Emptiness On-Line?

You may recall those tin-can telephones that we all may have had fun with at some period through our life. Well, I’m using this fun gimmick as an illustration depicting a society made in the same fashion. This is how they are made: Gather two cans full of fruit then empty the fruit from the cans. Proceed to wash the inside of the cans thoroughly, then allow to dry. Poke a hole through the bottom of each can, then run a string of several feet through both cans. Proceed to tie a knot at the end of both strings. Pull the cans in opposite directions to pull the string tout, now you are “on-line.” Speak in one can loudly enough to cause the string to vibrate, then in the other can the person can hear the sound inside. Now the interpretation: The spiritual fruit dwells in our emotions, thoughts, and behavior, like fruit in a can. Those fruit are emptied from our inner processes and left to be dried thoroughly. The tight string represents austerity towards the “wetness” of the spiritual fruit. People walk in opposite directions to ensure that austerity. Communication hinges on keeping the line tight with austerity. You are now “on-line” within “modern” society.

The first step of emptying the fruit from the can is to feel no worth for the fruit over the on-line community. In this case, think of the fruit as being the divinity of inner life. Some people will immediately claim that there is nothing divine living within us. That is part of the emptying process. Therefore, think of that inner divinity as the goodness that we encounter in this world from day to day. Every pleasing blossom we experience on this earth derives from something within us that relates to good occurrences. Also, the ability to regulate our inner thought processes and emotions depends on something within us that relates well to safe and secure interactions. In our world today, there is something making war with the inner goodness that relates positively to tranquility. Senseless violence sprouts up everywhere around the globe. The soft moist compassion of our inner life seems to be disappearing as the on-line agenda commands the emptying of spiritual reverence. There is no respect, worth, or value for any God that humanely gathers people together. Talk about the living God of the soul and you will experience how quickly some will attack that reverence. The stimulation of positive energy in emotions and thoughts is being emptied to give dominance to an indifferent on-line community. Once the inner life is emptied and dried of divine inspiration, a knot is tied to prevent the freedom of service to the spirit of goodness. The line is pulled tight to create austerity towards divine matters. Communication becomes austere and divisive towards spiritual blossoms, self-regulation, softness, reverence for divine issues, and stimulation of spiritual optimism.

Anyone is able to see how obvious it is that reverence for divine realization is emptying from this world. Austerity is also part of restraining positive energy within the spirit. Returning to the tin-can telephone analogy, there is the emptying of the tin cans then drying them, and so is our inner thought processes and emotions being emptied of spiritual fruit. Spiritual qualities are those such as attitudes of peace, gentleness, fai…th, joy, self-control, patience, kindness, goodwill, meekness, goodness, perseverance, and love. If you think otherwise, live your life in such a way that allows your inner life to permeate with those qualities. Those qualities will solicit opposition from those who need to build an “on-line” community from within your inner life. The battleground is within every individual around the world as war is waged on the inner qualities of the spiritual fruit. Again, seek to regulate your inner life on principles of peace, faith, love, and persevering in goodness and you will experience how quickly some will attack your autonomous efforts. Spiritual austerity is a must for those seeking to implement an “on-line” population. Now, attempt to integrate into society with the belief that social belonging includes fellowship within joy, goodness, and every fruitful occurrence of wholesome spiritual interaction. You will soon learn that social integration has nothing to do with a wholesome state of inner life, but has everything to do with being connected internally with non-spiritual values. This is the picture of the hollow tin cans with the taut austere string, that people polar to one another use as their communication line. As the worth of the spiritual fruit and divine issues continue to dwindle, the inner processes within us begin to adapt to a different regulation. The adoption of the mandates that solicit obedience to the programming of the on-line population. Many people succumb to the fruitless attitudes caused by the emptying of divine spiritual reverence. Many people fall victim to violence, hatred, despair, fatal reactions, harsh rejection, ill-intent from others, pessimism, out-of-control behavior, aggression, cruelty, evilness, and impatience with others. In other words, as the “cans” are being emptied of fruitful attitudes, positive spiritual energy is also dried from inner thoughts, emotions, and behavior. The positive energy that gives growth to the spiritual fruit falls victim to the thorny ground of austerity. Those living victoriously through the spiritual fruit are considered a blemish and are unwanted by the on-line community. Nevertheless, through the spirit of peace, love, faith, and joy we endure and persevere through the hazing.

Think of your basic health needs as being food, water, sleep, oxygen, and elimination. How could the “cans” be emptied and the string pulled taut to put people “on-line.” What would the spiritual health “cans” be filled with that some want emptied? For ages, and ages, and ages people have been referring to spiritual food, spiritual waters, spiritual rest, the spiritual breath of life, and eliminating un-spiritual waste. Presently, in our times, there is opposition to thoughts and emotions that refer to the spiritual health of the body. They want to purge those sentiments from us, then utilize austerity to prohibit that internal light. In exchange, they intend to put people “on-line” through a pure physical focus of basic human health needs. In other words, they expect only talk of the body’s need for food, water, sleep, breath, and elimination while eliminating the spiritualizing of those needs. The spiritual health “cans” are emptied and dried, spiritual austerity is implemented, and only the physical needs of the body are welcomed in the expression of thoughts, emotions, and behavior.

Think of your need for safety and security as being finances, employment, a place of residence, freedom from bodily, emotional, and mental abuse, and stability from day to day. Within a spiritual “can” we value tranquility in all areas of living. A safe and secure environment is found through spiritual riches, an internal home where the spiritual fruit are in every room, employment is to work for a peaceful world, and to stabilize life by providing spiritual peace for body, mind, and emotions. Some people need to eradicate the spiritual “can” of those beliefs. They utilize harsh tactics, conflict, and aggression to wipe away and dry out the “wetness” of spiritual security. Their intent is to construct an “on-line” community purely based on things that establish earthly security. Things such as money, homes, and employment as they utilize fear, intimidation, and terror against spiritual peace, meekness, and gentleness. They empty the can of spiritual security, utilize fearful austerity, and proceed to establish an “on-line” community.

Think of your need for social activity as consisting of family, friends, community outings, and love that gives us a feeling of acceptance with one another. All of these interactions may fit into our internal “can” through spiritual qualities. For example, kindness for one another does a lot for enhancing friendships, the family atmosphere, community interactions etc. As does goodwill and spiritual love. The “on-line” community does not recognize the fruit of the spirit when developing social connections. In fact, they mandate the emptying of those wet qualities and utilize austerity to keep the inner processes dry. For them, “wetness” of spiritual qualities is opposition to their agenda of creating an “on-line” community. They empty the can of spiritual fellowship, implement social austerity, then establish their “on-line community.

Worth. By what standards do we measure our worth? There is the common practice that our worth is determined by the praise and esteem of others, and then there is our self-esteem of what we praise ourselves for. What would be if we appraised our own worth according to spiritual qualities? The “can” of our inner processes might lead us to evaluate ourselves according to feeling esteem for the divine goodness that lives within, as well as believing in everyone’s worth to the divine goodness of this universe. That would foster mutual respect for one another while instilling hope for the future destiny of humanity. What would result if establishing an “on-line” community was more important than the sanctity of human life? The goodness in our estimation of self and others would be emptied from thoughts, emotions, and behavior. The only esteem that would matter would be connected to whether we are “on-line” or not. Then there would be austerity to ensure that praise for others would not overstep praise for being “on-line.” A person would be “on-line” when the most valuable thing in the world would be being “on-line.” Thus, the wet “can” of spiritual worth is emptied and dried, austerity would be implemented to ensure loyalty to the “on-line” community, and then would be established the “on-line” society.

Our self-expression relates to our ability to achieve being all that we want to be. The “can” of spiritual words and behaviors consists of positive energy. Words and deeds of hope, optimism, faith, joy, goodness, and every type of communication to realize a spiritual identity. In that process, others would be uplifted. Such as those who feel despair, pessimism, evilness, sadness, and other downtrodden feelings. To empty the inner processes of the ability to express spiritual self-actualization is to leave the broken-hearted, down-cast, and rejected in their degenerative state. Meanwhile, realizing self achievement would be proclaimed as being those who have made the “on-line” connection. In the process of connecting to the “on-line” community, the spiritual “cans” containing the wet desires to self-actualize spiritually are emptied. There is no emphasis on faith, joy, or goodness, but only recognizing the identity of the population who find themselves “on-line.” The “cans” of spiritual identity are emptied and dried, austerity is implemented to regulate individual identity, then a new “on-line” identity is established.

Some people have intentions of creating an on-line community. They deny the ability of the inner processes of thoughts and emotions to be influenced by the spiritual fruit. Their program is not fueled through the spirit. They demand austerity towards spiritual qualities as they empty the inner state of “wet” fruitfulness. “Water” is not compatible to the agenda of dominating internal life. They empty the “cans”, dry them thoroughly, pull the line tight, and consider their system to be “on-line.” They express anger and initiate conflict towards the qualities of a meek and gentle spirit of peace. They have entered into spiritual warfare. They utilize pessimism and sad information to battle against the spirit of faith, joy, and goodness. Bargaining for them exist in everything they do with the intent of soliciting abandonment of the waters of life in exchange for adapting to the will of the “on-line” population. For them, there is no acceptance of the wet softness of the fruit of the spirit.

The “on-line” population are those who live, thrive, and grow together through spiritual emptiness and spiritual austerity to establish community networking. The attitudes that exit their words and behavior are solely to establish the “on-line” agenda. Everything they say and do is for the purpose of emptying the waters of the spiritual fruit from our inner thoughts and emotions. Then with all their energy, their intent is to keep others dry of the spiritual fruit through austerity towards the qualities of the spirit. That is the character of the ‘on-line” community.

Attitudes promoting the “on-line” community will transfer through direct and indirect routes. Directly, there are powerful influences that cause anti-spiritual sentiments to spread like wildfire. Their intent is to dry-up the wetness of the spiritual fruit through austerity. A dry and austere internal environment is conducive to the implementation of an “on-line” population. Indirectly, the promotion of the austere spiritual environment comes about through those who seek worldly rewards. Positive reinforcement for anti-spiritual, anti-wet, sentiments are given through praise and earthly gains. Negative feedback, or the withdrawal of earthly gain, is implemented against the moistness of spiritual fruit.

Why would we want to allow anti-spiritual, anti-wet, sentiments to enter our way of being? Because we desire social interaction along with positive reinforcement of our worth. The on-line community withdraws companionship from those desiring to interact with the moistness of the spiritual fruit. They give positive reinforcement to increase your sense of worth when you contribute to emptying the “cans,” creating spiritual austerity, and bringing others “on-line.” In other words, social interaction and esteem is part of positive reinforcement to modify behavior. In contrast, isolation from the “on-line” community and disparagement are part of negative feedback in the behavior modification process.

People are susceptible to the tactics of those seeking to diminish spiritual fruitfulness to put people “on-line.” What makes them susceptible? They are not associating the goodness within their thoughts, emotions, and behavior as being the source of the waters of life. The moist qualities of their inner fruitfulness is not viewed by them as the source of human dignity and compassion. In that frame of mind, they are willing to let go of the internal quality of life to conform to spiritual austerity.

How do we interrupt the cycle of succumbing to spiritual austerity? We do that by being sensitive to the soft, tender, and wet qualities of the spiritual fruit. Allow love, compassion, peace, tranquility, faith, optimism, perseverance, and the eternal spirit to be a part of what you do and say. Have consideration for the basic needs of others relating to their health, safety, social belonging, a sense of worth, and self expression.

We can assess that our thoughts, emotions, and behavior are capable of absorbing the wet moisture of the spiritual fruit. The diagnosis is that to put people “on-line” requires the drying out of those spiritual qualities along with implementing spiritual austerity. Even so, we plan to give reverence to the Deity of our inner life and to let the rewards of the fruit of the spirit live through us. We implement that plan by being receptive to every fruitful thought and feeling to motivate what we say and do. We know we are successful when we are full of spiritual fruitfulness.

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