Light From A Hellish Inferno

This is interesting how light and life comes from an inferno, and yet very common how we see to avoid the hazards of fire. Light comes from a hellish inferno. Inferno is an Italian word for hell, and hell is regarded as a realm of evil and suffering, often depicted as a perpetual fire. This would truly be hell for those opposing goodness; that all who commit crimes against the universal deity becomes a shining light, from within a hellish inferno such as is the sun, exposing the same criminal behavior they inflame. It sounds like the type of divine justice that the universal deity imparts. It’s of the spirit that we choose light and life over the suffering of the flesh. The hellish inferno is a deterrent to move humanity into the spiritual realm. Now, about the sun; the sun is perpetual with a life expectancy of another one billion years. The sun gives light from it’s hellish inferno, and yet it’s extreme heat is a deterrent. We are grateful for the light as we evade the dangers of it’s hellish temperament. The light of the sun gives us life through warmth and abundant fruit, but it’s fiery fury is destructive to the physical, or carnal approaches. We welcome the life that the sun gives to the Earth, and the Earth would have no life at all except for the energy it receives from the sun. We willingly refrain from indulging in the heat of the hellish inferno. The sun interacts with the moon, too. The moon is just a big hunk of rock, yet the glow we see every night is of the sun. Sunlight reflects from the surface of the moon, so we can see it from the Earth. In this article, I will refer to individuals of humanity as being the moon, as an analogy. We are just a big hunk of flesh, yet we can radiate with a glowing light in the darkness. We benefit from the life-giving light, subsequent to it’s hellish inferno. We see to avoid exposure to dangerous effects. How ironic that we are introduced to the eternal spirit from the awareness of potential destruction to the flesh.

The light coming from the hellish inferno makes us see the need for the work the deity is doing in us. That work is to create warmth, light, and life within our soul. The inferno burns so intensely that we move away from the harmful effects into a more comforting area. That area is a divine place of our inner life. The work of the divinity in us creates comfort through spiritual fruitfulness to guard us from fiery behaviour rooted in the flesh. In a sense, the deity makes us a human moon to enable us to glow with a light as the moonlight to give us sight in the darkness to evade spiritual coldness and consequences leading to death. The work processing in us brings about the warmth of the spirit’s fruit, peace, softness for life, and shines a light on our divine worth to bring life through positive energy. A rainbow lives within. The qualities of the “rainbow” in our emotions, thoughts, and behaviors make us want to avoid the attitudes that exist within the hellish inferno that burns by the fuel of our carnal ways. By reverence to the work of the deity in us we are guided away from behaviors that people commit when they are blind to the divinity of their inner life. It is from irreverence to goodness that there is coldness as harm is perpetrated upon the beautiful qualities within our world. Those of the hellish inferno will never experience the rainbow, but only destruction and death. Disrespect for the deity who works fruitfulness in the body makes a person desolate of warmth, light, and life. They are conflicted, violent, hardened, calloused, disrespectful of life, murderous, enemies of our divine worth, and filled with negativity. They are the dry wood fueling the hellish inferno. The are blind as they step into their own destruction. We are only grateful for the “moonlight” of us that is subsequent to the fiery inferno.

The spiritual fruit is the light, life, and warmth we receive from interaction with the hellish inferno. Consider the fruit of the spirit to be the moist softness of our inner life, and then consider how a rainbow forms. Rainbows form when sunlight shines in drops of rain, and in a similar way the spiritual fruit can be seen when fiery experiences interact with us. As we face hellish difficulties in our flesh, our spirit will shine like a colorful rainbow. Rainbows form when it is rainy in one part and sunlight in another; the same as the moistness in us is one part and the hellish inferno another. This combination builds into our character a colorful spirit. You can never get to the end of a rainbow, as you move the rainbow moves. The moisture of our inner life creating the rainbow consists of love, kindness, goodwill, peace, meekness, gentleness, faith, joy, goodness, perseverance, patience, and self-control. If we lose that “rain” then we become dry, hardened, and like dry wood to become a fire within the hellish inferno. The inferno burns with hate, ill-will, cruelty, violence, aggression, harshness, despair, sadness, evilness, out of control behavior, fatal consequences, and impatience. We discover light, life, and warmth in the spiritual fruit as we shield ourselves from hellish behaviors rooted in the flesh.

Our Health
We have more concern about our health when seeing from the light refracting from the hellish inferno of unhealthy habits. For example, we see how warm light enables life to sprout all over the Earth; from mountains, to valleys, to the fruit of the fields. We know this is healthy for us. In contrast, we are aware that heat can become a fiery inferno that dries and burns the life in it’s path. We know this is unhealthy for us. Now, we see the difference between warm light that brings life, and the destructive inferno. Because of the light refracting from the unhealthy hellish inferno, we are able to choose to avoid the fiery chaos in favor of choosing the healthy warm light that brings life. We become like the glow of the moon by receiving light from a burning fire. We are not part of the unhealthy hellish inferno, but we benefit from the light it emits to be able to evade it, and be guided safely through the darkness and into a healthy lifestyle. Unhealthy habits are rooted in the flesh from out of control impulses, impatience with fitness, and fatal attitudes; but healthy concerns for the body is of the spirit by the fruit of self-control, patience, and perseverance. The hellish inferno burns from the dry and desolated inner life as people indulge the carnal nature with alcoholism, gluttony in eating, filling the lungs with pollutants, exhausting physical limitations, and having no concern for sanitation. Whether we encourage these unhealthy behaviours in others or indulge in them ourselves, it comes from darkness void of spiritual light, from cold indifference to the body, and is a path of destruction and death. Their cold indifference to life causes them unhealthy mental processes, unhealthy emotions, and unhealthy behaviors. When we are confronted with such attitudes that jeopardize the health of our body we shun the heat of that hellish experience. We prefer a warmer light to impart life to our body’s health. From the light refracted from unhealthy influences, we avoid the hellish inferno by the glow of moonlight in our spirit. From that warm glowing light we choose self-control in our fleshy indulgences, patience for spiritual blossoms, and perseverance in the welfare of our body. Our spirit shines as a rainbow, even as the hellish inferno brings destruction healthy ways, to signify our healthy intent.

Our Safety
We relish a safe and secure environment a lot more when seeing the light refracting from the chaos within the hellish inferno. Here’s a word about the impact fire has on ice such as glaziers, ice cubes, snow, refrigerators, ice plains, and cold packs. From one perspective, ice keeps us cool from the sun’s heat, keeps our food fresh for days to come, and helps to resolve some health issues. This is like having thought processes that invent ways to preserve our environment as we see the effects of hostile behavior. In this event, the “ice” is a light refracting from hellish behaviors. In contrast, if all the ice melts how do we remain cool, keep food on hand, or even care for basic health needs? This is like having a lapse in civil thought processes and no longer able to devise ways to maintain a safe and secure atmosphere. This would unleash a torrent of uncivil, hostile, and violent temperaments. The ice not only melts but the water begins to evaporate, giving reign to the fiery inferno. From this, we see the importance of being able to receive light from hellish fires so we can glow like the moon to see our way through darkness to safety and security. That darkness is cold, and leaves death in it’s path of aggression, harshness, and violence; which is directed towards, and oppositional to the warm light that gives life through a meek and gentle spirit of peace. Within the hellish inferno is carnage from bodily destruction, upheaval in places of residence through domestic abuses, and chaotic disturbances to cause insecurities. When we see the adverse effects of fiery hellish attitudes, we detour to a place of warm light that gives life through a tranquil environment. The light around a sunset reflects with beauty. Like the moon’s refraction of the sun’s light, we become a “moonlight” from the light received from chaotic and dangerous circumstances. We see to avoid destructive ways in favor of a peaceable, tranquil, and serene environment. The spirit receives peace, meekness, and gentleness by absorbing the warm light that gives life; but the flesh is incumbered in conflict, harshness, and aggression from the cold darkness leading to destruction and death. Our spirit can shine as a rainbow in the midst of the heat of the hellish inferno to signify peace. A safe and secure atmosphere exists because we are able to absorb light from bad circumstances, and thereby shine with a spirit full of life and peace.

Social Belonging
Light refracts from the hellish inferno to guide us into a desirable social belonging. Let’s consider the impact of the sun on water; in warm light the sun warms the oceans, allows the rains, and gives passage to the flow of rivers, but in the heat of the inferno the oceans evaporate, the rains stop, and the rivers cease to flow. The consequence is a dry, parched Earth causing the extinction of life along with rampant fires everywhere. From the light received in those circumstances we know warmth and water is necessary for life, but hellish heat dissipates water and is the destroyer of life. In that light, we choose the warm light that gives life to a society, or we choose the fiery inferno that evaporates life away from society. There is moisture of our inner life that is like an ocean, received like droplets of rain, and flow through us like rivers. In the softness of that moisture exist the qualities of love, goodwill, and kindness to fill us with oceans of compassion, makes us receptive to drops of good intentions, and flows like rivers of charitable deeds. In contrast, hellish behaviors evaporate the moisture of our inner life with the consequence of inflaming hate, cruelty, and ill-intentions. The behaviors of the fiery inferno vanquish the oceans of compassion, impedes the droplets of harmony, and stop the flow from the rivers of good works. In that event, our inner life would be empty of social fruit with dryness instead, and hardened like wood to burn in the hellish inferno of antisocial behavior. In that inferno of social upheaval exist intolerance, sexual abuses, hate, and cruel exclusion. Even so, we receive a light refracting from that hellish environment; that light is warm to bring life by tolerance, acceptance, spiritual sensual intimacy, and fruitful social belonging. There, social interactions transpire with smiles, soft touches, harmony, goodwill, and cohesion. The warm light that gives life to social grace is of the spirit, but social deterioration is in the flesh. In carnal ways exist coldness, darkness, and death. As light refracts from the hellish inferno within a society, we will shine like the moonlight to see our way through the darkness into acceptable social conditions. We shine like a rainbow in our spirit to signify a beautiful component of social possibilities, even as fires burn from horrid social conditions brought on by servitude to the flesh.

The light revealing our divine worth refracts from the degeneration seen in the hellish inferno. Consider degeneration to be akin to the sun scorching the earth, melting much needed ice, evaporating all the water necessary for life, and igniting rampant fires everywhere. In that event, the earth would seem to have no value at all, totally trashed and deemed worthless. When envisioning that hellish environment, we see how valuable our world is with plush blossoms on the earth, plentiful ice to keep us cool, abundant water to sustain life, and the use of controlled fire to make useful heat. In effect, there is a reflection of light from the fiery inferno to give us awareness of how valuable the elements of the world are to maintain the life of the flesh. Likewise, we receive light revealing our divine worth to the universal deity as we seek to evade the degeneration resulting in the hellish fires. The degeneration comes about because the coldness of those living in spiritual darkness has no esteem for the divinity of inner life as they leave destruction and death in their path. They have no respect for the fruitfulness that blossoms from that goodness. The moist softness of our inward being is the water of life that they take advantage of and usurp until there is parched dryness within. They deem the divinity of the soul to be worthless as fires are ignited through disparagement, humiliation, ridicule, malicious rumors, and slander. From the degeneration within the hellish inferno we realize the importance of giving esteem to the worth of every individual through the warm light that brings life. We can glow as the moonlight to see our way through the darkness of degenerative attitudes. In that light is esteem for spiritual fruitfulness, praise for the soft moistness of the soul which is the water of life, and worth given to the attitude of moderation to temper the fires that destroy the body. Debasing the essentials of human existence is rooted in the flesh, and carried through by cold-hearted people who live in spiritual darkness to bring destruction through the carnal nature; but esteem for the divine worth of humanity comes by the spirit where there is warmth to foster esteem, light to reveal divine potential, and life abundantly in spiritual fruitfulness. Our spirit can shine like a rainbow to reveal the divine potential of every individual, even when confronted by ridicule, disparagement, and slander,

An optimistic self-expression of our identity comes about by the light refracted from the pessimism within the hellish inferno. Simply said, we see evilness, negativity, and hopelessness in the words and deeds of those burning in the fires of a hostile environment; but from the light received from that stormy atmosphere we are aware that joy, goodness, and faith flowing through our self-expression brings our identity into positive energy. That positive energy is of the warm, moist life of the spirit as faith, joy, and goodness are found solely in the spirit as spiritual fruit; but evilness, despair, and pessimism are rooted in our carnal nature causing cold attitudes, spiritual darkness, and leaves destruction and death in the path. We choose the positive energy of optimism in our words and deeds because we see the hellish fires brought on by words and behaviors that are filled with negativity. We receive the light refracted from dark and ominous identities to enable us to shine like the moonlight to see our way through the confrontational self-expression to discover expression of the spirit where words are edifying and behaviors have constructive intent. Let’s have a word about the sun, lightning, and fire; what do they have in common? They are able to start a fiery inferno; one by extreme heat, one by striking a vulnerable object, and one by consuming the dry fuel of the earth. The target of those heat sources is moisture. The sun scorches to ignite flames, lightning uses moisture to find it’s target, and fire battles to extinguish moisture to expand flames. Light is refracted from those events to guide us around the hazards of the hellish fires, and to make us aware of the value of the moisture available to us. The same way we learn the value of soft and tender self-expression to quench the escalation of verbal hostilities. The moisture of our inner life is full of optimism and positive energy, which is a target of cold identities who dwell in spiritual darkness, and whose intent is death and destruction. Those unfruitful entities are aggressive in their effort to defeat the softness of our identity found in faith. The goodness of the moisture is a lightning rod as they attempt to provoke fiery responses in what we say and do. They are as bold and adventurous as necessary to ravish the source of our joy. Their intent is to ignite a hellish inferno of negative identities through the hopelessness, pessimism, and evilness of the flesh; but we live in the spirit of a warm light that brings life through the positive energy of our words and acts. A rainbow shines in our spirit even when powerful influences of the physical world are intent on igniting viscious interactions in what is said and done.

Some people intend to deny others a full life found in the warm spiritual light. They are terminally ill with darkness and death as they inflame the hellish inferno. Their intent is to oppose the light that gives life. That light is as the moonlight, enabling us to see our way through the darkness, and they oppose it. They do that by inciting arguments towards spiritual light to cause conflict and violence through the flesh. Their target is the incarnation of peace. They persist in the utilization of depression, sadness, and pessimism in heavy doses to shut out life-giving light. They put up no contribution towards, and even trample on, the incarnation of joy. The gist of their conversations or negotiations is to inflame the hellish inferno by contradicting spiritual light, and causing conflict in the life of the flesh. Even so, acceptance of the work of the divine presence in us, which produces light and abundant life in the spiritual fruit, is the only detour from the hellish inferno.

There are groups of people in various populations and cultures whose demeanor is contrary to the warmth, light, and life of the spiritual fruit. The attitudes exiting them are cold and dark with deadly intent in what they say and do, designed to inflame an inferno of hostile behaviors. Those attitudes transfer directly through people who rule over the flesh with aggression as hellish as the sun’s inferno. Indirectly, the attitude of rejecting the warmth and light of a spiritual life transfers through fleshly fears of cold and dark intimidation, and threats of death.

The attitude opposing the warm light that imparts life enter us from the attacks aimed at our sense of worth. Some entities are coldly hostile to our warm demeanor as they bring darkness to the fruitfulness of our knowledge in their attempt to murder our respect for the sanctity of life. We begin to feel worthless as contributors to a civil community which causes destructive attitudes to inflame the hellish inferno. From our feelings of exclusion from community involvement, we fall into alliance with people who convey hatred, intolerance, and anti-social behaviors.

Those susceptible to hosting the dry callousness of a wooden inner life are in spiritual darkness, unaware of the moist and soft nature of spiritual fruitfulness. They become a fiery inferno in what they say and do as they retalliate in an effort to extinguish the hellish fires. As their warmth is returned with coldness, and their knowledge is scoffed at, and their reverence to life is ridiculed, they become parched and heated as they ignite like fire in their reactions. The susceptible host fights fire with fire which causes the expansion of the hellish inferno.

We can interrupt the cycle of becoming firewood that is burned in the fire of the hellish inferno. This is done by being receptive to the light that makes us aware the moist softness of our inner life is the target of those intending to make us dry and parched to burn in the fire. We should respond from the warmth of the soft spiritual fruit which is the water of life flowing in us. By love, peace, faith, and perseverance we quench the fiery darts hurled from the hellish inferno. In that fruitfulness we discover the spirit of eternal life to create in us a reverence for the sanctity of life.

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