Intake and Output of Spiritual Fruitfulness

To maintain health, the body must take in a certain amount of fluid each day. The fluid a person consumes is called intake or input. When a person’s intake is not in a healthy range, the person can become dehydrated. All fluid taken in each day cannot remain in the body. It must come forth from the body as output. Fluid balance is maintaining equal input and output, which is to take in and bring forth equal amounts of fluid. In a spiritual sense, fluid includes the moisture of the spiritual fruit. To function civilly, our inner life must take in a certain amount of fruitfulness each day. The fruitfulness living within a person is input. When a person’s spiritual input is not in a healthy range they will exhibit unfruitful behaviors. All the fruitful qualities living in a person cannot remain bottled up inwardly. It must come forth from the inner life as output. Spiritual balance is maintaining an equal amount of inner fruitfulness with outward flow, which is to take in and convey equal amounts of spiritual fruitage.

Input of our inner life that is fruitful comes from reverence to the divinity of the soul. Output reveals the health of our relationship to the divine goodness of our inner being. There needs to be an equal balance of input coming from reverence to the living divinity and and what we convey to others. A healthy balance aligns the inner workings of the deity to our responses to surrounding influences. Therefore, from the divine presence we receive input of spiritual fruitfulness, inward tranquility, a love for life, recognition of our divine worth, and positive energy in self-expression. Accordingly, the output flowing from us would convey those divine qualities. When there is irreverence for the divinity of our inner being we become unhealthy and dehydrated of the spiritual qualities necessary to function from day to day. In essence, the output coming from a desolate inner life results in conflict, disrespect for the life of others, irreverence to the light of our divine worth, and negativism flows forth.

Input of our inner life includes the blossoms of spiritual fruit. That input involves such qualities as kindness, goodwill, gentleness, meekness, joy, goodness, patience, self-control, love, peace, faith, and perseverance. Output would flow from those spiritual blossoms. When the conveyance of fruitful qualities equal the fruitage of our inner life then we are in a healthy condition. In contrast, when the flow coming forth from a person is unfruitful then we become aware of an unhealthy condition existing internally. The unhealthy or unfruitful outflow would be evident through cruel attitudes, ill-intentions, harshness, aggression, pessimism, evilness, irrational impulsiveness, out of control behaviors, hatred, violence, despair, and fatality.

The intake and output of our inner life relates to our health. How we process the input of information into our mind will fill our emotions and behaviors with output that reflects what is happening within the soul. For example, healthy input that processes through the spiritual fruit brings about outflow that reveals healthy thoughts, feelings, and deeds. In contrast, unfruitful input will cause unhealthy output to convey uncivil thoughts, negative emotions, and deviant behaviors. In addition, when spiritual fruitfulness coincides with our input of foods, drinks, inhalation of substances, attitude about comforting sleep, and a need for sanitation then our output will reflect that in what we desire for one another. We would pray that the people we serve would be open to a healthy lifestyle in the same way as us. In contrast, when our input is desolate and unfruitful then we eat, drink, inhale, sleep, and have attitudes about cleanliness that are destructive to health. Consequently, our output towards others would reflect an inconsiderate attitude to their welfare. An important part of our health is to be open to the reserves of patience, self-control, and perseverance to enable the inflow of blossoms of the spiritual fruit.

The intake and output of our inner life relates to our safety. What we input into our mind regulates or reinforces our viewpoints to the surrounding community which governs what we desire to allow or prohibit. A safe environment comes about when a steady inflow of spiritual fruitfulness fills us with a tranquil spirit. In that event, our outflow makes an equal contribution towards the serenity of the environment. Fruitful input would govern our responses in such a way as to prohibit social conflict, abate domestic abuses, and to diminish chaotic instabilities. In contrast, impeding the inflow of peaceful qualities causes output that incites consequences of uprisings in the form of violence towards others, domestic conflict, and chaotic circumstances within everyday events. In that light, we know the inflow of the qualities of peace, meekness, and gentleness gives us a mind to respond to situations to reinforce the atmosphere of a safe and secure environment.

The input and output of our inner life relates to our place of belonging. When we are hospitable to the inflow of compassionate qualities then we will also convey loving kindness in our outflow to others. Part of that inflow involves a welcome of people who show love, are tolerant to various differences in others, are open to fruitful intimacy, and are inclusive of human beings as belonging to the family of humanity. With that inflow, we begin to belong with a social network that reveals an outflow of compassion to a multicultural world. In contrast, when the inflow of fruitful qualities are barren within our inner life then the soul becomes full of attitudes that are exclusive of others, hateful, intolerant of differences, and hostile towards fruitful intimacy. The resulting consequences would be output that develops into hostile gangs, terror groups, and unfruitful networks that has animosity and cruel intentions towards a civil community. In that light, we easily comprehend the importance of allowing the inflow of kindness, goodwill, and love to flood our inner life.

The input and output of our inner life relates to the light of our divine worth. As you can imagine, how we feel about our own worth will often determine how we relate to the divinity of our inward being. We all know how comforting fruitful feelings are because they build our esteem to fuel our desire to succeed in life with constructive and beneficial results. The way to have those comforting feelings in our ego is to welcome the inflow of qualities that bring spiritual fruitfulness, inner serenity, a respect for the sanctity of life, an awareness of our divine worth, and to identify ourselves with positive energy. Mutual respect within humanity is born from those inner qualities to allow an outflow that acknowledges the light shining on the divine worth of creation. In contrast, being blind to our divine worth will lead to destructive input that desolates our inner fruitfulness, leaves us conflicted on the inside, causes a degenerate attitude towards the sanctity of life, and pollutes inner life with negativity. In essence, by welcoming the light of our divine worth enables us to respect the divinity living within the soul of all creation.

The input and output of our inner life relates to the expression of our identity. The spirit that guides the interpretation of our input will also be the energy within the outflow of the expression of who we feel we are. For example, when we welcome the inflow of positive energy then the outflow of what we say and do will also be positive to ultimately form a positive attitude of who we are. In that light, an optimistic view of life permeates our spirit because we welcome the input of joy, goodness, and faith into our soul, which creates the identity by which we define ourselves. Accordingly, with that fruitful input the outflow of our communication with others will also be optimistic, edifying, and hopeful. In contrast, shutting off the inflow of fruitful energy does not allow the inner life to feel optimistic but instead there are feelings of despair for our own future, pessimism about our persons, and a degree of evilness in how we identify with humanity. In that negative event, our communication with others would show hopelessness for the future while alienating our identity with humanity, which would result in malicious intent towards other human beings. Therefore, positive energy in our identity fuels us with optimism in our self-expression, but impeding that positive inflow incites negative outflow for the future and our own destiny.

Some people attempt to cause our input of spiritual fruit to be insufficient to relate with civil output to one another. They want to deny you the experience of blossoming with fruitfulness of your inner life. Their intent is to incite angry output by engaging you into controversy, arguments, pessimistic sentiments, and overall conflict. They are hostile to the intake of a peaceful or serene spirit. Depression is another output they seek which they induce by dwelling on despairing situations, sad events of life, and other negative energy. They oppose the input of the fruit of joy in the human spirit. Their aim in conversation or negotiation is to drain your fruitful input to leave you desolate, while attempting to claim all positive input as their own. Even so, acceptance of the divine goodness of our inner life is the only way to blossom with the input of spiritual fruitfulness. In that event, our output will flow with civil qualities of love, peace, faith, and perseverance in fruitful living.

There are cultures, reservoirs, or populations of people who intend to siphon fruitful input for the purpose of inciting chaotic output. Those people are recognized by the nature of the words they speak and the manner of their behaviors. The attitudes of their words spew forth opposition to the fruitful blossoms flowing from our inner life, and the attitudes of their behaviors perform deeds to intimidate or otherwise impede positive internal sentiments. They purpose to incite conflict within social interactions. Those attitudes transfer directly through people who intend to cause turmoil within a civil community by instilling tumultuous negativism within a person. Indirectly, those attitudes transfer through people who feel inwardly hostile and become impatient and out of control with people in society which induces fatal consequences.

The attitude of opposing fruitful input to incite unfruitful output enter a person through their feelings of worth and desire for acceptance. They adopt the indoctrination that fruitful inner qualities are of no worth. Their indoctrination comes by repetitive abuse of their worth through humiliation, degradation, ridicule, and malicious rumors. When they begin to display output that is hostile to the qualities that bring people together in a wholesome way then they begin to receive praise, esteem, and acceptance by people with similar unfruitful purpose. That acceptance establishes a place of belonging for them among people who intend to “pollute” society with unpleasant and chaotic occurrences. The people susceptible to hosting the belief that uncivil output is preferable over fruitful input are usually attempting to get along in life with rigorous rules, preferences, beliefs, but at the expense of tolerance, kindness, and peace. In other words, instead of embracing fruitful input to accept differences within a changing world they act out with protests, anger, and uncivil behaviors.

We can interrupt the cycle of desolating spiritually fruitful input. We do that by being aware that some people intend to use you to incite negative output within your social surroundings. When we experience difficult circumstances from day to day we should respond with attitudes that convey fruitful words and behaviors. Let’s live in the light of our divine worth where we feel esteem of our inner life by belonging where the spiritual fruit exists in our emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. When we receive the input of fruitful rewards then we know we are living harmoniously with the deity of the soul. That deity inputs the spiritual fruit into the human spirit as rewards for obedience. In that light, in a changing world and from day to day we welcome kindness, goodwill, gentleness, meekness, joy, goodness, patience, self-control, love, peace, faith, and perseverance.

We can assess that the intake and output of our inner life consists of the spiritual fruit which develop as rewards for reverence to the divinity of the soul. The diagnosis is that some people want to impede the inflow of love, peace, faith, and perseverance to incite output of hatred, conflict, despair, and fatality. Even so, we plan to remain open to the input of soft and tender qualities. We implement that plan by welcoming fruitful qualities, inviting the spirit of peace, opening ourselves to the sanctity of life, receiving the light of our divine worth, and allowing positive energy to permeate our inner life. We know we are successful with healthy input when our output comprise kindness, goodwill, gentleness, meekness, joy, goodness, patience, and self-control.

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