Pop Goes the Weasel

Half a pound of tuppenny rice
Half a pound of treacle
Thats the way the money goes
Pop goes the weasel
Every night when I get home,
The monkey’s on the table,
Take a stick and knock it off,
Pop goes the weasel.
Up and down the city road
In and out of the Eagle
Thats the way the money goes
Pop goes the weasel.

Ever have those days, or that life, when the work you do pops all the fruitful intentions out of you? You work and work and work just to have enough money for groceries, but living without appreciation for what you do. Then when you finally get home there’s a monkey on the dining table and from being at the end of the yarn you act out with hostility while at home. After that, you decide go out to spend the little money you do have on substance abuse. Then in the morning it’s back to the daily yarn and after a thousand yards of knitting, pop goes the weasel! In essence, we come to the end of our yarn and engage in unfruitful responses. Even so, through the spiritual fruit there is continuance at the end of the yarn.

The reality of this spiritual interpretation is written in historical records. During the 1700’s and 1800’s there was a cloth making machine that wound the yarn and it was called the weasel. Every 1000 yards the machine made a popping sound, thus derives, “Pop goes the weasel.” The work done on the weasel would provide money to buy groceries in austere amounts. The shopping list would include tuppeny rice, and also treacle which was a dark molasses or syrup that is often referred to as an antidote for poison. The Eagle refers to The Eagle freehold pub at the corner of Shepherdess Walk and City Road, London. The Eagle was rebuilt as a music hall in 1825, the Salvation Army purchased it in 1883 whose entity was against drinking and the music hall. In 1901 the building was demolished then rebuilt as a public house. The public house bears a plaque with this interpretation of the nursery rhyme as well as the pub’s history. Now, let’s continue with this essay about continuing on when we come to the end of the yarn and the weasel goes POP!

The soft yarn of the spiritual fruit becomes wound so tight after a thousand yards and, Pop! we become unfruitful in all our activities of daily living. In other words, the softness of our inner life is the yarn that keeps us together when the Pop! sounds. We are able to continue in nerve-wracking situations when the fruit of the spirit is alive in us. The diminishing of the spiritual fruit causes a person to become wound tight with “stress,” causing them to respond unfruitfully when the nerve-wracking Pop! sounds. The way we respond to situations after the Pop! sounds determines the atmosphere at work, in the home, and how we soothe our inner state. At the workplace we need the yarn of goodwill, gentleness, goodness, and patience to maintain positive relations with employers, coworkers, and customers. Otherwise, at the Pop! we react with ill-will, harshness, evilness, and impatience in the course of performing our work. In the home, we need kindness, meekness, joy, and self-control, otherwise at the Pop! we react with cruelty, aggression, pessimism, and out of control behaviors towards family members. As the fruitful yarn comes to an end, we succumb to self-hate within remorse, become prone to violence within substance abuse, are taken over by despair, and indulge in fatal habits. It is only through the fruitful yarn that we are held together and able to continue past the Pop! In the spiritual yarn we persevere in nerve-wracking situations by the spirit of love, peace, and faith.

The soft yarn enabling the opening of our inner life is wound so tight after a thousand yards, Pop! we become closed to fruitful blossoms within our mental, emotional, and physical responses.Having a constructive attitude at work, in the home, and in public really does relate to how we feel on the inside. As long as the soft yarn of the spiritual fruit is alive in us then we will always continue in a constructive way when we are on the verge of the Pop! In contrast, when we become wound so tight that fruitful attitudes are scarce then tragic consequences manifest over basic necessities, at work, at home, and in public places. Being at the end of the yarn, where the Pop! is nerve-wracking, leads to out of control behaviors through impatience which can lead to fatal results. However, we have another option when the Pop! sounds. That option is to maintain self-control in agitating situations knowing that self-control keeps us on a civil destination. Then to convey patience knowing patience enables us to maintain our inward fruitculness. And to persevere in fruitful attitudes knowing that perseverance keeps us going fruitfully when nerve-wracking situations assail us.

The soft yarn of our inner regulatory function becomes wound so tight after a thousand yards and, Pop! we become erratic in trying to control life. Erratic behavior over scarce commodities, at the workplace, in homes, and in the harm we do to self disturbs a safe and secure environment for those around us. At the workplace there are many things that can irk us after the use of a thousand yards, then Pop!, the peace at work becomes conflict and violence. As the yarn is wound tight through work demands we return home and “nonsense” nerve-wracking situations occur and Pop!, we become aggressive within the place we call home. Furthermore, as we find no peaceful yarn at work or home we frequent places to soothe our inner state with substance abuse, then Pop!, we become engaged in a harsh world of the “city road.” The fruitful yarn of tranquility can continue in us past the Pop! when we stay in the spirit of meekness, gentleness, and peace. When the Pop! sounds at work we can continue on as an example of peace to avoid negative consequences to self, even if others have a problem with a “passive” attitude. When the Pop! sounds in the home we can continue on as an example of meekness to protect those around us, even if others consider us a weak disciplinarian. When the Pop! is heard within us to drive us to seek comfort in substance abuse we can continue on in the spirit of gentleness to be gentle to our own body. We persevere in gentleness even when there seems to be harsh harassment driving us to abusive behavior. In summary, by the fruitful yarn of a meek and gentle spirit of peace we can continue on past nerve-wracking situations to be mindful of regulating a stable and tranquil life.

The soft yarn of soft, moist, and tender qualities become wound so tight after a thousand yards and, Pop! we become hard and calloused to social intimacy. The worry over the scarcity of basic necessities, the social friction at work, the inconsiderate happenings at home, and the unfruitful social ties through substance abuse cause the fruitful yarn to tighten and Pop! When the Pop! sounds to wreck our nerves and dry the soft moistness of fruitful attitudes then it fragments our social cohesion. We become indifferent to the basic social needs of others, develop ill-will towards co-workers, become cruel to those in our home, and become partners with the sentiments of hate in the culture of addiction. At the end of the yarn there are signs of intolerant sentiments, the excluding of those who once were dear, and a lack of social intimacy. Even so, as we keep the soft yarn of the spiritual fruit alive, we have constructive continuance beyond the nerve-wracking Pop! through the spirit of love, goodwill, and kindness. We are able to maintain compassion for the destitute, to continue in goodwill for coworkers, to perpetuate kindness in the home, and to persevere in love for our own welfare.

The soft yarn of the spiritual fruit unites us to the living deity of the soul. That’s because the spiritual fruit are rewards given to us by the universal deity. After a thousand yards of nerve-wracking experiences the divine yarn might become wound so tight that a specific Pop! fractures our union with the universal deity. This is similar to the final straw that broke the camel’s back. As we lose the yarn of the spiritual fruit we are losing our connection with the spiritual realm. Unfortunately, when the spiritual fruit are thin, then the Pop! will incite behaviors that are irreverent to the goodness of our inner life. Not only do we lose sight of the worth of the supreme being, but people around are given less worth. When the Pop! sounds we become irreverent to the universal deity and abusive to others. When unscrupulous people perceive we are near spiritual desolation then Pop! they incite unfruitful behavior. If the attitude of peace is thin then Pop! they incite conflict. When reverence for the supernatural is thin then Pop! they incite carnal lusts. If there are attitudes that disespect life then Pop! they incite fatal responses. When a love for the spirit of God seems desolate then Pop! they incite evil indoctrination. If optimism is nearing the end of a thousand yards then Pop! they incite pessimism. Unfruitful behavior is what happens when we become severed from the divinity working in our soul. Even so, there is fruitful continuance beyond the thousand yards when we honor the divine worth of the universal deity. In the honoring of the universal deity we maintain a respect for the value of those around us. When the Pop! sounds the spiritual fruit abounds in what we say and do because the divine presence makes it happen. At the sound of the nerve-wracking Pop! is a stimulus to carry on in peace, to remember the importance of life, to realize the 5th Element keeps us in civil attitudes, and an unexplainable optimism that continues.

The soft yarn of our self-actualizing becomes wound so tight after a thousand yards and, Pop! Our identity becomes contrary to a fruitful personality. Who we are is identified by what we say, do, and believe, but without the fruitful yarn we become a notorious personality. The Pop! at the end of a thousand yards impedes our ability to self-actualize as a civil human being. If we show the yarn of goodness in our words or behavior, Pop! something interferes unless we show signs of evilness. Likewise, when we express faith or optimism, Pop! something impedes those sentiments until we show despaIr. In addition, when we show joy, celebration, or happiness Pop! something prohibits that self-expression until we display sadness and pessimism. The whole essence of who we are changes when we run short of the spiritual yarn and when we allow nerve-wracking situations to affect us unfruitfully. We become a dark individual at work with an ominous demeanor. There is despairing hopelessness when talking about the ability to maintain basic necessities from week to week. There is gloom and negativity towards other members of the household. The only place where the person feels “comfortable” is where the identities indulge in substance abuse. Even so, by the yarn of the spiritual fruit there is continuance beyond the thousand yards. When the Pop! sounds we are driven to a place of faith and optimism. Then the Pop! is heard again and the spirit of joy manifest as we are comforted in knowing we are a person of hope and positivity. Once again, the Pop! sounds which reminds us of our goodness in a world susceptible to dark and evil behavior. We become an entity full of hope at work, optimistic relating to basic needs, maintain a positive influence in the he home, and by that positive energy we have no need for mood altering substances. The self-expression of our identity remains fruitful past the 1000 yards, and remains fruitful beyond nerve-wracking situations.

We can assess that as we reach the end of the soft yarn and begin hearing the, Pop!, there is continuance of constructive attitudes through the spiritual fruit. The diagnosis is that without the spiritual fruit, when we reach the end of the soft yarn and hear the Pop! we will succumb to detrimental behavior. In this event, we plan to discover soft, moist, and tender attitudes when we experience the Pop! of destructive intent. We implement that plan by responding to harsh, cruel, negative, and fatal attitudes with perseverance, patience, and self-control. We know we are successful when love, peace, faith, and joy manifest from our inner life when our job, home life, and creature comforts seem hopeless.

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