See Saw Margery Daw

See Saw Margery Daw
Johnny shall have a new master,
He shall earn but a penny a day,
Because he can’t work any faster.

We know that a seesaw is something that takes us up and down up and down up and down and requires balance in order to make it work. If you relate that to our work experience then being out of balance would mean that we would have to change jobs frequently.Having balance at the workplace would mean we would have a good relationship with our coworkers, customers, and with those who manage our day-to-day activities. When we are down on our luck and we need to find a new job then usually we are willing to work for a little less pay than somebody who is higher in demand. The most frequent complaint is that the work hours are too many, the work load is not spread evenly with other employees, or there is inadequate staffing to administer the work. We are marked as an ineffective employee when it comes to accomplishing the insurmountable tasks given us to do. In essence, we are disparaged as an employee and are not able to find a job to pay suitable wages to manage day to day living expenses. The theme of this spiritual essay will be to say that we have to realize who the Master is and who we work for moment by moment. As we work for the universal master of power in our life we will find stability in all that we do, even within ups and downs of employment situations. Our work is not based on the amount of worldly property we can produce, but rather our worth is measured on our civil contribution to one another. To have balance is to make a good faith effort to perform the tasks required of us by employers while maintaining our faithfulness to the goodness that exists in this world.

Have you ever had those days at work when you have so many ups and downs it just drives you to look for new employment? During those days you look around and just get the feeling that everyone else is making more money than you. When you are able to forget about the inequalities in wages, you look around and it’s obvious that you are doing much more of the work than those sitting or standing around doing a lot less. On top of that, they make accusations that you are not working fast enough or that you are purposely slacking off and not giving your all for the work you were hired to do. In this situation, the balance we need to strive for is through the spiritual fruit of our inner life as we work for the divinity within.. When we work for the wages of the spiritual fruit then the see-saw becomes balanced as we have one master who rewards us fairly through love, peace, faith,and perseverance. Those spiritual rewards are important to stabilize our interactions with people in charge, with aggravating coworkers, and with our attitude towards customers. We always work at a pace that allows good fruit to blossom in our attitudes, what we think, how we feel, and in what we do towards other people on a daily basis. Whatever our earthly job might be, the qualities of kindness, good will, and love will always give us mercy, compassion, and an overall tolerance for the working experience. That is what the universal deity requires of us to earn the wages of peace, meekness, and gentleness. If we become unstable with worldly concerns then the workplace will become a volatile place full of harsh and cruel aggression. We see too much evidence of that in today’s world. If rejection at the workplace makes us feel hopeless, filled with despair, instigates urges of evilness, invokes negativity towards the establishment, then we need to consider becoming a worker for the supreme master of the universe. The wages from that master is optimism through the spirit of faith, joy, and goodness in whatever unfairness we perceive at the earthly place of employment. In essence, if any job or anything we ever do in this life makes us want to give up on living, or to become out of control in a violent way towards others, or we become impatient for that time when we get that one big promotion then we need to walk away and reconsider ouroptions. The most important wages we will ever receive are the wages that enable us to persevere in every unfair situation. Those spiritual wages enable us to maintain self-control when the circumstances at work seems to beg us to become out of control, and to have patience with the absurdity of excuses. Those excuses can come from coworkers, customers, and managers to explain why you specifically need to be the person to do the task at hand. Even so, we work at a pace so that whatever we do, whatever we say, whatever we think, and whatever we believe will contribute to civility. The blossoms of the spiritual fruit in our life are the most important wages we will ever receive because they are wages from the supreme master of this universe.

On the job, we need to keep our inner life open to the attitudes that stabilizes our relationship with those around us. Those other people include customers, coworkers, management, and all other people involved in keeping the workplace functioning. A healthy spiritual attitude enables us to create balance in our life while doing our working duties. In contrast, if we close our self to healthy fruitful attitudes then we allow worldly attitudes to throw our work life out of balance which is detrimental to the ability to carry on in the employment arena. We all face similar working situations and how we relate to those situations depends on how we feel inwardly through our thought processes, the feelings of our emotions, and how we eventually decide to behave. There can be many ups and downs through the day that affect the way we feel and even make us wonder if the job is worth the money made to be there. In a sense, we can’t do it all alone. Rest is a very important part of doing our job well so we need to be able to rest to rejuvenate our body so that we can be functioning the way we should be. Rest breaks are part of that idea. Sometimes the work demands seem so pressing that there isn’t time for a cup of fluids, or a bite to eat, or even time to go to the bathroom as needed. There just isn’t time for that much needed breather. The frustrating part is that when we do decide to have a break then there seems to be scrutiny for not have any motivation to do the work requested. From that comes all those ups and downs that wears us to a frazzle on the inside. We become out of balance with impatient attitudes towards customers, coworkers, and even managerial staff. That impatience can lead us to out of control behaviors towards those same people and even cause us to walk off the job in a fit of frustration. Those unfruitful attitudes can be fatal to our working abilities as well as fatal to the lives of others. In this scenario, we have to reconsider who we really work for and who our Master is. If we work for those who are not considerate of physical limitations then we need to work for the one that comforts our inner life to soothe the flesh with spiritual fruit. As we work for the divine presence of the soul, the rewards come to us in the form of patience, self control, and perseverance. We persevere with emotions, thoughts, and behaviors that contribute to a functioning civil employment network. With perseverance, there is self control to keep us in a right relationship with the fruitful wages of the goodness of our soul. With self control, there is patience in waiting for that next and steady paycheck of the fruits of the spirit. In other words, we work for the welfare of our health, and the universal deity who cares for us gives us internal fruitfulness to soothe our physical state.. If the work we do is detrimental to our own welfare, and the welfare of others, then we need to come to the goodness of our soul to rectify our relationship with a civil society.

We might wonder how it contributes to a safe working environment when employees are forced to go from job to job,have to work for minimum wage constantly, and all because they do not meet up to excessive workloads. When work situations are out of balance there is always some type of inequality in the mix. That inequality usually translates into a lot of ups and downs for those who are required to work in chaotic situations. Within those ups and downs we find jealousy and bitterness over insinuations that pay rates differ from person to person who are basically doing the same type of work. Then to add to the chaotic and friction oriented workplace there is the rush to meet deadlines and arguments over proficiency to accomplish a heavy load of work. A person’s mental state becomes full of conflict over the inability to regulate chaos into what they feel would be a more equitable, safe, and tranquil working environment. Within that conflict, there is no shelter from the harsh opinions of others, nor is there any shelter from the crude judgments made upon us, and there is no stability from day to day in our work assignments. Much of the chaotic feelings of the persons inner life is the source of volatile emotions and workplace violence . The masters they work for have no regard for the spiritual wages of peace, meekness, and gentleness to create a comfortable, safe, and secure working atmosphere. In this light, it is time to consider joining up with a new master that is of the inner life, which we refer to as the universal deity. The wages we receive from the fifth element of the spiritual realm includes money to regulate the functions of our inward being. Within the chaotic up and downs of the work situations, we are able to maintain a sense of inward tranquility by the fruitful money. We are able to maintain meekness towards customers, coworkers, and managerial staff as we regulate away the aggression we feel within. With that meekness, we maintain a gentle spirit to ward off the harsh feelings that are felt from the inequalities we experience. In addition, we are able to maintain the attitude of peace for everyone who surrounds us because we receive the wages of peace from within. In essence, the wages of the universal deity are the spiritual fruit that enable us to afford a safe and secure environment in whatever chaotic workplace we discover ourselves to be in.

We might desire to be a person of tenderness, compassion, softness, and moistness where we work but encounter a lot of up and downs that places stress on those noble ambitions. In those ups and downs we began to wonder why our efforts to be a person of charitable intentions results in constantly looking for a new job. In fact, we seem to notice how hateful, cruel, and full of ill intent that coworkers, customers, and management staff can actually be. Even in their spiteful ways, they will put on a show of harmony, cohesion, and compassion towards everyone except for you. They even exclude you from their social network, are intolerant of your loving intentions, they are abusive to your approaches of intimacy, and basically they are conveying the message that you just do not belong. When it comes to money they will always make gestures that within their group of people they have plenty of material items and everything they need which seems to outpace your ability to pay the bills. In essence, they are telling you that the wages of love, kindness, and goodwill towards customers, coworkers, and management staff are not the type of wages that they distribute. Even then, being a hateful person with ill intentions and being cruel to those around you is detrimental to your work experience not theirs. In a social climate like this, it is time to consider working for the wages that only the divine goodness of your inner life can pay. As we work for the wages of the spiritual fruit, it is guaranteed that we will always have a good relationship with the civil side of society. We are able to stabilize the ups and downs of the unequal see-saw with a soft, tender, and moist attitude of our inward state. In the tenderness of that compassion, material wages are much less important than the spiritual wages that are able to foster a healthy cohesion with those around us. We pace self so that we don’t spend all of our fruitful money in a way that turns off into a dry, calloused, and hardened person. The wages that the universal deity pays us through the fruit of the spirit enables us to contribute to harmony within ourselves that contributes to social behavior at the workplace.

Let’s look at the parts of the nursery rhyme, “Sea Saw Margerie Daw,” in relationship to the divine goodness that lives in us. A see-saw goes up and down according to the weight that is on one side or the other. It comes down when the weight and force is heavier on one side than the other, and the other side goes up because it is lighter and has less force. From this point of view, let’s say that the weight and force that brings the see-saw down are the fruit of the spirit, tranquility, the sanctity of life, a reverence for the universal deity, and positive energy. The less weight that causes the see-saw to remain in the air is due to barrenness of spiritual fruit, an emptiness of peace, a lack of respect for life, being void of a reverence for the fifth element, and a lack of positive energy. In this light, as we become weightier with the wages of the spiritual fruit, the earthly masters cause the see-saw to go up to remove us from the presence of that divine deity. As we become wealthy with the wages of the spirit’s fruit it’s obvious that we serve the master that lives within the soul, and we become useless to those with a worldly purpose. Because we have spiritual riches, the corrupt overseers are spiteful of that and we come up on the short end of earthly wages, and that makes it difficult to pay the bills and live from day to day. Even then, having a lack of material possessions does not keep us from the divine goodness needed to make us part of a civil community. As we persevere in a fruitful attitude towards our fellow human beings, they attempt to bankrupt the wages of the spiritual fruit by keeping us busy,busy, busy with a workload that seems to exceed the capability of one or two people. The wages of the spiritual fruit we receive from the universal deity is to reward our labor in bringing equality and balance to one another. We always should strive to keep one another in range of that goodness that lives within us because that is the essence of balance in social interactions. We should not desire to be so heavy that we keep everyone else out of range from the supernatural presence that permeates our universe. Our labor that brings the wages of the spiritual fruit is to bring to everyone the potential for spiritual fruitfulness, peace, a respect for life, a love for the divinity of the soul, and an abundance of optimistic and positive energy. We do this according to everyone’s own pace, not to overburden them with too much and not to be so slow as to hold them back from the goodness that fills life.

What we believe, the words we say, and the way we behave all matters within the place we work. In other words, the self expression of our identity becomes an issue when attempting to fit in within our sphere of employment. If what we say, what we do, and what we believe offends the culture of the work place then we could find ourselves in tumultuous up and down experiences. In fact, if we believe in universal beliefs, such as the notion of an universal deity,then we could find ourselves embroiled in employment difficulties within an elitist culture. That’s because we put a lot of weight in the value of the divine goodness of the soul while placing everything else subsequent to that. For example, our optimism comes from an internal source that gives us the wages of faith, joy, and goodness for our labor towards equality within humanity. In other words, we bring a smile, optimism, and hope to coworkers, to customers, and even espouse fellowship with management personnel. Our identity becomes known as somebody who relates to other people from many various lifestyles and walks of life with a positive attitude and bringing them into the presence of infinite intelligence, infinite presence, and infinite power. Because we value the positive energy of that supernatural source we have less money in our bank account, but we have a wealth of spiritual money within us. In the process of expressing ourselves, we encourage people to work at a pace that defeats the attitude of despair, diminishes urges of evilness, and quells pessimism towards the overall work system. A world without hope and optimism is a world full of negative energy and severe consequences, and those negative things are the wages we receive when our focus is on the ownership of possessions while disparaging spiritual identities. The wages of the spiritual fruit that we receive from the Divine Presence includes optimism, hope, and a bright viewpoint on what the future can and will be.

We can assess that stability in ups and down times comes by working for the wages of the spiritual fruit which are paid to us internally by the supreme deity of this universe. If we work only for materialistic wages, then the diagnosis is that the chaos of employment changes, being stuck in the rhythm of minimum wage, and the burden of an excessive workload has negative consequences. Even then, we plan to work for the wages of the spiritual fruit by serving the deity of our inner life regardless of the chaotic situations that confront us relating to our work. We implement that plan by keeping the bank of our inner life open to the deposits of the qualities of love, peace, fwith, and perseverance. This is what we can call soft money which comes from the tenderness and moistness of our emotions, behavior, and thought processes. We know we are successful in the work we do for the universal deity when the wages we receive contributes to a healthy, wealthy, and wise attitude towards society and those who surround us.

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