Gluttony: One of the Seven Deadly Sins?

Gluttony, derived from the Latin gluttire meaning to gulp down or swallow, means over-indulgence and over-consumption of food, drink, or wealth items to the point of extravagance or waste. In some cultures, it is considered one of the seven deadly sins—a misplaced desire of food or its withholding from the needy. Gluttony also refers to a person with an inordinate capacity to receive or withstand something, or a person with a remarkably great desire for something. In this writing, I will mostly be referring to a glutton as an entity with a remarkably great desire for something.

The deadliness of a glutton attempts to claim exclusive rights to the Divinity of the soul. I suppose there are a variety of words for someone who attempts to claim all the goodness of a person’s character as being their own. You might begin with self-righteous, pious, arrogant, or domineering. In any event, they view the divine qualities that blossom in the soul as being their dominion, property, or possession. They have no intent to recognize the spiritual fruitfulness that lives in others. In fact, they want to make it difficult and full of conflict to revere the divine presence of a persons’ inner life. With that, they hold no value for the sanctity of life of those who love the goodness of the soul. There is no recognition for the divine worth of anyone except for themselves. Their gluttony of the divine presence fills the atmosphere with negative energy in what is said and done. However, by sharing and recognizing the divinity that lives in the soul of humanity positive results will manifest. That mutual interaction causes spiritual fruitfulness to blossom from the inner life of one another. We experience a peacefulness and a love for life as we learn to revere the deity that fills our identity with positive energy.

The deadliness of a glutton tries to have sole access to the soft moistness of the spiritual fruit. Do we really want to envision an environment full of gluttons who usurp all the surrounding fruitfulness as their own? That would mean certain death to civil or community cohesion. The reason it would cause the demise of a society is because the gluttony of others would devastate the spiritual beauty in others. Imagine someone who claims that all the love, kindness, and goodwill around you and in you belongs to them? They would not allow you to experience compassion from others nor would they allow you to express yourself with loving kindness. They incite hatred and cruel intentions. In fact, the environment would manifest with conflict towards one another through harsh and aggressive behaviors. The gluttons want sole rights to peace keeping to have others to think of them as the source of meek and gentle interactions. In actuality, the people being dominated portray a countenance that is sad, desapiring, and with inklings of evilness. That’s because the gluttony of the abusers insist on being the source that provides an earthly sense of joy, goodness, and faith. For example. promises of having Christmas gifts but without the internal spirit of “Christmas.” Many people may feel like they are on the brink of impulsively out of control bahaviors with desires to quit life because of fatal internal attitudes. The deadliness of gluttony attempts to claim control over the right over perseverance, self-control, and patience. Only by sharing spiritual fruitfulness with one another can there be constructive and positive interactions.

The deadliness of a glutton ususrps all health needs for self.

The deadliness of a glutton usurps all safety needs for self.

The deadliness of a glutton usurps all social needs for self.

The deadliness of a glutton usurps all esteem of divine worth for self.

The deadliness of a glutton ususrps all positive energy of identity for self.

There are causative proponents that incite the deadliness of gluttony. They are those people who deny the existence of the divinity of the soul while usurping the fruit of the spirit as being their dominion. Anger is a tool to oppose every wholesome quality of your inner life while consuming the essence of peace as their resource. Strife, arguments, debate, and conflict surround them as they exert their self-righteous sense of authority. Their idea of bargaining is the character of a glutton as they demand the surrendering of divine qualities in exchange for recognition of them as an ultimate source for living. Since the spirit of joy is a fruit of the divine presence of your inner life, which they consume, they leave you sad and pessimistic as they flash a smile of superiority. In this light, we can comprehend how acceptance of the divinity of the soul in every human being is necessary. In doing that, we are able to share with one another the inner fruit of love, peace, faith, and perseverance.

There are reservoirs or populations of people who intend to “capture” the goodness that blossoms in society by their gluttony. The attitudes that exit those reservoirs are words to suggest only spiritual fruitfulness can flow through them, and behaviors that act to prohibit others from being in touch with the divinity of the soul. Those attitudes transfer directly through people who intend to monopoly the deity of the universe by their gluttony of the fruitful qualities that develop from the divine presence living in the soul. Indirectly, the attitude of a glutton transfers through people who strive to usurp every morsel of goodness, comfort, and pleasure to soothe the desolation of their inner life.

The attitude of being a glutton over fruitful qualities enter us because we want to be of more worth than what we would be without the divinity of our inner life.
In order to avoid humiliation, ridicule, and being treated as among the most unworthy of society we will claim divine qualities as our own at the expense of someone else inner desolation. By doing that, we earn praise, recognition, and fleshly rewards from those portraying themselves as the giver of all “good’ things. That prevents us from experiencing social isolation from being ostracized by those who refuse to recognize the wholesome goodness and joy that flows through others. In that case, we form a social network among those who come against the spirit of joy, love, peace, faith, and perseverance. We discover esteem and a place of belonging among those who fragment and otherwise cause divisions and prejudices within interactions.

The people susceptible to being a glutton of the qualities blossoming from the divinity of the soul need to feel appreciation from others. Even if it means pruning the flowers that grow in the garden of someone else soul. This is similar to a person who needs to demand an apology from a person who was forthright, correct, and quite blunt in an effort to discourage negative and destructive behaviors. The person demands the spirit of goodwill and kindness from the person who was trying to make it possible for those qualities to grow within the susceptible person. This is similar to being a glutton of fruitful qualities at the expense of a person with divine intentions. Sometimes offering an apology does nothing to improve spiritually fruitful relations but instead reveals signs of gluttony of good qualities.

We can interrupt the cycle of the deadliness of being a glutton over wholesome qualities. We do that by realizing the divinity of the soul is of the inner life of all humanity. And as we revere the divinity of the soul we are able to share kind, loving, joyful, and peaceful qualities with one another. We respond to one another from the soft moist and tender qualities that exist in us because there is where we find the blossoms of the spiritual fruit. It is not our intent to usurp the fruitful qualities in others just to have our own “righteousness” recognized.

We can assess that gluttony is a deadly sin. The diagnosis is that some people are gluttons attempting to domineer the divinity of the soul from which flows the spiritual fruitfulness of our inner life. Even so, we plan to maintain our share of reverence for the goodness that lives within our soul and to allow the fruit of the spirit to develop. We implement that plan by responding to the gluttony of others from the soft, moist and pliable tenderness that exists of our inner being. We know we are successful when a share of the spirit of peace, love, faith, and perseverance remains within us.

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