Area 51 of the Soul

This article about Area 51 of the soul came about from one thought leading to the next until the formation of a spiritual inspiration was born. While watching documentaries on prison inmates I saw that a large percentage of prisoners have tattoos of the crucifix, occult symbols, images of the two horn devil etc. However, I saw none with tattoos of aliens, UFO’s, crop circles etc. I began to question why people involved in criminal behavior are not open to a life form greater than their primitive and earthly desires to steal, murder, etc. From this point I will begin to share the light of this inspiration I call “Area 51 of the Soul.”

From Wikipedia: Area 51, also officially known as Groom Lake or Homey Airport, is a remote detachment of Edwards Air Force Base. According to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the correct names for the Area 51 facility are the Nevada Test and Training Range and Groom Lake, though the name Area 51 was used in a CIA document from the Vietnam war. Other names used for the facility include Dreamland, and nicknames Paradise Ranch, Home Base, Watertown, and Groom Lake. The Special use airspace around the field is referred to as Restricted Area 4808 North (R-4808N). Situated at its center, on the southern shore of Groom Lake, is a large military airfield. The base’s current primary purpose is publicly unknown. The intense secrecy surrounding the base has made it the frequent subject of conspiracy theories and a central component to unidentified flying object (UFO) conversations. Although the base has never been declared a secret base, all research and occurrings in Area 51 are Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information (TS/SCI). In July 2013, following a FOIA request filed in 2005, the Central Intelligence Agency publicly acknowledged the existence of the base for the first time by declassifying documents detailing the history and purpose of Area 51.

The topic of Area 51 opens our conversation about mysterious activity that is well known by the public which induces inquiries into UFO’s, an intelligence
above the reach of common humanity, and spurs belief in a higher life form alien to the human animal. Optimistic people associate that zone with names such as Groom Lake, Dreamland, Paradise Ranch, Home Base, and Watertown. Then there are others who are a bit more pessimistic who say the mysterious nature of Area 51 is military in nature, it’s a conspiracy of the CIA, or state factually it’s just the Nevada Test and Training Range. In essence, some desire to make contact with the celestial presence that supersedes the nature of flesh and blood, and others who downplay or even caution of the military nature of the “forbidden zone.” Whatever our opinion of Area 51, there is a place in our soul that stirs when talking about supernatural events that opens our inner being to the possibility of a higher power that is alien to the fleshly nature of humanity.

Area 51 of the soul is a place where the deity of the universe resides within humanity. There is an alien presence within the soul, which is an idea born since the days of Christ, evident in the bible verse that states the human flesh is put to death everyday to make room for God. From there, it’s apparent the divinity of the soul is alien to the flesh of the human animal, and demands our reverence for civilization to exist. Anyone who talks about God in any form, shape, or way will agree God is an entity alien to the human flesh and provides guidelines to keep the human animal living civilly with one another. Unless they are calling God “Me.” The deity living in our soul is not “Me” but is the source of our inner fruitfulness, tranquility, softness towards life, the light of our divine worth, and the generator of positive energy.

Area 51 of the soul mysteriously produces the spiritual fruit in the spirit of the human animal. This is mysterious because the human animal actually dies on the inside to earthly cravings and primal instincts, but only to come alive more vibrantly through the blossoms of the spiritual fruit. For example, some people talk about the theory of “fight or flight” to imply survival of humanity depends on our action to fight for our day to day sustenance. Alternatively, if we flight from aggressive or harsh situations then we lose the resources, income, mates, spouses, etc. that we naturally desire in the course of living. Of course, the fight within the human animal comes from primal tendencies to dominate or conquer the weaker person. In that light, various unfruitful attitudes develop in that fight; such as hatred, cruelty, ill-intentions, violence, dominance, harshness, despair, evilness, pessimism, impulsiveness, out of control behaviors, and fatal attitudes towards those who will flight. However, within area 51 of the soul divine qualities mysteriously appear to diminish the fight within the human animal and discover compassion for the flighty. Those qualities include kindness, goodwill, meekness, gentleness, joy, goodness, patience, self-control, love, peace, faith, and perseverance. In fact, we have heard the meek will inherit the world and through the eras of time we know this is true. We have gone from a planet of dinosaurs to a planet of puppy dogs, and have gone from the hairy cro-magnon animal to the smooth skin homosapien animal. Very clear that a mysterious presence in our universe, and within the soul of humanity, is causing the meek to inherit the earth. This is a mysterious process which is unstoppable by the capabilities of humanity, but put into motion by the manifestation of spiritual fruit.

OUR HEALTH (Dreamland or Testing Site?)
Area 51 of the soul has mysterious implications to our health. We only need to keep ourselves open to the inner resources which are alien to human capability by following the guidance of divine spiritual fruitfulness. The best evidence relating to this is during our grocery shopping experience. Either we do it or we see other people doing it, which is putting food in the cart according to how we feel about the item, not according to mental capacity. We will hold the grocery item in our hands and decide if it belongs in the cart according to how it fits into the basket of our soul. If it feels good within Area 51 of our inner being then we place the item in the cart. Somehow, we feel spiritually fruitful in our mind and emotions to behave in such a mysterious way. Even then, there is always the militant attitudes of people who attempt to prohibit that method of shopping by scrutinizing everything you bought that falls within the “restricted” area 51 of the soul. They complain about the foods you bought, won’t drink the “distasteful” “dishwater” you brought home, they say they can’t sleep because the groceries they ate is giving them nightmares, will say they have elimination problems, and even claim they can’t breathe because of the type of cleaning supplies used. In those situations, a mysterious spirit of patience, self-control, and perseverance surfaces to diminish the fleshly impulses to lash out savagely at ungrateful attitudes.

OUR SAFETY (Home Base or Restricted Area?)
Area 51 of the soul has mysterious safety enhancements. A natural way of thinking about the safety of the human animal is through the inner workings of the body. For example, neurons of the central nervous system sends messages to the brain to bring awareness of the body’s need to maintain homeostasis, or security from head to toe. Likewise, through our five senses we are kept safe by responding correctly to what we see, hear, feel, taste, and smell. But, what about the unforseen hazards that we cannot sense naturally through human instincts? I’m sure we all have our stories to share about serendipity, fate, or just being lucky. Those words are a way of expressing what we cannot explain through the natural world. For example, that plane ride or car ride that you miss because something more compelling caught your attention as you reasoned within yourself that you can always catch a later flight or call a taxi to have a ride later. Then to your horror, relief, and deep surprise you learn that the plane you were suppose to be on, or the gang that offered you a ride, were killed in a crash. Another example, you have a choice between two identical restaurants but you feel better about one than you do the other so you choose to eat at the one you feel most comfortable with. Mysteriously, you choose the correct restaurant because the other diner was closed by the health department due to the deadly black mold. Alternatively, there is a mysterious presence within area 51 of the soul that guides us away from dangerous situations that go unnoticed by sight, hearing, smelling, tasting, or touching. We can sense when there might be a risk of bodily harm up the block and around the corner so we choose another route against the advice of the map or GPS. Likewise, we have that same ominous sense about people who want to befriend us, want to move in and become our spouse, but we feel an overwhelming sense of violence from the person. From that, we can avoid domestic abuses and have a more peaceful home. In addition, the light shining from area 51 helps us to maintain stability in our day to day living in an otherwise turbulent world. That guidance comes to us through the mysterious interactions of the fruit of peace, meekness, and gentleness that develop within Area 51 of our soul. Those who want to restrict entry into area 51 are militant towards a tranquil spirit within the spirit of the human animal.

OUR PLACE OF BELONGING (Watertown or Desert Area?)
Area 51 of the soul has mysterious input into our place of belonging. There’s a magnetic pull, or glue of sorts, within Area 51 that compels our relationships to create a comfortable place of belonging. This is like having a deep and wide lake in us allowing hospitality to friends who add and mold to the reservoirs of our inner being. In that event, we continue to do kind deeds for one another in the spirit of love, tolerance, intimacy, and acceptance. In addition, Area 51 of the soul bypasses external appearances for the purpose of basing our place of belonging on inner qualities such as love, goodwill, and kindness. When people dress in clothes we consider appropriate and appealing we might want to form a friendship with that person, but in Area 51 we repel the person from the opposite side of the magnet. This is similar to the warning to beware of wolves in sheep clothing. Consequently, people forming relationships according to the guidance of Area 51 will experience sour attitudes from ravenous wolves and lions who seek to devour. We remember the story of Little Red Riding Hood where a wolf is dressed in the bed clothes of the girl’s grandmother. Little Red looked at what was suppose to be her grandmother and made comments about “her” enormous fangy teeth, long hairy whiskers, and big emboldened eyes, which severed the charade very quickly. The wolf right away threatened her and tried to eat the exposer, Little Red Riding Hood. Likewise, there will be those people who become hateful, intolerant, and abusive towards those rejecting primal or chaotic unions which fall outside of Area 51 of the soul. That divine place of our inward being eradicates primitive impulses in the search for a comfortable place of belonging which enables civilization to be built through the spiritual fruit.

OUR WORTH (Paradise Ranch or CIA Conspiracy?)
Area 51 of the soul shines a mysterious light on our divine worth. What would our existence be if the estimation of our worth was based on the successes of primal instincts of the human animal? It would be dismal. Successes of a primitive nature implies defeating others to receive praise, respect, and to be feared. The physically strong would take and rob from the weak and scrawny while human trafficking would be prevalent. In that event, the timid would feel of less value than aggressors and be prone to self-destructive or self-defeating attitudes. Simultaneously, the victors become more brazen in their effort to dominate and conquer. Imagine the turmoil and violence that would be in the schools, workplace, government buildings, and community places. The solution bringing mutual respect within humanity is found within area 51 of the soul where we see the light of our divine worth. That is a place where the ego of primitive behaviors subside to the mysterious blossoms of spiritual fruit. The esteem found within Area 51 empowers the timid, humbles the aggressors, and brings equality to the differing cultures around the world. The universal esteem of humanity increases through spiritual fruitfulness, peaceful ambitions, a love for human life, reverence to the divinity of the soul, and the generation of positive energy with one another. Even then, the militant attitudes of those seeking to restrict entry into Area 51 of the soul seek to humiliate, ridicule, degrade, and conquer those who see the light of divine worth within the human animal.

OUR IDENTITY (Groom Lake or Military Territory?)
Area 51 of the soul has mysterious impact on the expression of our identity. There are very few people who will say that who they are involves generating negative energy of primal behavior to spread like wildfire in our communities. That would not be acceptable to civil attitudes coming from Area 51. Likewise, there are very few people who will say their identity involves direct involvement in primitive tactics that bring sadness, despair, and evilness to those who are optimistic about the mysterious divinity of the soul. Mysteriously, there is something within us seeking refuge in an identity of goodness, faith, and joy by which our words and behavior needs to reflect. We are willing to allow the primal nature of the human animal to diminish in exchange for a positive reflection of who we are. Even then, there are people with militant attitudes who strive to restrict access into the positive energy found within Area 51 of the soul. They want to assume the identity that Area 51 provides by saying “That’s Me,” but their energy is negative and hostile to those who are full of joy, goodness, and faith.

Some people do not want us to experience the “Paradise Ranch” within Area 51 of the soul, but want to restrict access to that divine area through militant attitudes. That is a mysterious place where primal behavior of the human animal diminishes as spiritual fruit blossom. To shatter the peace you feel within that divine zone, they incite arguments, anger, and uncooperative responses to your presence in Area 51. When you express joy coming from that mysterious place of the inner being, they intend to induce ways to make you feel sad to develop pessimism to the inner paradise. The extent of their conversations is less than mutually beneficially as they attempt to move your attitude out of “Groom Lake” while implying the mysterious presence is “Me!” Even so, acceptance of Area 51 of the soul is also hospitable to the divinity of the soul, and nurturing to the spiritual fruit, which diminishes the primitive nature of the human animal. (Here’s a bit of humor, we now know “Big Foot” is buried beneath the crop circles.)

There are reservoirs of people who consider themselves to be “scientific.” “rational,” and “sober-minded,” who view Area 51 to be nothing more than a militant base in Nevada. They are militantly opposed to the idea of a divine alien presence that lives within Area 51 of the soul. The attitudes exiting those reservoirs are combatitive words and behaviors at any signs of hostility to the primal and fleshly yearnings of the human animal. That’s because the diminishing of primitive yearnings is a sign of being within the mysterious Area 51 of the soul, and the spiritual fruit is evidence of the death of animalistic cravings. The spirit of goodwill, peace, joy, and perseverance eliminates hate, violence, despair, and fatal attitudes to bring humanity together harmoniously. Militant attitudes to restrict entry into the divine area within us transfer directly through people who want to dominate “Area 51” by making people believe that God is “Me,” as they intend to rule over the human animal. Indirectly, those attirudes transfer through people who suffer at the hands of militants who prohibit entry into Area 51 od the soul. They become hostile to others who are hospitable to the divinty within one another to avoid reprimand from people establishing Area 51 as restricted territory.

Adopting combatant attitudes towards Area 51 of the soul enter us because we want to avoid being treated as worthless animals when divine qualities blossom from our inner being. Instead, we feel better when we receive acceptance for indulging in fleshly and earthly desires while responding obediently to “masters.” In essence, there is praise and esteem for primal attitudes towards fruitful qualities, similar to the display of beasts in a circus. The circus lion has a place of belonging where there is plenty of meat to eat and plenty of admiring people…as long as the lion remains passive and obedient to the trainer. People susceptible to hosting a militant attitude to Area 51 of the soul are those craving treats of worldly security while downplaying the importance of the divinity of the soul. They are willing to work to pay the bills but have no dedication to the fruitful and humane treatment of those they meet from day to day. We can interrupt the cycle of combatant attitudes to Area 51 of the soul by realizing this area is “Paradise Ranch” where the spiritual fruit mysteriously blossom as primitive yearnings subside. When the divine presence of love, peace, goodness, and perseverance develop in the human spirit we are in Area 51 of the soul.

We can assess that Area 51 of the soul is a paradise that mysteriously causes primitive instincts of the human animal to dissipate by the blossoms of the spiritual fruit. The diagnosis is some people have militant attitudes in their effort to restrict access to the divinity that lives within. Even so, we plan to enter that divine zone. We implement that plan by allowing fleshly impulses to submerge within the soft, moist, and tender area of our inner being. We are successful when the spiritual fruit manifest to replace earthly desires of the human animal.

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