Lava Flow: A Spiritual Fire?

The origin and nature of a lava flow provides an interesting inspiration for this article I call “Lava Flow: A Spiritual Fire?” Wikipedia says this about a lava flow: “A lava flow is a moving outpouring of lava, which is created during a non-explosive effusive eruption. When it has stopped moving, lava solidifies to form igneous rock. Lava is the molten rock expelled by a volcano during an eruption and the resulting rock after solidification and cooling. This molten rock is formed in the interior of some planets, including Earth, and some of their satellites. The source of the heat that liquefies the rock within the earth is geothermal energy. When first erupted from a volcanic vent, lava is a liquid at temperatures from 700 to 1,200 °C (1,292 to 2,192 °F). Up to 100,000 times as thick as water, lava can flow great distances before cooling and solidifying because of its thixotropic properties.” As we learn, a lava flow results from a volcanic eruption. Within the volcano is an energy of the Earth that retains and causes a great amount of heat. That heat is so great that it melts the internal rock within the volcano to create the substance of lava. That lava is so thick, liquidity, and soft that it pours forth like honey in a gushy, profuse, and overflowing way. Over time, the lava will solidify. From a spiritual perspective there may be volcanic activity of our inner life that results in lava flow. This happens when we become so hot within ourselves that we begin to erupt emotionally or explode physically. However, from the goodness of our soul the hard fiery rock melts to create a soft, burning, gushy lava flow of our inner being. Instead of erupting or exploding with hostility we experience a fiery and passionate burn within our soul. That lava flow will eventually solidify our union with the divinity of the soul and with the blossoms of the spiritual fruit.

The divinity of the soul is the source that melts the rock of our soul to allow the flow of “lava.” Most of us can testify of the experience of boiling on the inside to the point of erupting into some form of unfruitful verbal or physical activity. That happens because our internal life loses some spiritual fruitfulness leaving us with rock hard responses to what irks us. We feel so tumultuous on the inside that we explode with hostile reactions in what we say or do. That could cause hardened and fiery behaviors that has no regard for life which leaves death as an aftermath. In the rockiness of our temper we lose site of the divinity of the soul and the divine worth of others. We flow with destructive negative energy in our self-expression. However, the divine presence living in our soul eliminates the rock hard parts of our soul. In the same way the fiery hot energy in the Earth melts rock the divinity within us will also melt the hardness of our inner being. We hold our peace to allow divine qualities to prevail. That creates a spiritual lava to create a fiery passion within our soul. That lava is soft and moist to solidify our relationship with the deity that resides within our body. In essence, when we experience that inner anger, rage, or other tumult beginning to erupt, the hardness will melt to create a fiery softness to fill us with passion, zeal, and a reverence for goodness. Within that molten rock or lava we are able to retain our spiritual fruitfulness, tranquility, respect for the sanctity of life, aware of our divine worth, and flowing with a constructive positive energy. The lava flow of our inner life is a spiritual fire that creates a passion for the goodness of the divinity that exists in our world. That flow of lava will cool to solidify our union with the deity of the universe.

The softness of the spiritual fruit is the liquidity within the flow of lava. Unless that softness is part of our inner life then our “passion” is nothing more than thrusting rocks at people who burn us up. Imagine a volcano that hurls hot fiery rocks that bombards a community like crashing meteors. There would be devastating destruction without warning as the explosive missiles would cause many, many casualties. It’s much preferable to have those hot rocks, or “meteors” to melt into molten rock. In that event, the lava flow would be slow and predictable to allow people to move into safe areas. In a similar way, there might be times when we feel like we are about ready to erupt into an unfruitful explosion towards situations that irk us. The only thing separating us from unleashing a devastating meteor shower of words and behaviors is the softness of our spiritual fruitfulness to turn our responses into a passionate lava flow. For example, instead of unleashing a barrage of hate, cruelty, and ill-intentions we experience a fiery distaste for uncivil and socially destructive intentions. In fact, that inward flow of heated lava creates an ardent opposition to violence, harshness, and unfruitful aggression. We become inflamed against attitudes that purposely incite pessimism, despair, and evilness through the community. The molten rock of our soul burns with indignation over fatalities induced by dastardly individuals who incite out of control behaviors in others, including instigating quick impulses of anti-social behaviors. Within our inner fire of molten rock flows kindness, goodwill, meekness, gentleness, goodness, joy, self-control, patience, love, peace, faith, and perseverance. The burning lava flow of our soul is a spiritual fire when the softness of the spiritual fruit is in the mix. Eventually, that lava flow will cool to solidify our union with the fruit of the spirit.

Lava Flow Relating To Our Health: The molten rock within volcanoes is hidden within Earth. In a similar way, our inner being is the earth in which there can be beautiful blossoms or horrible desolation. In fact, the life within us can become very hot with turmoil, unrest, upheaval, mayhem and other explosive feelings. Those feelings make us hot-headed and emotionally eruptive with various combustible behaviors. In essence, we become unstable mentally, emotionally, and in behaviors. Those tempestuous responses is a result of the hardness of our inner life that becomes like a rock on fire. The explosion that comes from that heated hardness comes through impatience with the subject of our frustrations. Also, out of control behaviors is a result of the vehemence within those boiling temperatures. As a consequence, there are frequent fatalities resulting from explosive responses to agitations. Hot friction can build up in the earth of our soul over bathroom usage. Especially if there are always disturbances or some type of influences prohibiting timely toileting. It happens! How many of us can count the number of frustrations we have over food or drinks? Either being horribly tasting, served cold, spoiled, or finding substances that should not be there? It happens! Likewise, I’m sure we have those experiences where our sleep patterns are always interrupted not allowing us to revitalize our energy. Very agitating, and it happens! And of course, what we breathe can be very unpleasant also, and can be so regular that it makes us begin to boil. The above situations happen and can create so much heated friction that it causes us to explode with unhealthy behaviors. In that event, we need to hold our peace and allow the fire in that rockiness to melt by the fruits of the spirit. In that light, a lava flow will give us a thick spiritual fire gushing with patience, self-control, and perseverance. That is a patience that prohibits fiery hard responses from transpiring while allowing time for the melting of hostile impulses. The self-control allows us to hold the fire of the rock steadily in place to abate the malevolence of the situation. Furthermore, perseverance enables us to continue in the divinity of our inner life amidst the fiery passion of our soul. That spiritual lava flow will solidify our union with the divine goodness of our inner life.

Lava Flow Relating To Our Safety: There are numerous environments that could make us feel insecure or unsafe. It’s like being placed in a boiling pot, or amidst sticks of dynamite with fire surrounding, or surrounded by barrels of gunpowder as someone tosses matches in that area. That would be very intimidating, frightening, and fill us with angry hostility towards the instigators. And that explosive environment could exist at the workplace, in our homes, in community settings, or anywhere where people thrive on conflict, friction, and chaos. Some people sense the fiery agitation within the rockiness of our inner life and toss fuel to start a heated meteor shower. They thrive on your violent eruptions that contributes to an unsafe and insecure environment. Explosive tempers could cause bodily harm, domestic violence, and contribute to instability. There is only one way to keep the surrounding area a safe and secure one. That is to hold your peace when you feel those eruptions boiling from your soul. The fervent heat will melt as the spiritual fruit begin to ooze forth in your response to instigators or chaotic situations. That creates a thick lava flow of your inner life which is the essence of a spiritual fire. You develop an ardent distaste for intimidation, unfruitful aggression, harshness, force, and violence. In fact, there will live within you a fiery passion for tranquility, peace, meekness, and gentleness. The gushy lava flow of the spiritual fruit is a spiritual fire that contributes to a safe and secure environment. The thickness of that liquid fruitfulness will solidify our union to the tranquility that exists within the divinity of the soul.

Lava Flow Relating To Our Place Of Belonging: Have you ever experienced someone describing you, or spreading rumors that describe you, as a totally different person than what is really you? That can be frustrating, agitating, and even spark anger. Just imagine a predicament where your place of belonging became everything that is totally opposite of the fruitfulness you feel within yourself. The “peers” around you seem to do all they can to conform you to a lifestyle you find undesirable. In fact, they fill your inner life with so much friction that you want to erupt with rock hard responses of hate, intolerance, exclusionary attitudes, and other abuses. You spew forth with fiery attitudes that are anti-social which fragments the environment with hostilities. In contrast, if we hold our peace when undesirable peers irk us then the heated turmoil we feel will melt with a fiery flow of our inner being. The lava of spiritual fruitfulness will be so thick and fervent that we will have an intensity within our compassion for very agitating people of cruel intentions. Within our ardent efforts to avoid anti-social attitudes there would flow a fervid fire of love, kindness, and goodwill burning within our soul. A fiery flow of lava would exist in our soul to give us a compassionate spiritual fire. That thick flow of fruitful lava would solidify our place of belonging with the divinity of the soul.

Lava Flow Relating To The Light Of Our Divine Worth: Just envision the destruction of our inner life which explosive eruptions signify. First, when those flare-ups manifest we have to ask, where is the respect we have for one another? Somewhere in that fiery reaction we lost sight of the light of our divine worth. Something has burned us up on the inside so much that we discard the supreme value that exists within humanity. The hardness of our inner life becomes a red hot rock that bars us from the divinity of the soul. Only by holding our peace and allowing that fiery rock to melt will we maintain a relationship with the supreme being of this universe, which is the light of our divine worth. In contrast, the hardness of the fiery rock leaves our inner life stark with no spiritual fruitfulness. The boiling within the soul perturbs us so much that it robs us of the tranquility we should experience. With that unsettled distress we lose sight of the sanctity of life leaving us with the capability of murderous intent. The light of our divine worth is lost within the smoke of the smouldering fire about to erupt. Negative energy spews forth in hard words and behaviors towards those who do us wrong. Alternatively, we hold our peace and allow the fiery rock to melt. As that inner hardness melts a lava flow develops from our inner life with a fiery passion to recognize the divinity of the soul. From that passion flows the light of the divine worth that exists within humanity. And within the thick flow of lava remains spiritual fruitfulness. In that fruitfulness is a sense of peace within the fiery furnace of upsetting circumstances. However much we edge to our boiling point there maintains a respect for the sanctity of life. A positive energy remains within the molten rock creating lava, compared to the negativism of an explosive red hot rock. The spiritual fire we discover in the lava flow of our inner life solidifies our union with the supreme being of our soul.

Lava Flow Relating To The Self-Expression Of Our Identity: How many times have you wanted to erupt from the boiling desire to make yourself heard? In that event, you are in an environment where those around you are impeding your ability to express yourself. They are pressing you into a hot, fiery, and explosive area corresponding to your identity. You are not really able to make your identity known according to the words you really want to communicate. Because there is heated friction within the rocky area of your inner life you explode with hostility in your words and even in what you do. You express your identity much differently than what you would if you held your peace and allow the spiritual fruit to melt that unfruitful hardness. Instead, you spew forth words predicting a despairing future for your oppressors. With that, there is a tone of pessimism for what lies ahead for your suppressors as an evil desire begins to burn towards those who prohibit your being. In contrast, holding our peace and allowing the spiritual fruit to melt our hardness changes the responses in our self-expression. There would be a very thick flow of spiritual fruitfulness mixing with a burning indignation towards the identity and communication of those stopping your fruitful conveyance of your identity. In fact, there would be a fiery smile of joy, faith, and goodness coming against the ill-intent of those trying to dam up wholesome personalities. There would be a powerful feel within us from the inner lava flow that gives us the spiritual fire. That lava flow will help to solidify the divinity of the soul to the expression of who we are internally.

There are causative factors that attempt to create heated friction within the rockiness of our inner life. They want to deny the presence of the divinity of the soul while simultaneously hazing the fruitful softness that exists in our spirit. Their intent is to incite explosive eruptions by agitating the hard and unfruitful feelings that we might be harboring. Anger is a tool they use to cause fiery rocks to spew forth in what we say and do. When they perceive hints of the lava of peace they begin to debate, argue, or otherwise cause the peace to harden through friction. When they do converse with you it’s like a bargaining tool. That bargaining serves to keep primal instincts burning in you while attempting to prove themselves to be the firemen saving people from uncivil behaviors. In essence, because they bury your joy beneath heated emotions you feel more depressed, pessimistic, and mad after talking with them. Even so, the boiling temperatures within the hardness of our inner being will melt to flood our soul with a soft flow of fiery spiritual lava. That happens because we hold our peace in acceptance of the divinity of the soul which creates the moist and soft substance of the spiritual fruit.

There are reservoirs or populations of people who want to activate explosive volcanic activity from our inner life. The attitudes that exit them are words that add fire to our rocky and unfruitful sentiments. With those words, their behaviors intend to “rub shoulders” or otherwise perform deeds causing us to burn to incite hostile eruptions. Those attitudes transfer directly through people who intend to incite heated friction, violence, and other unfruitful eruptions into the community. Indirectly, those volcanic explosions transfer through people who are not able to hold their peace when they begin to boil, but instead unleash a barrage of fiery hardness towards others.

The fiery volcanic activity of our inner life enter us through our sense of worth and craving for a desirable place of belonging. Many times we feel we have a lot to offer, but instead we are treated as though everything we do is worthless. That can burn us up on the inside especially if we believe others are receiving rewards, praise, or have the life we should be living. Our egos begin to burn, boil, and explode towards those we feel are disparaging. When we are worthless to one sector of people then we have a difficult time of finding a desirable place of belonging in another sector. Because of the unfruitful and undesirable nature of the “peers” we are placed with, a lot of friction, emotional heat, and turmoil begins to manifest. We begin to erupt with hatred, cruelty, and ill-intentions towards the surrounding people.

Some people are susceptible to hosting the fiery rock that incites explosive and unfruitful behaviors. The hardness of their inner life comes from being inflexible to what they hold as standards, beliefs, or “norms.” They are not willing to allow that hardness to melt through the flexibility of spiritual fruitfulness. Instead, they boil from within when others violate their inner structure and are not able to hold their peace. The fiery rock of their inner life does not melt into lava but instead spews forth with eruptions of uncivil and destructive reactions. Even so, we can interrupt the cycle of explosive volcanic eruptions. We do that by realizing fiery rock will melt in the presence of extreme heat. As we hold our peace, we allow that hardness to melt as the softness of the spiritual fruit begins to ooze forth within our soul. A spiritual lava flow transpires from our inner life to induce a spiritual fire. That spiritual fire will eventually solidify our relationship to the divinity of the soul.

We can assess that the soft flow of hot lava within our inner life is a spiritual fire that will eventually cool to solidify our union with the divinity of the soul. The diagnosis is that some people want to keep us rocky hard in our attitudes while inciting heated turmoil within emotions, behaviors, and mentally. Even then, we plan to respond to explosive feelings through the spiritual fruit. That melts our primal rocky hardness into a flow of soft spiritual lava. We implement that plan by holding our peace when we feel an eruption surfacing which allows the melting of hard fiery attitudes. We know we are successful when we do not erupt with uncivil hostile behaviors, but instead respond with a passionate zeal for humanitarian cohesion. The thick, soft,moist, flow of “lava” is only possible through spiritual fruitfulness.

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