Day of Reckoning: Positive Reinforcement and Aversive Tactics

The world seems to have gone mad with chaotic behavior. Violence exists in children, law enforcement is plaqued with questionable killings, domestic violence is ever present, and there is an increase in home-grown terrorists. The day of reckoning seems to be upon us in our best effort in estimating the avenging of past misdeeds. Positive reinforcement with aversive tactics are the sources of much of the chaotic behaviors. Praise comes for bad behavior while negative sentiments are hurled at fruitful behavior. Positive reinforcement works by presenting a motivating item to the person after the desired behavior is exhibited, making the behavior more likely to happen in the future. For example; hugs, smiles, love, money, or material items are given to entice the desired behavior. Companionship to positive reinforcement is aversion. Aversive is to cause avoidance of a thing, situation, or behavior by using an unpleasant or punishing stimulus. Aversive tactics are removed after a particular behavior is exhibited. For example; isolation, pessimism, frowns, hostility, deprivation of money or material items are removed when specific behaviors are evident. In this light, a person is made to suffer negative effects until bad behavior is exhibited, at which time positive reinforcement is shared to perpetuate anti-social behavior. Consequently, violence and anti-social behavior plagues society to bring about the day of reckoning.

The day of reckoning relates to the inner life of spiritual fruit resulting from positive reinforcement in conjunction with aversive tactics. Most people grasp the idea that the way we feel inwardly will eventually show externally. Pain inwardly is evident in the eyes plus physical body language. Malicious individuals will give positive reinforcement when suffering occurs, but will unleash aversive tactics when comforting pleasure is evident. Perhaps they intend people to relish in suffering while rejecting soothing results of a healthy lifestyle. Who would ever admit that a hospital stay was more pleasant than any hotel they were ever in? That statement is made to convey the notion that modification of our inner life is to manipulate behavior for a specific purpose. Our inward life is the place where spiritual fruit live, such as love, peace, faith, and perseverance. Giving smiles of encouragement contributes to the blossom of fruitful behavior as we strive to extinguish hate, violence, despair, and fatal endings. Chaos comes about because dastardly individuals hurl negativity towards compassionate and hopeful qualities that bring enduring tranquility. Those malicious individuals nourish chaotic interactions by positively reinforcing thoughts and emotions that bring severe consequences to fellow human beings. The day of reckoning follows because we seek solutions to a mad world. We wonder where meekness, joy, self-control, and goodwill has hidden. Those fruitful qualities are not visible as we look around the neighborhood, schools, workplace, and the church. Happy people who have good intentions seem to be a rare commodity. Instead of happiness, we see pessimism, irrational violence that has spiraled out of control, aggressive cruelty towards what we love, and malicious motivation. Devious powers use aversion tactics to punish positive attitudes while reinforcing vicious sentiments with their blessing. The day of reckoning transpires to restore civility to humanity. In the midst of calamity flows prayer for the return of goodness, kindness, and gentleness as we hold on to a cord of patience. Evil days are full of inhumane cruelty, harshness towards comforting attitudes, and fatal reactions stemming from impatience. Darkness within behavioral modification punishes the spiritual fruit of the soul while enabling unfruitful and terroristic activity. The day of reckoning comes to restore spiritual fruitfulness to the soul of humanity.

The day of reckoning comes about from the massive volcanic activity within large numbers of people. Most of us would agree that a beautiful garden is preferable over an active volcano; but what is happening to the garden of the soul to cause behaviors to erupt? Answers to that question stems from malicious use of behavioral modification. Positive reinforcement is given for every negative thought, emotion, or behavior exhibited. Punishment comes in various forms to eradicate the beautiful sentiments of the soul. Consequently, too many people are left with mental torture and pent-up emotional anger that unleashes horrible behaviors all around us. There is discouragement for the pleasurable comfort of the spiritual fruit while encouragement is given for altering moods through substance abuse. The day of reckoning comes to remove volcanic activity of inner life to restore the garden of the soul with desirable fruit. Meanwhile, we must choose to withstand aversive tactics and not to succumb to harmful flattery. Patience, self-control, and perseverance is necessary to endure the unjust punishment directed at well-meaning intentions. When all the desired things of this life tempt us in our time of impatience, we must refrain from out of control reactions that lead to fatal consequences. Material desires facilitates a violent agenda. May the sunshine of the soul blossom the inner garden with fruitful qualities.

The day of reckoning results from cold entities of powerful influence perpetrating harm onto humanity. Malicious use of behavior modification is obvious when experiencing harsh and aggressive threats of violence when seeking to prohibit inhumane behavior. Aversive tactics are used against those exhibiting a meek and gentle spirit of peace. Positive reinforcement is given to enhance the possibility of bodily harm, incite conflict in the home, and to perpetuate instability from day to day. If a thought occurs about noble causes then aversive tactics are imposed, if you respond conscientiously to civil unrest then attacks assail, and if tranquility is the objective then harassment occurs. The day of reckoning comes to quell violence against humanity to restore a safe environment for civil living. May we persevere in the spirit of peace when aversive tactics manifest. Powerful influences coerce the powerless but a meek spirit conquers the roar of aggression. Always be gentle to defeat the harsh ways of aversive tactics. Reject praise along with every form of flattery and gift that facilitates disturbance of peaceful interactions.

The day of reckoning transpires because society runs dry of compassion. When a large portion of relationships result in bitterness, or some type of hurtful disappointment, the day of reckoning will follow. Constructive friendships, partnerships, work relationships, school mates, and community involvement is the life of society. Fruitful interactions give life to harmony the same as blood gives life to the body. Fragmentation through intolerance, extreme bias, malicious discrimination, abuse of intimacy, and sour social placement is a result of ill-intended behavioral modification. Anti-social sentiments brought on by aversive tactics give place to violence. Violent tendencies are given positive reinforcement through physical pleasures to resemble being loved. In reality, people are being ruined socially by succumbing to aversion and harmful praise. The inner qualities of love, kindness, and goodwill are being punished and ostracized as money along with material blessings are withheld from compassion. Positive reinforcement is given for attitudes of hatred, cruel sentiments, and ill-intent as those vicious sentiments are rewarded with pleasure, money, and things. As society disintegrates into chaotic upheaval the day of reckoning brings the promise of restoring community cohesion.

The day of reckoning comes about from human disparagement and a blatant irreverence of God. Aversive tactics punish the belief that God is compassionately for us, simultaneously, positive reinforcement is given for the notion that God is the punisher and avenger of everything that we find intolerable. The malicious goal is to modify behavior to attack the target of discriminatory beliefs. Disparagement is geared to punish people who espouse spiritual fruitfulness, peacemaking, social compassion, belief in a merciful God, and warm light. Material rewards, money, and “generosity” reinforces behavior driven towards spiritual desolation, conflict, social fragmentation, disregard for God, and negative self-expression. The day of reckoning restores reverence for a living God of love to restore human dignity.

The day of reckoning transpires when hot tempers run rampant. Part of rampant conflict existing locally and worldwide results from a lack of good news. The information fed to us is designed to fill us with hopelessness, pessimism, and evil self-expression. Aversive tactics punish the warm light that ministers information that inspires faith, joy, and goodness. Intimidation seems to exist towards speaking words and performing deeds that brings smiles, optimism, and the will to carry on in goodness. Consequently, as negativity fuels thoughts along with emotions tragic violence runs rampant like wildfires. Positive reinforcement is given to those identifying or otherwise associating with the sparks that start the fires. Healthy societies grow in the direction of warm light to bring people together through information that fosters joy, hope, goodness, and optimism. The day of reckoning will come to pour water on the raging fires to restore the forest of humane self-expression through the light that gives warmth.

The noble use of behaviral modification grants positive reinforcement to fruitful behavior while utilizing aversive tactics to diminish uncivil behavior. In contrast, malicious use of behavioral modification use aversive tactics against fruitful behavior while positively reinforcing uncivil behavior. We plan to withstand aversive tactics to live constructively with one another. We implement that plan by living from the moist, soft, and tender qualities that give blossom to a fruitful garden of the soul. The reward of the softness of the spiritual fruit is our positive reinforcement. Success is recognized when the spiritual fruit lives, blossoms, and thrives amidst aversive tactics.

Some people will deny that there is a correlation between the abuse of behavioral modification and a terror stricken society. Even then, they use aversion tactics of angry hostility against those who inspire peace. They refuse to praise the peacemakers. Frowns, long faces, pessimism, and sounds of depression are utilized to counteract the optimism of a joyful spirit. When they relate to others in conversation it’s a negotiating process to avert fruitful attitudes while giving positive reinforcement to negative sentiments. Tranquility in our neighborhoods will come about by accepting the belief that the spiritual fruit is a reward from a supernatural God. In other words, attempting to modify behavior by rejecting God incites trouble. Positive reinforcement has to be given to fruitful qualities while keeping aversive tactics reserved for violent offenders.

There are sectors in society that live and grow with beliefs that drive them with the spirit of conquest through malicious use of behavioral modification. Attitudes exiting the people belonging to those reservoirs use avertive tactics against the Holy Spirit while positively reinforcing anarchy. Their words cut like knives against constructive sentiments as their behavior intercepts acts of humane intent. Directly they transfer their inhumane quest for dominion by postive reinforcement of hostility with avertive tactics towards joyful harmony. Indirectly, their terror is spread through victims whose modified behavior is full of frustration, hatred, anger, and violence. Effects of evil use of behavioral modification enter us because there is hatred for being disrespected by being burned like trash in the garbage. Exclusion, disassociation, and continual conflict corresponding to relationships incites hostility in the community. People susceptible to malicious tactics of behavioral modification are not aware of the nature of the spiritual fruit. Awareness informs us that the qualities of love, peace, faith, and perseverance are the target of punishment and deprivation. The same awareness makes it known that hate, violence, despair, and fatality are the subject of positive reinforcement. Interrupting the cycle of evil use of behavioral modification come by keeping the soft, moist, and tender sentiments alive in our soul, thoughts, and emotions. May we embrace joy not pessimism, continue in kindness not cruelty, manifest with gentleness not harshness, and persevere in life not fatal attitudes.

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