Seed: Two Sides to Every Story

Planting seeds in a garden is done with the routine expectations of producing blossoms. The interesting part of the process is the physical form of the seed. Beginning from a hard dry thing comes forth many many types of soft and moist sprouts. One side of the story could be the futility of a hard and dry thing. The other side of the story is of the faith of what warmth and nurturing brings. The seed breathes new life into the saying, “there are two sides to every story.” When it comes to the spiritual seed of our inner life, how do we perceive the hardness in ourselves and others?

The divinity of the soul is already planted in us from creation. The life source of all things. The divine seed. What blossoms from that seed depends on our reverence or irreverence to that presence. The deity of this universe gives life to the spiritual blossoms of our inward being. The earthy nature of our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors could become cold, hard, dry, vulnerable, and without spiritual worth. That happens because we reject the divine positive energy within ourselves. In essence, there is no protection of compassionate earth to cover the hard shell with moisture of love and warmth to enliven spiritual esteem. One side of the seed is the hard attitude that there is no redemption or transformation for the beastly nature of the human animal. The other side of the seed is the potential that through spiritual qualities we can experience transformation of thoughts, emotions, behavior, SPIRIT. Which side of the story do you believe?

I’ve often heard others say, and I’ve said it myself, that the garden is already made. That means the seeds are planted in the earth, signs are posted of what will blossom in each row, and expectations are set for the garden in full bloom. It’s a disappointing event when what is already made does not really come to fruition. Even at this point, there are two sides to the story. Some will argue that the garden is a failure because the seed is bad. Others will declare that the cold frost and other extreme weather smothered the garden. When it comes to the spiritual seed, which story suits you? Is it that the seed of the spiritual fruit is bad and a total misconception, or the extreme weather of spiritual assault is prevalent? Do you blame the hardness of the shell of the seed, or focus on the potential that is within? The spiritual fruit is the companion of the divine life implanted into us from creation. Reverence for that divine positive energy automatically initiates the fruit of the spirit. All creation has the seed within us of love, kindness, goodwill, peace, meekness, gentleness, faith, joy, goodness, patience, self-control, perseverance. This is already made. It accompanies all life sources. What sprouts from those seeds depend on the positive nurturing given them from within our thoughts, emotions, and spirit. What if our inward garden manifests with hatred, ill-will, cruelty, violence, harshness, aggression, despair, pessimism, evil, impatience, out of control reactions, and fatal attitudes? Those attitudes happen because we reject the inner potential of the fruitful seed. One side of the story is that human nature will always be like the hard shell of the seed, beastly instinctive animals. The other side of the story is that nurturing of divine positive energy produces the spiritual fruit, which is necessary for human existence. Within the perceived hardness of the soul, there is the potential for the blossoming of fruitful sentiments. The garden of the soul blossoms with warmth, faith, patience, and moisture.

Some people will deny that there is potential within the hardness of the seed’s shell. (Speaking As A Parable for the Human Spirit) Although they understand the potential for peace, tranquility, and calm, they use anger, conflict, and harshness to prohibit those sprouts. The seed is their target of pessimism, depression, and negativity to smother the fruit of joy, faith, optimism, and hope. Their idea of interpersonal interaction is to hollow out the potential of the seed in exchange for hardened, crusty, and dry personas. They will never accept that there are two sides to every story because they will never accept the spiritual potential of the inborn seed.

The population of people who deny that there are two sides to every story have a common purpose. That purpose is to multiply by their opposition to the internal substance of spiritual potential. The exiting of their words and behaviors reflect their purpose. From their words flows opposition to the fertility of the divine seed, the impetus of life. They are verbally abusive, rude, and harsh to fruitful seed. From their behaviors flows acts to cause aggravation, hardness, and emptiness to the sprouts of the divine implantation. They only acknowledge one side of the story; the part which consists of the outer shell emptied of spiritual potential.

One-sided viewpoints about the ingrained seed of life transfer by direct and indirect routes. Direct and indirect both gives positive feedback for the hard empty shell while giving negative feedback for fertile seed that bears fruit. Direct transference are those needing to be the only side of the story. They hollow out the inner spiritual potential of the seed to dismiss opposition to their manifesto. Indirect transference are those receiving positive feedback for spiritual emptiness. Their emptiness is encased within a hard shell. As they harass the spirituality of others, their emptiness is filled with material possessions, influence, and carnal rewards.

There are two sides to every story, and the side you believe may depend on your desire for social belonging along with a need for a feeling of worth. Belonging and worth are the portals that shapes attitudes about our community. When your thoughts, emotions, and behavior sprouts from the implanted seed of life, some people might ridicule you and prohibit you from the kind of social fellowship you desire (Negative feedback for a positive attitude). That makes the inside potential of the spiritual seed undesirable. If the spiritual seed is empty and filled only with the desire for physical things, then some people will make you feel like a million dollars and will befriend you (Positive feedback for spiritual opposition). Choosing to believe in spiritual potential protects us from becoming a part of groups that forms to incite anarchy.

Being susceptible to one-side of the story, regarding the spiritual seed, is common during days that obscure spiritual virtue. A person who is unaware of the potential within the hard shell of the seed will only seek the outer worldly substance. With assaults on spiritual light, knowledge, or awareness more and more people fall victim to unbearable frustration. Because they are unaware of how to tap into the potential beyond the hard shell, they work, toil, and behave in ways as to gain basic human needs. They respond with dedication to positive and negative feedback which makes it easy to train their behavior away from the potential of the inborn seed of life.

How can we interrupt the cycle of a one-sided or biased perspective to life? When faced with various encounters, think of the two traits of a seed. There is the hardness of the shell in plain physical view, then again there is the unseen potential within the seed. Focus on the inner potential that exist in this world, and in one another through the fruit of the spirit. Think of your inner life that consists of thoughts and emotions as the earth in which the seed is planted. Through soft and moist qualities the inner seed is nurtured to enhance the possibility of fruitful blossoms. Always allow positive sentiments to flow through your spirit. You will then see clearly the two sides of every story. Some people give great worth to how the unseen inner potential of the seed is impacted, while others only recognize the visible hardness of the shell while disparaging spiritual potential. May what we say and do be energized with positive energy to turn the shell into fruitful blossoms.

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