One, Two, Three, Four, Five

One, two, three, four, five
Once I caught a fish alive
Six, seven, eight, nine, ten
Then I let it go again
Why did you let it go
Because it bit my finger so
Which finger did it bite
This little finger on my right.

“Catch and release” is a popular practice among fishermen, and they do it for various reasons. Some do it to keep the waters multiplying with more and bigger fish, and others do it for the sheer compassion of the living creature. For whatever reasons, releasing fish enable continuance of the natural environment and continuance of life itself. That motivation to grant continuance of life flows from the eternal spirit, and that is what this writing will be about. Interestingly, numbers go together with fishing, such as keeping track of how many are caught, the total number of pounds caught, and even the number of pounds a fishing line can hold. Also, numbers can be used to calculate a process for saving life, or can be unfruitful in fatal calculations against life. To question why we respond to life through the eternal spirit seems beside the point, but as the questioning continues it feels more like an interrogation. Some people question the eternal seed to coat it with the hardness of silver, and when numbers go with that it can only equal fatal and inhumane intentions. Let’s continue this writing about the eternal spirit interwoven with numbers.

Let’s consider the workings of our inner being to be an environment swarming with life in a big lake. We can use calculations to enhance the life in us, or use calculations in a way that is destructive to that lfe. For example, we can nurture the eternal seed by letting go of the feelings that are hostile to living, or we harden the eternal spirit by hanging onto fatal attitudes. To question the behaviors that convey a desire for eternal life is to have no answer for the death and destruction that follows. The state of the life of the spiritual fruit in us is the difference between a respect for the continuance of life, or a contempt for life. In this light, we should calculate the impact that our decisions have on the attitude of eternity, longevity, and very simply the ability to “keep on keeping on.” It’s easy to understand that if we plan and calculate when our inner life is full of hate, cruelty, and ill-intent then terrible things are going to happen to cause fatalities. However, calculations from the spirit of kindness, goodwill, and love come from the eternal seed to enhance life. Therefore, when there is a catch that we have to make a decision about, let go of unfruitful destructive attitudes to allow the continuance of a fruitful inner life. Sometimes, we might catch somebody in the act of doing something that is unacceptable to us. In this event, we have to let go of the terminal urges of an aggressive, harsh, and violent response to allow respect for life to live in us through a meek and gentle spirit of peace. Likewise, there might be something inanimate that doesn’t function as advertised so we catch despair, pessimism, and evil intent that is fatally destructive to the faith, joy and goodness that keeps us going. It’s horrid to think that some people calculate the manufacturing of faulty products to harden the attitude of the eternal spirit. In that event, we calculate the cost of the product on the life of our inner being so that we respond with life-giving behaviors. We understand the curiosity of children who question, question, and question all day long; but to question behaviors that give life is something totally different. Some people calculate their questions to scrutinize the eternal spirit, with the intent to incite impatient and out of control behaviors that lead to fatalities. However, we respond to questions by calculating the impact on the eternal seed of our inner life. We let go of the negativity that we catch by allowing a patient attitude to mix with self-control to enable us to persevere in our love for the continuance of life.

Let’s suppose the needy areas of our inner life is calculated to be fed by a funnel one drop at a time; one, two, three, four, five, to bring alive the blossoms of the spiritual fruit. With further calculation; six, seven, eight, nine, ten we prohibit lethal substances entering us that acts to terminate the eternal seed. This is the spirit of eternity working in our feelings, thoughts, and behavior to enhance the state of our inward being. Then there are those who will question and scrutinize the behavior that gives life, the thinking that inspires life, and the feelings that desire the continuance of life. Those people calculate ways to fill your thoughts with fatal plans, to make you feel urges to bring death, and to incite lethal behavior. They put a hard silver coating over the eternal seed that enable us to “keep on keeping on” with constructive sentiments. In this light, we persevere through the eternal spirit by not allowing fatal endings to be a part of our calculations. In addition, patience keeps us anticipating the fullness of life to come tomorrow by the life-giving decisions we make today. Furthermore, self-control keeps us nestled in a place where there is continuance of life instead of losing our control in a way that incites deadly outbursts.

It’s one thing to count the number of people in a population census, but quite another to count the bodies under a murderous dictator. An eternal attitude has to be in our thoughts to calculate ways to regulate the sentiments that bring harm and ending to life. The spirit of eternity establishes a safe and secure environment by compelling us to prolong existence, not deconstruct it. To scrutinize the thinking of those who responds to situations in a way as to continue life is to be involved in devious and calculated behavior to destabilize life through deadly intent. The nature of their questioning is designed to harden the spirit of eternal life through harshness, intimidating aggression, and unnecessary conflict to induce turmoil in you. When we catch negativity that incites fatal reactions, we should let go of them and allow a meek and gentle spirit to give continuance to life. The eternal seed living in us is evident by the spirit of peace, meekness, and gentleness; and that brings a safe and secure environment by the desire for continuance of life through tranquility.

Compassion and calculations mix within the eternal seed to determine the number of people we can draw to us for the purpose of letting go into the waters of life. Organized social services are an example of numbers and compassion working together to bring continuance to life; people are drawn there and hope to be released into enhanced living. In contrast, inhumane beliefs mixing with calculations are the hardness of silver on the eternal seed, and connive to determine how many can be thrown on the dry shore to perish. Examples of this would be any activity that lures people in by fraudulent means, then taking them for everything they’re worth to zap the life out of them. This could include extreme cults, illegal financial schemes, and even recruitment into violent activism. To scrutinize why we want to help enhance our society by helping those in need is to silver coat the eternal seed to cause deterioration to our communities. The eternal spirit desires to continue living by letting the waters of life do the nurturing. When we see rivers flowing we are witnessing the spirit of eternity in motion. Rivers are our life source. If we see no rivers then there is a problem with a continuance of rainfall and a problem with the future of oceans, which causes life on earth to discontinue. Within us, those waters of life include the moist, soft, and tender attitudes of love, goodwill, and kindness; and those attitudes are born of the eternal seed. We let go of hatred, ill-intentions, cruelty, intolerance, sensual abuses, and exclusion to give continuance of life to our society. To scrutinize compassion towards the needy is equal to stopping the rivers from flowing, impeding the rains, and drying up the oceans. There would not be any waters to let the “catch” go in, and the eternal spirit would be parched beneath intolerance, hatred, and cruel intentions. In essence, the waters of life in us flow with eternal seed to give continuance to harmonic cohesion for our society.

There’s a rule that if a person borrows something it should be returned in the same condition as when we received it. This is of the eternal spirit. In that light, we use our calculations to ensure every single detail of the item is returnable in the same condition as given to us. If we bring something in then destroy it, the eternal worth is marred and we even degenerate our relationship with the lender. Calculations used maliciously to silver coat the eternal seed of those who lend is destructive to divine inner qualities. To follow-up the damage to the lender by scrutinizing their willingness to help others is in opposition to the living deity of our soul. In a sense, we are given to one another by the universal deity for the purpose of enhancing our life through the spirit of eternity. When a “catch” comes our way, we let it go in the waters of spiritual fruitfulness to contribute to their continuance with the divinity of their inner life. We want the person to be refreshed by the eternal seed of tranquility where there is a love for life, a reverence for the source of life, and a flow of positive energy. To do this is to return our visitors to the “5th Element” in the same spiritual condition, or better. To coat the eternal seed with the hardness of silver is to calculate and devise ways to cause spiritual fatality to the “catch.” They calculate through their sinister equations how to discontinue the life of spiritual fruitfulness. Within them are plus signs, divide signs, multiplication signs, and subtract signs to add to your turmoil and take away from peace. They want to divide and take away from your love for life and to add to and multiply your affixation on death. Especially, their conniving ways are to keep you away from the universal deity, the source of the eternal seed. Because negative energy is counter to the desire for the continuance of life, they fill you with reasons to be pessimistic. In essence, they have no intentions of returning you to the supreme-being at all, but count on your spiritual death.

The self-expression of our identity reflects our relationship to the eternal spirit, which is our desire for the continuance of life. This nursery rhyme explains that; “one, two, three, four, five, once I caught a fish alive, six, seven, eight, nine, ten then I let it go again.” This person is identifying self with the eternal spirit by accepting credit for catching a fish alive and letting it go to live another day. This would be an optimistic person to be around due to the faith, hope, joy, and goodness that would be communicated about the future of life. In fact, that person would calculate ways to make every numbered day on the calendar to be a celebration of life. Then there’s the identity of the person whose self-expression questions the spirit coming from the eternal seed. For example, “Why did you let it go? Because bit by bit my finger so. Which finger did it bite? This little finger on my right.” The questions intend to cause you to express self in a pessimistic way about others to impede the eternal seed from blossoming. For them, the end of the subject is when there are complaints about the subject you just let go of into the waters of life. Their calculations intend to turn your identity against the spirit of eternity, and into a pessimistic person full of evil intent, and despair. The eternal seed blossoms into the continuance of life through the spirit of faith, joy, and goodness.

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