Georgie Porgie

Georgie Porgie pudding and pie
Kissed the girls and made them cry
When the boys came out to play
Georgie Porgie ran away.

Pudding and pie is really a pleasant dessert and comforting kisses are also a pleasant experience; but to confuse the comfort we have of one another for a meal, dessert, or appetizer is quite anti-social. When there is mutual affection there is no need to run away or to cry, but imposing kisses on someone who rejects those approaches causes trauma and is reason for the perpetrator to run. We should be thankful for those who protect affectionate responses from unwanted sexual aggression.

Something is going terribly awry within a person when they begin to partake of the affections of others the same as what they would indulge in pudding or a piece of pie. Within themselves they do not recognize sensual feelings in a way that would bring positive feelings within the soul of those whom affections are imposed on. They harden the attitude of sensual intimacy as they cause a need for protective forces to guard the comfort of one another’s warm touches. Instead of inspiring love they incite hate, instead of goodwill they are full of ill-intent, and instead of kindness they are cruel to affectionate feelings. Where there should be meekness, gentleness, and peace in our intimacy the perpetrators incite aggression, conflict, and harsh responses to their sexual molestations. The “Georgie Porgies” of the world leave despair, sadness, and evilness when people should be joyful, full of goodness, and filled with faith in the anticipation of greeting one another with a kiss and a hug. In response, we should persevere in the comfort of our sensual intimacy, have self-control when confronted by those molesters, and to be patient for justice as fruitful blossoms continue in the sensually pure. The worst thing is to allow inner feelings of out-of-control responses to manifest because this could lead to fatal consequences which stems from impatience for vengence. Our inner life will heal through fruitful attitudes, but there are no statute of limitations on the prosecution of sexual offenders.

It’s healthy for us to be open to the sensual intimacy coming through spiritual qualities because pleasant feelings fill us with inner reserves to allow many comforting blossoms. Those plesant feelings permeate our brain, emotions, and even physical functions to keep our persona healthy in our view of sensual interactions with one another. To be a “Georgie Porgie” is to be a person whose intent is to close intimate doors to dwindle our sensual reserves and leave us empty of sensual pleasure. In fact, “Georgie Porgie” is calloused and closed to sexual purity with no fruitful regard for affectionate interaction with others. They view sensually attractive people as a snack to be eaten when the hunger manifest. The behavior of sexual predators are not capable of persevering because they have no patience or self-control when it comes to passion, comfort, and pleasure of a spiritual kind. In that light, we will persevere as time progresses because we sense that through patience and self-control we will be fruitful in our openness to affection.

The brain of “Georgie Porgie” associates sexual cravings with foods for the body and relates pudding and pie to hugs and kisses. They have no regulation of their behavior in approach to sensual attractiveness and that is the cause of conflict and unstable social consequences. It may cause the “boys” to come seeking to do bodily harm because this molestation would disrupt family life and incite chaos wherever the perpetrators exist. Aggressive, harsh, and violent consequences would be the world “Georgie Porgie” is subject to, or some type of social deviance in walls of pretentions. For those of us who allow our minds to think with a meek and gentle attitude of peace our sensual intimacy brings us pleasure with one another to quell negative and forceful impositions to bring tranquility in community living.

There is no better feeling than to be saturated with pools of sensual pleasure that trickles into us from a spiritual source and flows through us like an eternal river. Somehow we have pleasurable relations with one another with perfect strangers and among people from all parts of the world even from six feet apart, but we feel so comfortably together. The spirit of love, goodwill, and kindness lives in that moisture. “Georgie Porgie”, however, is a dry person inwardly who opposes the trickling in of sensual moisture and has less than a small creek attempting to flow. He thinks more of eating than of drinking, but his pudding and pie is the moisture of your sexual attractiveness. “Georgie Porgie” is a calloused individual who will impose affections on you because of the hatred and cruel intent existing for the loving kindness of community harmony.

In reality, to molest the soft moistness of interpersonal relationships is to molest the infinite intelligence, power, and presence of the universal deity. That’s because the universal deity is the source of that tenderness which enables us to connect spiritually in our sensuality and to connect fruitfully in our physical hugs and kisses. When we really value the infinite worth of each individual then there is mutual respect in our sensual relationship with one another. Affection arising from the divine source of our inner life enables mutual comfort and smiles to testify of our love for each other. A disregard for that goodness would cause disparagement as the perpetrator impose their sexual desires on an unwilling person. The perpetrator would have to run and hide from a civil community.

Who really wants to be known as a person who harasses the soft moistness of sensual intimacy? In a civil society where communities are built on qualities of love, the “Georgie Porgie’s” would always be on the run and hiding due to a trail of despair, sadness, and evilness that they taint society with. The “Georgie Progie’s” harness aggression inwardly, have a self-confidence in the use or abuse of others, and adventurously takes risks in the pursuit of sensual quests. The words and deeds of the perpetrator would be faithless about relationships, indifferent to the attitude of joy relating to harmony, and convey a demeanor that goodness is not important. In their hiding they espouse optimism for eating while downplaying social values, pudding and pie becomes their love affair. True joy, faith, and goodness flows through the spirit of our sensual intimacy in the process of being affectionate in a mutually beneficial way. In that event our identity becomes known as a loving and compassionate person of goodwill.

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