Eclipse of a Spiritual Kind

The eclipse effects were evident here in Circleville, Ohio. At 2:45 in the August afternoon cars were driving with their lights on. That prompted me to make pictures of the oncoming traffic since it was so unbelievable. Along with the dimmer lights, came a cooler feel in the air, and on that day was noticeable windy. Those in the area of the total eclipse experienced total darkness to the point of the stars shining brightly in the sky at high noon. They too spoke of the chillier atmosphere as they experienced what happens when the Sun disappears for just a moment. The warmth of the Sun is essential to life. Being frozen in darkness is destiny without the Sun.

There is a spiritual eclipse as real and daunting as the eclipse recently experienced. Like the Sun being blocked out by the Moon, the spiritual sun can be blocked out by a powerful presence. When that happens, the light of spiritual knowledge darkens. They warn the people not to look in the direction of the light. There is a dark shadow cast over the earth. Warmth for one another succumbs to colder interactions resulting in disregard for the value of life. The ability to generate growth by warm interactions becomes frozen in darkness. The spiritual eclipse serves to darken the view into the divinity of the soul, to obscure the light of the spiritual fruit, and turns human behavior primal.

The eclipse relates to the divine goodness of the soul. The divinity within us is the Sun to our thought processes, emotions, and actions. That inner sun forms the spirit which we carry with us through the day. When the divine good of the soul experiences an eclipse it changes the spirit of a person. The way we think about others change, how we feel about the world around us changes, and how we act towards social issues changes. The inner life of a person becomes cold due to spiritual darkness. The earth becomes overshadowed with health concerns, suffers risks to safety, society becomes chaotic, life becomes of little worth, and there is nothing left inwardly to generate positive energy. Does anyone even know how special one another is from within where that divine goodness lives? In full light of the inner sun, the earth blossoms with spiritual fruit, keeps the cold away, is like warm liquid on chilly days, considers the invaluable worth of a person’s spirit, and generates positive energy for positive results. The eclipse darkens the light to the divinity of the soul as we are warned not to look there. Even so, during that time there will be spiritual stars to reflect the light of that divine presence during tumultuous times. The sun of the soul will shine again.

From the divine goodness of the soul grows the spiritual fruit. When the eclipse darkens that divinity then darkness overshadows the spiritual fruit. Life interactions become cold. Within society, the signs of the eclipse manifests by the predominance of hatred, ill-will, and cruelty. The inner life of people become darkened and cold with rage of all types through out-of-control behaviors, impatience with things and people, and causing the development of fatal attitudes. Insecurities are abundant as harshness, aggression, and violence overshadows the tranquility of the land. In the cold darkness, people succumb to despair, hopelessness, sadness, pessimism, and evilness as the light of hope is blocked from view. During these dark times, spiritual stars will be seen shining brightly to illuminate the spiritual fruit. These are those whose spirit permeates with love, kindness, and goodwill when discord abounds. The stars shine with a meek and gentle spirit of peace when all around is the darkness of hostilities and conflict. These are those who persevere with patience and self-control during the most antagonistic of times. The stars permeate with optimism through faith, joy, and goodness. Disturbingly, we are warned not to look into the light of fruitful enlightenment. Even so, the sun will shine again.

HEALTH: A preoccupation with health concerns will eclipse the spiritual fruit. Some people focus routinely on age, physical ailments, eating, sleeping, and the value of material things that spiritual attitudes are obscured. The qualities most important to a healthy physical perspective shine in the stars of perseverance, self-control, and patience.

SAFETY: A preoccupation with safety issues will eclipse the spiritual fruit. Some people allow the insecurities of this world to overshadow the qualities that help us through horrid situations. A person’s life might be plagued with worries over terror, much stress over finances, threatening home conditions, homelessness, emotional and physical abuse. During these assaults, we have to let the stars shine of a meek and gentle spirit of peace.

SOCIAL BELONGING: Our social life could be so disappointing that it will cause an eclipse of the spiritual fruit. We all want the type of social interactions that make us smile, feel warm, and loved. If what we encounter is contrary to what we consider to be a wholesome and well adjusted social network then negative attitudes towards others will bring the eclipse. We must always keep alive in our spirit the star of kindness, goodwill, and love.

SELF-WORTH: Our sense of worth can become so huge that it will cause an eclipse of the spiritual fruit. Some believe everything has to evolve around themselves or those who differ with them are “garbage.” We must always let the bright star of the divine goodness of our soul to shine. Our worth is way up there in the presence of that divinity, and because that goodness exist in everyone we learn to respect the divine potential of every individual. The spiritual fruit is the equalizer not the demoralizer.

SELF-ACTUALIZATION: The self-expression of our effort to self-actualize can bring the eclipse. If what we want to be is more important than the spiritual fruit then what we say and do will be treacherous to those who stand in the way of that goal. We must always allow the star of an optimistic spirit to shine as we self-actualize through words and deeds that are full of goodness, joy, and faith.

We can assess that the spiritual sun is a life source that generates positive growth in the world. The diagnosis is that an eclipse of that sun causes a cold spiritual darkness to overshadow the earth. Even so, we plan to shine like stars amidst the darkest hour. We implement that plan by allowing the inner moistness of soft qualities to emit a light from our spirit. The success of the plan is evident by the warm light of love, peace, faith, and perseverance that emits from us. The light of warm qualities generates positive growth.

Some people deny that there is a situation of spiritual darkness overshadowing the population. They attack the spiritual stars that shine in the darkest hour. Their intent is to prohibit the warmth of emotional sunshine. In the cold spiritual darkness anger, conflict, hostility, pessimism, depression, and sadness are tools to cause the eclipse. They focus their negativity on the stars shining with peace, joy, optimism, and tranquility. For them, the cold darkness is conducive to their bargaining tactics. They promise to guide others through the blackout in exchange for the surrendering of spiritual light and warmth. For them, acceptance of spiritual light within emotional warmth is not an option.

There are populations of people that use themselves to act as a mass to cause the spiritual eclipse. The use of their words has a collective hostile intent to spiritual qualities. If you experience a cold dark day due to hurtful words and accusations of others, then you know the darkness of the spiritual eclipse. If you have experienced rude and overbearing behavior of others, which causes you to feel negativity, then you have encountered the dark cold of the spiritual eclipse. When some may come against your spiritual light, be a bright star during that dark time. The spiritual Sun will shine again even though the odds seem overwhelming. Directly, those attitudes transfer from entities who benefit from spiritual darkness and a cold social climate. They incite hatred, conflict, despair, and fatal endings. They coerce allegiance. Indirectly, those attitudes emit from those who benefit financially, carnally, and materially for shutting off the lights, closing the doors, and losing the keys to spiritual life

How do attitudes enter us that cause the spiritual eclipse? There are two aspects of life that could be contributors. A strong desire to be valued through praise and esteem could overshadow qualities such as love, peace, faith, and perseverance. In other words, we prefer the prestige of what the world provides over more noble characteristics. Darkness appears as the pride of this world disparages humble equality. Secondly, a strong desire to belong with a social network could cause the spiritual eclipse. This happens when people find acceptance and “love” amidst peers or cohorts that isolate fruitful social interactions. This is the darkness where hatred, ill-will, and cruelty are given to those seeking fruitful social interaction. Even in the darkest hour of isolation and disparagement, spiritual stars will shine as individuals to shine with a divine consideration of one another’s worth and to shine with unconditional love for the whosoever.

How do people become susceptible to the darkness of the spiritual eclipse? Mainly, they are not sensitive, aware, or knowledgeable of the work of the divine goodness within themselves. They are those who follow blindly those who seem to be influential by world standards. To be pleasing to those seeking to cause a spiritual eclipse they mold to populations of people who ensure that darkness will overshadow fruitful efforts. They begin to develop negative attitudes towards those who are not considered social because of their constructive spirit. The susceptible host begins to transfer the will of the dark powers to be “lawfully” within social expectations. They live in darkness while ignoring the stars with no expression of positive expectation of seeing the sun.

We can interrupt the cycle that causes the spiritual eclipse. We do that by welcoming the soft, tender, and fruitful qualities of our inner life. Within that moistness is found the light of stars leading to the dawn of the Sun. Always choose the spiritual fruit over a dark majority. Let words and behaviors manifest with positive fruit. Transfer the qualities of love, peace, faith, and perseverance over the mandates of dark powers. Allow the spiritual fruit to enter your thoughts, emotions, and behavior to establish a place of belonging and esteem with the goodness of inner life. Be attentive to how positive attitudes affect your inner life differently than negative attitudes. By living for the good fruit of our soul we are the stars in the darkness that is the promise of the morning Sun.

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