives within, which leaves us with a dry, calloused, or hardened perspective in day to day experiences. Even so, we plan to respond to external influences from the soft tenderness we feel within us as we allow the moistness of spiritual fruit to seep into our feelings, behaviors, and thoughts. We implement that plan by absorbing the qualities of love, peace, faith, and perseverance to respond civilly to external situations. We know we are successful when we can respond to hate with love, answer harshness with peace, confront despair with faith, and relate to fatality with perseverance.

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