Horsey, Horsey, Don’t You Stop

Horsey, horsey don’t you stop
Just let your feet go clippety clop
Your tail goes swish and the wheels go round
Giddy up, we’re homeward bound.

This nursery rhyme espouses all the feelings a person would experience while riding in a horse and buggy with a companion of good cheer. From a horse, we sense their power and gentleness which inspires us with awe and admiration. The horse utilizes its strength to carry us to a desirable destination, “homeward” bound. In a way, we probably met someone who is like a horse by using their powerful influence and gentleness to make our life one of cheer, hope, and praise. They deserve our recognition, praise, and appreciation.

That’s a wonderful event to experience something that makes us wish it would go on and on and on forever. Those are feelings that come from a place of our inner life. There is a compulsion to feel joy, faith, and a sense of goodness during those times we are heading “home.” “Home” being that perfect place of comfort where we want to be. When there is somebody with a powerful gentleness to chase away gloom, despair, and evil we should praise that person for making our life a bit sunnier. A meek and gentle spirit of peace reveals the power to diminish the feelings that cause us to react with violence and harsh aggression. Feeling we are homeward bound comes within the spirit of tranquility. There are people with a powerful influence coming from an attitude of love, goodwill, and gentleness that is capable of making us forget all about hatred and cruel intentions. They deserve our praise for putting us on the homeward path through tender mercies. We want those positive sentiments to persevere forever, and that desire gives the ability to maintain self-control and to embrace patience as we feel our destiny is in the homeward direction. Praise goes to all those people who eliminate feelings of fatal urges, out of control impulses, and impatience to create cheer in us, hope, and appreciation for others.

What compares to a horse and buggy ride to inspire a feeling that we want the experience to go on and on? Santa Claus, maybe? Even though Santa rode a sleigh instead of a buggy, and had reindeer instead of a horse, the legend is desogned to inspire hope and cheer year after year. Santa is one horse of a fellow. Whether riding in a horse drawn buggy or riding in a sleigh driven by reindeer, it’s our openness in giving praise to someone else for their ability to bring comfort to our mind, emotions, and physical welfare that enable internal blessings. There are real people who perform wonderful deeds akin to Santas’, and they have a powerful and gentle influence whose purpose is to fill our life with every desirable sensation. When in the valley of scarcity the horsemen inspire us with hope for the possibility of internal fulfillment. The gentle persuasion of those horsemen use their power to subdue out of control behaviors by inspiring us with a reason to maintain control. They diminish impatience by enabling us to anticipate the rewards of patience. And they keep us from fatal consequences bu giving us a reason to persevere in hope.

Riding a horse and buggy is fun because the pathway is clear and the weather is bearable. The cleared pathway of life and the bearable social climate often comes by the deeds of someone we know. They are teh horse pulling the buggy we ride in. The horsemen use their minds to regulate bad experiences to stabilize our inner life with tranquility. People who have the powerful gentleness to bring calm want us to feel cheerful and hopeful within a meek and gentle atmosphere of peace. With their influential power, the horsemen quell hostilities, put limitations on aggression, and subdue harsh encounters. Because of them, we are able to arrive at a desirable destination of a happy, safe, and secure environment. Praise should be given to those who make our life a serene one.

At times we say someone is a “breath of fresh air,” the “wind beneath our wings,” or a “refreshing drink of water,” and that is also true of how we feel when riding in a horse and buggy. In the buggy ride there is something refreshing and full of positive energy that we receive from the character of the horse, the open atmosphere, and the novelty of the buggy ride. Likewise, those people who are our “breath of fresh air,” the “wind beneath our wings,” and our “refreshing drink of water” are capable of carrying us through life in a way that inspiries love, goodwill, and kindness. From their powerful gentleness the obstacles of hatred, cruel attitudes, and bad intentions, are overcome to induce cheer, faith, and appreciation. The horsemen keep our inner life full of pools of charitable benefits that come to us on a regular basis to keep the flow of acceptance, belonging, intimacy, and tolerance alive. Praise should be given to people who give us a place of belonging through loving kindness.

While we may praise the horse for inspiring the desire to go on forever on the homeward bound path, there is something more profound within those fruitful feelings. The universal deity is at work in us. This is true of people who inspire us with their gentle power also. There is something more profound happening in them to produce that spirit, and in us to enable us to feel that awesome spirit. The spiritual fruitfulness in us connects to the infinite power of the universal deity, which propels us to do good for others and enables us to be receptive and appreciative of that character. Only when we are in touch with the divinity of our soul are we willing to be a horsemen to carry others through life on a constructive path. In that divine presence is a gentleness that is calming and peaceful in our giving and in our receiving. We value the sanctity of life and want it to go on and on forever in the spirit of eternal life. An optimistic and joyful spirit permeates those who welcome the infinite deity into our day to day journey as we desire to carry others and to give praise to those who do well in carrying others through the pathway of life.

How terrible it is when a horse is left in the hot sun with no water, or is continually whipped every time it’s gentle power is felt, or is kept running until it falls faint. For those who appreciate the majestic nature of the horse it would be cause for despair, sadness, and with hints of evil desires. Equally horrid is keeping a gently powerful person who does good for others subject to hostile aggression, dark influences from powerful places, and constantly pursued for various forms of contributions. That would make the horse and buggy ride less than satisfactory, take the thrill away from Santa Claus, and leave us barely with anyone to turn to to keep our spirit full of faith, joy, and goodness. Even then we can radiate like the horsemen by keeping what we say, do, and where we go full of stimulation to bring cheer and optimism to others; that is our homeward destination, and that is our becoming of a horseman, and that is our contribution to humanity.

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