Crucifix: What Does it Mean?

My decision to write this article, “The Crucifix: What Does It Mean?,” came about from seeing people wear the cross on parts of their body but rarely showing the fruits of the spirit. I wondered what the cross could possibly mean to them. For every fruitful thought presented to them they present opposition. For every motivation to do good or to go to do good they act to impede. The more you talk to them the more heartaches they give. I began to realize that their crucifix symbolizes a manifesto. A manifesto that puts thorns in fruitful thoughts, puts nails in the hands of do-gooders, puts nails in the feet of those spreading good news, and puts a spear through a compassionate heart. Their crucifix has nothing to do with a Christ who used his knowledge, hands, feet, and heart to bring love, peace, faith, and perseverance to the whosoever.

Those wearing the crucifix from the goodness of the spirit are honoring the purpose of the birth of the Gospel. The circumstances bringing about the birth of Christ involved a world in need of an humanitarian focus. Jesus gave all of his knowledge for the purpose of imparting spiritual light to everyone. All that his hands found to do, and all the places that his feet would go, was for the purpose of uplifting humanity. The compassionate heart of Christ wanted the best possible for each individual. However, those utilizing the cross as an executioner’s tool tried to put an end to the activity of Jesus, and those like Him. They put thorns into his head of fruitful knowledge, nailed his hands and feet to eliminate his influence, and put a spear through his heart of compasion.

Whether the crucifix symbolizes a manifesto or has deeper spiritual meaning corresponds to a person’s inner life.

Attitudes of the spiritual fruit lives within what we think, feel, and do. From the state of our inner fruitfulness we impact the contents of the head, what our hands and feet do, as well as the compassion of the heart. Those who have made the cross a symbol of their manifesto impel thorns into the head of fruitful thinking. They drive nails into the hands and feet of those going around inspiring positive vibes. And they thrust a spear through a caring heart. Their inner state of being is filled with hatred, ill-will, cruelty, conflict, harshness, aggression, pessimism, despair, evil, impatience, out-of-control sentiments, and fatal consequences. Those attitudes are used as tools against those seeking betterment for themselves and humanity. Those who derive a deeper spiritual meaning from the cross allow the spiritual fruit to be a part of what they think, feel, and do. They want the thoughts of the head to be filled with free-flowing spiritual enlightenment. Their intent for hands and feet is to enable the construction of fruitful social interaction. They want the heart to flow with a compassionate purpose.Their inner life is a plush garden of love, kindness, goodwill, peace, meekness, gentleness, faith, joy, goodness, self-control, patience, and perseverance.

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