I Had A Little Nut Tree

I had a little nut tree
Nothing would it bear
But a silver nutmeg
And a golden pear

Nut trees are like the Hazel Nut tree, and nutmeg are seeds that are found on tropical trees or evergreen trees. Pears are fruit. We like to think that we can know the type of tree by the fruit it bears, but a nut tree without nuts! Instead, hanging on the branches were a nutmeg and a pear, astonishing! More astonishing then that is the seed is coated with silver, and the fruit covered with gold! We still have an idea of the nature of the tree by what hangs on the branches, silver is more important than beautiful eternal seed, and gold is more important than the bearing of fruit. The silver and gold coated seed and fruit marred the original identity of the nut tree. Our true identity is found in the spiritual fruit, and those fruit come forth by the eternal seed that brings spiritual beauty. When the spiritual fruit and eternal seed become coated with materialistic desires, likened to a craving for silver and gold, then we no longer are the person we are intended to be.

From our inner life flows the essence of who we are, that is our identity. The fruitfulness of our spirit reveals the care and nutritional feeding of our core identity. For example, in the bearing of love, peace, faith, and perseverance it’s evident we care for who we are corresponding to eternal intentions. In this light, a nut tree brings forth nuts to reveal itself as the nut tree it is meant to be. However, if hate, violence, despair, and fatal attitudes exist in us then self-regard is not present and self-defeating ways manifest. In this light, we are not the person we were meant to be, and are not able to self-actualize. In other words, the nut tree is no longer recognized as a nut tree because it doesn’t produce signs of that identity. Likewise, what happens when the eternal seed is covered with silver, and the spiritual fruit is covered with gold? In that case, we have exchanged our true identity for silver and gold. The eternal spirit is sold for carnal gratification, and the spiritual fruit is sold for materialism. When the eternal spirit is alive in us, our spirit produces kindness, goodwill, meekness, gentleness, joy, goodness, patience, and self-control. Those qualities nurture the life of who we are. When we crave things and pleasure over fruitful results, we become encumbered in cruelty, ill-will, harshness, aggression, pessimism, evil, out of control behaviors, and impatience. We become like a nut tree that isn’t, with a silver nutmeg and a golden pear hanging on all we say, do, feel, think.

A healthy tree is open inside to absorb fluids through the roots and into the branches to enable the blossoms of the fruit it’s designed to bear. If the roots are unable to absorb fluid, and the branches have closed inwardly, then the tree will not come forth with the expected fruit. Likewise, if we remain open to the eternal seed that blossoms into the spirit, then we will bear spiritual fruit that propels who we are. if we close our inner life to fruitful attitudes then we will bear no fruit to identify the truth of our core identity. In this light, we comprehend how a craving for temporary carnal pleasures is the silver coating on the eternal seed, and that closes our internal life to attitudes of longevity and continuance. Similarly, a craving for materialistic things over spiritual wealth is the gold coating that closes us inwardly to the spiritual fruit. On the inside, our true identity becomes hardened with carnal and materialistic desires to the extent of not being able to bear spiritual fruit from the eternal seed. From our branches should be the fruit of patience when experiencing materialistic difficulties, self-control when indulging in carnal pleasures, and perseverance in the eternal nature of the spiritual fruit.
Fruit bearing trees have a resilience that enable them to remain stable in freezing weather to be fruitful again and again, season after season. That is true, unless there is harm to the roots or branches, or it becomes uprooted and never replanted in a stable earth. A nut tree that bears no nuts, but only a silver nutmeg and a golden pear, is evidence of harm done. So much harm is done that the true identity of the nut tree is not noted, but the only recognition is it’s gold and silver oddity. We also have the potential to survive harsh torrents of aggressive weather when we allow the eternal seed to live in us to give life to the fruit of peace, meekness, and gentleness. That survival transpires when we regulate our inner life as to not allow our carnal cravings to coat the eternal seed with the coldness of silver. In that silver is the compulsion to do bodily harm, disturb relationships at home, or otherwise incite instability over the acquisition of fleshy pleasures. Similarly, when frigid gold covers the place where spiritual fruit should be then fights, domestic conflict, and chaotic living manifest over materialistic and financial issues. Much harm is done to our internal life when carnal lusts and materialistic pursuits are more important than perpetual motion through the spiritual fruit. From our branches should be the fruit of gentleness in our carnal approach, meekness in our materialistic quests, and the attitude of peace within the eternal purpose.

Trees come alive to bear fruit by absorbing moisture through the branches from the accumulation of water in the earth. If the nut tree had nothing to bear, except for a silver nutmeg and a golden pear, then there was a definite blockage of moisture, and something abnormal transpiring. The identity of the nut tree was unidentifiable simply because there was an absence of nurturing fluid. How many times have we noticed people changing for the worse because of money inherited, or their carnal ways, causing us to say, “we don’t know them anymore.” Their personality, or identity, has become unidentifiable from how we remember them. The eternal seed of our inner life relates to the fluid of the spiritual fruit absorbing into us and flowing through all we do. The flow of life giving moisture is hindered when the eternal seed becomes coated with the silver of carnal priority. Likewise, the life giving waters are impeded when the spiritual fruit is coated with the gold of materialistic and financial precedence. Our society does not endure when property and money is so important that intolerance, exclusion, sensual abuses, cruelty, ill-will, and hatred replaces compassion and charity. The branches of our tree should blossom with an eternal attitude consisting of kindness with things and money, goodwill in the fulfillment of carnal pleasure, and love to make us fruitful from generation to generation.

The fruit coming from our spirit is according to our attitude about the living divinity of our inward being. The universal deity is the life source flowing in every human being, and the source of our eternal desire which produces spiritual fruit. If we think money, materialism, and temporal pleasures are more important than our inner goodness, then we are burying the supernatural life source beneath silver and gold. If the divine inner work of the deity has little worth to us, then we short-change our own worth, and the worth of others. The hardness of silver and gold makes us desolate of fruit and is of no benefit to one another. The turmoil inside overcomes us to cause conflict with others over materialism and carnality. The soft fruit is lost as we become dry and calloused towards the sanctity of life in preference to earthly and fleshy gain. The rejection of eternal values manifest through mockery of a supreme being in the quest for temporal acquisition. Negativity is directed towards the bearing of positive fruit because corruption is in their roots and branches. Esteem for the fruit blossoming in us enable us to feel our own worth, and to value the potential in others, thus is born an eternal attitude. In that fruitfulness is tranquility free of anything we own, and peace with those who do prosper. There is compassion for the rich and poor from our respect for all life, and reverence blossoms for the spiritual dominion, making it easy to be humble concerning material gain and carnal pleasure. In essence, the warmth of positive energy causes humane fruit to come while downsizing a lust for things and fleshy gratification. Our identity becomes consistent as a person who bears reverence for the eternal hope of humanity.

The nut tree that has nothing to bear except a silver nutmeg and a gold pear is not being a nut tree. It appears to represent the identity of a wealthy evergreen or fruit tree. Certainly, the nut tree is not self-actualizing as a nut tree at all, but is losing its’ own identity in the silver and gold likeness of seed and fruit. To self-actualize is to be who we really are on the inside through the eternal seed and spiritual fruit. We want our identity to be full of positive experiences well into the future, but being buried beneath silver and gold will not accomplish that. Our true identity will self-actualize, or manifest, by expressing in words, deeds, appearance, and beliefs the identity of our inner life. When we are free inwardly, the fruit of joy, goodness, and faith will be on our branches because there is celebration in being who we are truly meant to be. When the fruitful expression of our identity is oppressed, the eternal seed is buried beneath silver, and that oppression comes with gold to bury the spiritual fruit. Some people will forsake their true identity, which is eternally present, for the pleasure of carnal rewards. Simultaneously, they exchange their true self for the rewards of things and money. Their identity no longer bears fruit, but is relegated to what they have become in their acceptance of carnal and materialistic gain. They espouse the words, deeds, and beliefs of someone else as their own self-expression is oppressed beneath pessimism, despair, and evilness. The negativity comes from contradicting the fruit of their genuine identity and opposing the eternal nature of who they really are. Like a nut tree, we are who we are when the eternal seed sprouts into spiritual fruit, which brings celebration to our inner life.

The King of Spain’s daughter
Came to visit me
And all for the sake
Of my little nut tree

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