ISIS, Christianity, Gays, and Holy Spirit

Positive reinforcement should be given for constructive attitudes toward humanity while aversive tactics reserved for use against inhumane atrocities. This enables the purpose of modifying behavior to benefit a civil society. There is also the recompense of an erroneous attitude that exist within each individual. Attitudes that ruin self as well as cause the ruination of others will cause the inner life to be filled with destructive momentum.

ISIS is bringing the recompense of their erroneous beliefs upon themselves as world powers cannot justify murder of dissenters. Christians are viewed by ISIS as dissenters because they embrace a message of a compassionate God as taught by Jesus Christ. Gays are viewed as dissenters simply because of their lifestyle which also refuses to acknowledge the indoctrination of ISIS. Conversations of the Holy Spirit will not exist from the lips of ISIS, but will definitely be in the vocabulary of the followers of Jesus, and Gays openly welcome discussions about Holiness in attitudes. The Holy Spirit espouses the attitude of tolerance through love, mercy, compassion, forgiveness, and the ability to change behavior.

We know ISIS is cruel and inhumane in their brutal responses to the Gays and Christians. At this point in history, the Gay population are on the front line in the fight against ISIS. Subsequently, the Gays are fighting for the rights of Christians by rebelling against inhumane indoctrination. In this light, it’s necessary to maintain a life in the Holy Spirit to keep us from a severe falling away of humane practices.

We know ISIS is bound to fail because of their blaspheme against the Holy Spirit. If Gays are enemies of the Holy Spirit then the consequences will be within themselves leading to their failure. If Christians expect to overcome the evil atrocities in this world then hope lives in the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is for any person who welcomes the goodness, joy, patience, and goodwill of God.

The difference between ISIS, Christians, and Gays involve their attitude towards the Holy Spirit. The Good Spirit permeates our thoughts, feelings, and behavior. ISIS has proven that they are hostile towards any beliefs or people that do not align with their purpose. In essence, they have designated themselves as God, making them the judge and executioner of Christians, Gays, and anyone else that reject their dictates. ISIS rejects the Holy Spirit by rejecting the attitude of love, peace, faith, perseverance, kindness, gentleness, joy, self-control, goodwill, meekness, goodness, and patience. They have proven their reliance on terror not the Holy Spirit.

ISIS is best known for their cruelty, hatred, ill-intentions, violence, harshness, and aggression. They crave for the despair of dissenters, delight in the pessimism of opponents, and stir up evilness among those they judge unfit. For Christians, Gays, and other dissenters they intend fatal endings, relish in out of control behaviors, and incite the negative consequences that impatience brings. In contrast, Christians embrace all the fruit of the Holy Spirit in what they believe, feel, think, and do. They reject the blaspheme of the Holy Spirit that ISIS perpetrates, but embrace prayer, compassion, and tolerance for Gays.

By the Holy Spirit comes transformation, but bigotry and hate is far from the ways of God. Gays do not outright blaspheme the Holy Spirit, but are always open to the qualities that come through the fruit of the spirit. There is a stark difference between the blaspheme of the Holy Spirit that is the trademark of ISIS and the attitude towards the Holy Spirit by Gays, Christians, and other dissenters. Rejecting ISIS will turn your face to see the Holy Spirit. Blaspheme of the Holy Spirit is to give manifestation to hate, cruelty, ill-will, violence, aggression, harsh ways, hopelessness, pessimism, evil, fatal attitudes, impatience, and out of control respinses. A welcoming approach to the Holy Spirit brings love, kindness, goodwill, peace, meekness, gentleness, faith, joy, goodness, perseverance, patience, and self-control.

Good health is the life source of the flesh. Attitudes relating to healthy lifestyles also reveals our relationship to the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit cares about human health, Christians embrace the values of the Holy Spirit, Gays have no universal agenda towards the health of others, but ISIS is out to destroy the physical, emotional, and mental wefare of dissenters. ISIS would want to turn the fruitful garden of Christians into hardened attitudes against Gays. ISIS would also want to sour the Gay community against people who espouse Jesus’ compassionate message. ISIS blasphemes the Holy Spirit by causing chaos through emotional frustration, mental anguish, and intolerance.

Weaning people’s dependence away from the spiritual fruit and into drugs, alcohol, and lusts of the flesh goes hand-in-hand with a malicious intent to destroy dissenters. Christians and Gays must embrace the fruit of the Spirit consisting of self-control, patience, and perseverance. To overcome the evils of blasheme against the Holy Spirit, it’s essential to excercise self-control in our response to lifestyles that agitate us. The world would quickly spin out of control through intolerance. Patience is especially needed as we are bombarded with reasons to feel unfruitfully towards the differences of others. Impatience leads to hot tempers towards distasteful viewpoints. Perseverance in the fruit of the Holy Spirit brings tolerance through prayer, compassion, hope, and transformation. Transformation that comes by the spiritual fruit changes our mind to give mental peace, changes our emotions to give comfort, and changes our behavior to plant seeds of cohesion.

We live in a world where Christians, Gays, and other sectors feel unsafe because of the tactics of ISIS. Murder, terror, physical torture, and other acts of cruelty confront anybody who has belefs that are contrary to ISIS. Aversive tactics are used against the spirit of tranquility to discourage tolerance of differing beliefs. In essence, ISIS blasphemes the Holy Spirit by discouraging the fruit of peace, meekness, and gentleness when relating to “dissenters.” Positive reinforcement only comes when there exist aggressive and harsh violence against Christians and Gays. They want to modify behavior to align with their extremism.

Followers of Jesus embrace the Holy Spirit that equips us with a meek and gentle spirit of peace, but not timidity. Standing firm as a peacemaker requires power, strength, and boldness which are given through the Holy Spirit. Christians are not intimidated into perpetrating conflict, harm, and travail onto Gays or anyone else who ISIS terrorizes. Christians bring a peaceable spirit to all humanity to make them feel safe from harm, makes an effort to endure turmoil at home, and stabilizes day to day activity by a tranquil spirit. Gays do not oppose the fruit of peace, meekness, and gentleness thereby are not blasphemous of the Holy Spirit. Gays are not demanding that heads are cut off from those who do not believe in their lifestyle.

ISIS creates an unsafe, insecure, and chaotic world by blaspheme of the Holy Spirit which is evident by their terrorism. Christians welcome the message of Jesus which is to be the preservative of life by contributing to a safe, secure, and stable world. Gays also contribute to the spirit of peace by leaning into the Holy Spirit and away from the blasphemous terror of ISIS. Positive reinforcement of a peaceable spirit is of the Holy Spirit, aversive tactics against terrorism is of the Holy Spirit, and modifying behavior to encourage tranquility is of the Holy Spirit.

Social interaction rooted in the Holy Spirit comprise kindness, goodwill, love, sensual intimacy, tolerance for human flaws, acceptance of differences, and a warm place of belonging. Comforting one another through compassion, forgiveness, tenderness, softness, and the ability to change by being flexible is the hallmark of the Holy Spirit. Blaspheme of the Holy Spirit results in social destruction, and that destruction follows the presence of ISIS. ISIS attacks the moist softness of inner life that produces delightful social qualities, which also grants humans sensual pleasure through the Holy Spirit. Not only are their aversive tactics akin to genocide, but they thrive on the hatred, cruelty, and malicious intent in sectors considered deviant to their beliefs. The destruction of societies not living by ISIS dictates are evident by the terror perpetrated on Christians, Gays, and other “outsiders.”

Christians welcome the message of Jesus to call for a society that believes in inner transformation through mercy, compassion, and forgiveness. Ultimately, the HolySpirit manifests to bring cohesion to various cultures of people. Christians possess hope to avert acts of genocide or other brutal acts, which includes mercy, love, and comfort to Gays. Gays suffer horribly under the blasphemous beliefs of ISIS, but Christians are called by the Holy Spirit to be merciful and compassionate. Gays are not a stranger to the fruit of love, kindness, and goodwill which is evident that they are no stranger to the work of the Holy Spirit in their lives.

It is evident that ISIS is against the works of the Holy Spirit in sectors that are considered to be deviant to the laws of their beiefs. ISIS terrorizes the social structure of Christians and Gays because they cannot allow goodness, comfort, pleasure, and blessings to manifest from any other source but ISIS. Christians and Gays are perfectly open to welcome the warm sunshine in the lives of people who are of a different culture or race. They welcome the mercy, love, compassion, kindness, intimacy, and goodwill of the Holy Spirit.

Holding esteem for one another is rooted in the beliefs we embrace. ISIS feels there is nothing praiseworthy about Christians and Gays. They disparage them, terrorize them, and murder them based on their image of God. Before a terroristic act the perpetrator often shouts “God is Great.” ISIS does not correlate the creation with a Creator because that would put us on equal ground as being special to a loving God. ISIS is abusive to any person or culture who contradicts their purpose. Christians believe every individual is the creation of a loving God. Followers of Jesus live to bring the created into a relationship with the Creator.

Equality is the essence of humanity through God where praise and esteem are given for our potential worth to the Creator. Gays are included in the process of creation and followers of Jesus will always be mindful of God’s love for them. Interestingly, Gays are as diverse in their beliefs as what the great melting pot of America is. Even then, Gays are respectful of the right of other individuals to worship as they desire. In essence, Gays honor God by honoring the rights of the creation to serve the Creator. Gays and Christians share the same attitude about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

ISIS punishes those who belive in a Creator that brings equality because ISIS prides themselves in sitting in the seat of the Creator as judge and executioner. ISIS uses aversive tactics towards those serving a Creator full of grace and mercy, while giving positive reinforcement to those who bow to their inhumane authority. ISIS modifies behavior to desolate the fruit of the Holy Spirit as they cause conflict with violence to manifest towards Christians and Gays. They have no respect for the sanctity of life of those who reject their “God,” which is not the God who is the Creator and giver of life. ISIS rejects the God of the Holy Spirit as they administer a cold, dark, and evil doctrine.

Christians, Gays, and other targets of ISIS are tolerant in the belief of a merciful Creator full of grace and love. They welcome the fruit of the Holy Spirit such as joy, goodwill, faith, peace, and the perpetuation of life. Tranquility is a desirable spirit that brings peace from person to person as each created life is considered sacred. God the creator is an entity that loves the Creation. In this light, there is warm light that brings positive energy to all creation through the goodness of the Spirit.

Self-actualizing is the process of becoming the person we desire to be. ISIS does not want a person to be anything other than what ISIS wants them to be. They blaspheme the Holy Spirit in the effort to prohibit a person from developing noble intent for humanity. Destroying Christians and Gays is simply a brutal act of vengence against people who express their identity outside the purpose ISIS has for them. ISIS intends to make despair, evil, and sadness the portion of all people who dissent from identitying with their agenda. Christians desire that all people self-actualize through the fruit of the Holy Spirit, regardless of the environment they are in.

Wherever you are, whoever you are, whatever your occupation, Christians encourage words and behavior to embrace the message of joy, goodness, and faith. Optimism is a hallmark of the followers of Jesus to comfort those in despair, who feel sad, or are confronted with evil. In this light, Christians bring hope to the persecuted and downtrodden, including Gays. Gays have a remarkable resilience rooted in optimism as they attempt to self-actualize amidst insurmountable pressure from hate, intolerance, and bigotry. Their words and deeds are nowhere near being blasphemous of the Holy Spirit as they persevere with patience and self-control.

Sharing warm light enables one another to grow in the direction of the Holy Spirit. Positive reinforcement should be given wherever the fruit of the Holy Spirit is evident, regardless of who possesses those good fruit. Aversive tactics should be reserved for people who embrace and encourage dark energy of negativity against the Holy Spirit.

We assess that ISIS, Christians, and Gays are accountable to the HolySpirit. The diagnosis is that blaspheme of the Holy Spirit results in social terror from the recompense of that error within the soul. Even within threatening environments, we plan to honor life, liberty, and the pursuit of joy for people everywhere. We implement that plan by being receptive to the moist tenderness of the fruit of the Holy Spirit. Successful implementation of that plan results in the manifestation of kindness, peace, faith, joy, and perseverance in our relationship with creation. Positive reinforcement should be given for constructive attitudes while aversive tactics reserved for inhumane deeds. Modification of behavior is through the Holy Spirit, otherwise it results in social dysfunction and imbalances.

ISIS will deny that their intent is to blaspheme the Holy Spirit so that their culture can sit in the seat of God as judge and executioner. Undeniably, they express angry hostility towards those who deviate from their doctrine, especially Christians and Gays. They attempt to deny tranquil peace in the lives of dissenters. Terror is their “go to” tool to solicit obedience, the Holy Spirit is not in their tool chest. They intend to cause depression, sadness, and pessimism within people who live outside their “religious” laws. Joy is the target of their blaspheme. Bargaining, negotiations, and verbal exchanges are designed to solicit submission to their directives as they destroy the fruit of the Holy Spirit in the process. They refuse to accept the ways of Christians and Gays because those two cultures do not join in racism, hostility, and terror as conversion techniques.

Reservoirs, or cultures, of people bond together by sharing similar attitudes and beliefs. ISIS believes that their race of people must dominate the inferior infidels, even if terror tactics are necessary. They, and their followers, espouse blaspheme of the Holy Spirit. Christians believe that the world is made a better place by the acceptance of the message of Jesus. They and their followers rely on the Holy Spirit to bring harmony. Gays welcome tolerance, mercy, compassion and acceptance of differences. They, and their supporters, are diverse in their beliefs, but rely on the decency of humanity to bring understanding. The Holy Spirit is the source that brings humanity together through compassion, mercy, forgiveness, and transformation.

Various attitudes exit specific cultures of people through what they say and do. Relating to the Holy Spirit, those attitudes are visible by the merciful light. ISIS clearly blasphemes the Holy Spirit by declaring their intent to fragment the world by destroying Christians, Gays, and whoever else dissents from their directives. Followers of Jesus speaks words and perform deeds to unite the world in fellowship while extending compassion to the abused and downtrodden who suffer at the hands of tyrants. Christians clearly embrace the leading of the Holy Spirit in their lives.

Gays utilize words and deeds to espouse tolerance, understanding, and integration to foster a cohesive society. They welcome the qualities of the Holy Spirit that brings about the extinguishing of abusive bigotry of tyrants. Positive reinforcement of destructive attitudes with aversive tactics towards the fruit of the Spirit comes from cultures that coincide with tyrrany. Positive reinforcement of joy, love, peace, and optimism with aversive tactics towards upheaval comes from cultures embracing a family atmosphere for all of humanity.

Transferrence of attitudes from one person to the next makes an enormous impact on the social landscape. Thinking of ISIS, Christians, Gays, and the Holy Spirit the light shines brightly on the impact to society made by each entity. Transference of ISIS beliefs would result in the most terrifying world imaginable, manifesting from blaspheme of the Holy Spirit, and exacting torture, tragedy, and suffering onto conscientious objectors.

Transferrence of Christian beliefs would result in the effort to bring the message of Jesus to cause a relationship between the created with the Holy Spirit. The ability to change our mind, to change the way we feel about current events, and the desire to change what we do is part of the transformation message. Those beliefs would be transferred to society by followers of Jesus. Transference of Gays ideology would be to induce tolerance, mercy, compassion, acceptance, and love for people of differing lifestyles. This is consistent with the the melting pot of America and faces in the direction of the Holy Spirit.

Transferring the Holy Spirit from person to person would result in joyful harmony through peace, faith, love, and perseverance. Positive reinforcement should be given to the transferrence of a constructive spirit, while aversive tactics reserved for when destructive attitudes are transferred.

Intentions of ISIS, Christians, Gays, and the Holy Spirit enter us through our desire to feel worth and to have a place of belonging. ISIS disparages a fruitful sense of self-worth by the use of aversive tactics, while giving positive reinforcement for destructive attitudes. They recruit anarchists. Christians build the sense of worth in others by relaying the message of Jesus corresponding to hope, our importance to a loving God, and acknowledging our place of belonging with people who embrace the fruit of the Holy Spirit. They recruit humanitarians.

Gays are diverse, leading each person to discover their own worth according to individual desires while wishing everyone a desirable place of belonging. They solicit tolerant, resilient, and steadfast individuals. The Holy Spirit builds self-worth through an inward sense of love, joy, peace, and perseverance while making each interpersonal encounter an opportunity to belong in a heavenly place.

Susceptible hosts are those people “ready” to be an instrument of ISIS, Christians, Gays, or the Holy Spirit. Those susceptible to ISIS are filled with anger, hate, and the attitude of being victimized. They are ready to accept ISIS violent retribution towards their source of pain in the name of God. Those susceptible to Christian’s message through Jesus have had enough of hate, violence, terror, despair, and terminal solutions. They are ready to identify with Jesus’ purpose of love, peace, faith, and continuance of life.

Those susceptible to the plight of Gays have had enough of bigotry, intolerance, persecuting of differences, and religions based on disparagement. They are ready to embrace tolerance, mercy, and compassion to bring cohesion to society. Those susceptible to the Holy Spirit have had enough with identifying with entities that claim to be the “Way,” but are anything except constructive. They are ready to let their spirit manifest with kindness, gentleness, joy, and patience.

Interrupting the cycle of being misguided by harmful sets of beliefs comes by an awareness of the effects happening within thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. ISIS wants your thoughts to be focused on a target, such as Christians and Gays. With those thoughts, ISIS wants you to feel righteous in committing acts of violence towards the target. Interrupt the cycle that ISIS incites by thinking of the equality of creation, feeling the desire for happiness for one another, and to do deeds to bring liberty and life.

Interrupt the divisions in Christianity and the fallacies of what “He” (Jesus) really means by remembering John 3:16. God loves the world so that whosoever may have eternal life. Interrupt the the stigma of Gays by realizing the recompense of our errors are written within our soul. In other words, don’t make the mistake that blasphemes the goodness of inner life. The only critical error is hostility towards the Holy Spirit, Gays are not the critical error in this world. Interrupting the cycle of blaspheme of the Holy Spirit comes by welcoming the fruit of the Spirit in our way of thinking, feeling, and doing.

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