Hey Diddle Diddle

Hey diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle
The cow jumped over the moon
The little dog laughed to see such fun
And the dish ran away with the spoon, it did
And the dish ran away with the spoon.

“Diddle” is a word of various meanings over time, and can refer to procure something in a fashion akin to milking a cow. “Milking a cow” means to obtain whatever possible from a source while the opportunity exists. The moon is a light in the darkness that allows us to see the proverbial cow full of milk. That awareness is cause for celebration, laughter, fun, and music in anticipation of the coming milk. The “milk” is substance to sustain the quality of our inner life. The dish runs away with the spoon, which is a perfect combination for receiving our sustenance and the ability to feed it into our body. In a sense, the dish is our soul and the spoon is our willingness to be fed by the fruit of spiritual qualities. In this light, when we look inwardly we are able to sustain our joy in the darkest of despairing circumstances.

The light enabling us to see in the dark is of our inner life. We should see our inward being as a dish that we can fill with various sorts of items. There is the ability to fill that dish with negative and calloused attitudes, or to use the spoon to feed self with more constructive thoughts, emotions, and physical habits. The “milk” of spiritual qualities consists of cheer, fun, and laughter to make us full of music. As we look inwardly, we should always give lesser precedence to dark attitudes that are destructive, and allow our inner life to shine with a constructive and enduring purpose.

The cow is full of the milk of love, goodwill, kindness, peace, meekness, gentleness, self-control, patience, perseverance, faith, goodness, and joy. The external environment can be dark and unbearable, but we can look within to welcome the milk of the spiritual fruit to return cheer and optimism to us. Darkness fills the dish of our soul with hate, ill-intent, cruelty, violence, and attitudes that are harsh, out of control, impatient, fatal reactions, despair, evilness, and sadness. Even so, when that darkness is all around us, we are able to see the fullness of the internal cow that fills our soul with the fruit of the spirit as we spoon constructive attitudes into our inner life.

There are abundant resources available within to keep us in a joyful attitude during troubling and dark times. Our part is to remain open to patience when circumstances around us cause friction to incite impatience with others. In dark times, people and situations will pressure us into out of control reactions, but we have to remain receptive to the milk of self-control. In addition, while the darkness of the surrounding world incites fatal responses, our openness to perseverance in good cheer spares us from severe consequences. The light of our inner life enables us to see the fullness of the cow carrying to us patience, self-control, and perseverance to fill our plate with the sustenance to spoon our soul with the blossoms of cheerful music.

Regulating our inner life is an essential part of preparing for tranquil qualities in the midst of dark and turbulent times. We have to look within to judge how the external darkness is affecting the attitude of our thoughts, feelings, and physical behaviors. It would be easy to allow the violence, aggression, and harshness of radical times to sour our willingness to be fed from the spoon of tranquility. That sourness is the cause of conflict in all else we endeavor to do, unless we allow self to be spooned with the milk of peace, meekness, and gentleness which results in rejoicing instead of despair. By the light in our soul we see the milk of the cow bringing a meek and gentle spirit of peace to place on our dish along with a spoon from which we feed.

The cow represents everything essential to filling our inner life with pools of moisture that trickles into us one diddle at a time to keep us flowing with soft and tender qualities. The only way to see the soft moisture is by the light shining on the activity of our inner life. In the pools of that milk exist love, kindness, and goodwill even when the world around dwells in the darkness of hate and cruel intentions. The music of our soul continues to rejoice in the attitudes of mercy and compassion while others indulge in anti-social activity. When we focus by the light exposing our soul we see the cow dripping with the sustenance of a loving and kind person of goodwill, which fills our dish with social attitudes and the spoon by which we can feed from.

The supreme deity of this universe is the infinite source and creator of the milk that fills the cow. That infinite deity forms the dish of our soul in preparation for receiving the milk of fruitfulness, tranquility, respect for life, and positive energy. As our inner life is prepared we are given a spoon so that we willingly feed from the spiritual sustenance during the darkest times. Every living soul is the same in relation to the inner light, the spiritual milk, the ability to hold fruitful qualities, and being able to use the spoon to feed from spiritual resources. As we respect one another, we give esteem to the deity that offers the source of cheer, laughter, fun, and the music living within even within the darkness of disparagement and irreverence to the infinite deity. That divine presence is the light enabling us to see the dish within so that we can use the spoon to feed with joy, love, faith, peace, and perseverance.

Some people’s identity is known by the optimism they share during the darkness of troubling times. Their words are full of hope, faith, and cheer from the music of their inner life. With their words their actions give inspiration that all will be well even when others are intent on evilness. Those optimistic people are looking within to see the light of hope where bountiful supply of milk flow from the spiritual cow. The dish of their soul is ready to receive positive energy as they feed from the spoon of fruitful energy. Those of darkness has an inner life filled with negative words, behaviors, and are motivated by the intent to defeat inner cheer. They seek to scorch the cow of all milk, they strike against the awareness of the inner resource of optimism, and they maliciously pursue the milk that is on your plate and mobilize to eliminate the use of the spoon. By seeking the light of an inward focus we are aware of the fullness of the cow that supplies joy, faith, and goodness to fill our dish as we partake by the spoonful.

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